How To Become a Grill Master for Your Next BBQ


Social cookouts with the community or family dinners are meant for breaking bread over a fantastic meal. When it comes to cooking meat, the best dishes are made with attention to detail and the execution of exceptional grilling techniques. If you’re interested in better honing your meat-making skills, check out these tips for how to become a grill master for your next BBQ.

Upgrade Your Grill

A common mistake many grill enthusiasts make is going out and purchasing the most expensive models and devices. In truth, no one grill will make you a better chef. The secret is to implement a tiny upgrade in different areas of your device that enhances the quality and makes cooking easier for you.

Grilling over wood is the best way to seal in juice and robust flavors. This source of fuel is far superior to charcoal or gas-powered grills. Consider purchasing accessories for your grill, such as a utensil rack, a side table, or a timer box for more accurate cooking times and temperatures.

Don’t Let the Juice Loose

A dry piece of meat is not a crowd-pleaser and should stay far away at your next BBQ function. Beginners struggle to keep all the natural juices inside their meat, primarily due to improper techniques or lack of attention to detail. Ultimately, a lack of patience leads to lackluster meals and disappointed bellies.

For starters, never push down on your meat – this method may cook food faster, but the meat will be dry and tough to chew. Only flip your meat once during the cooking process, ensuring the dish stays juicy and tender. Most importantly, refrain from overheating your meal instead of sticking to the right temperature and time. Lastly, let the meat rest for about fifteen minutes once it is done so the muscle fibers inside can reabsorb any lost juices.

Master Techniques

Armed with the right equipment and a better sense of patience while cooking, it’s time to practice masterful grilling techniques. Most of these processes are easy to learn, and they’re sure to impress at your next cookout.

Certain meats demand different techniques, such as the low and slow-smoked ribs method or the cross-hatching method for chicken and steak. Another skill to master is the balance between direct, indirect, and combo cooking – this technique takes many hours of trial and error but produces delicious BBQ and other meats.

Knowing these tips for how to become a grill master for your next BBQ will ensure a delicious, juicy meal that’s sure to please friends and family. Ultimately, practice and determination will make you better, and the result of your hard work is wildly rewarding.

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