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malaysian mango food art

malaysian mango food art

Malaysian Mango Food Art. Did you know that there are over 400 varieties of mango according to the USDA! One variety is even named ‘alice’ mango. Malaysian Mango is a new taste for me. Unlike the mangoes I’m used to seeing and buying with the large seed in the center (that makes it really hard to cut off the sweet fruit), the Malaysian Mango has a seed, but not really a seed in the sense of a seed like in a avocado.

While staying at the ShangriLa Hotel in Singapore, I had the delightful experience of being served this Malaysian Mango food art. Yes, food art. I was so very intrigued with it that I asked our waiter if he could show me the mango. Not only did he show me the mango, but he had the Chef come from the kitchen with cutting board and sharp knife in hand ready to demonstrate to me how he created the malaysian mango food art.

This Malaysian Mango was juicy and tender with a distinct tart, almost sour, taste, but it was a good sour. Nothing that you would turn your nose up at and pucker up like eating a lemon. I’m sure my three little grandsons would revel in slurping on these mangoes as it’s almost like a ‘drink’ given all the juiciness.

Mangoes aren’t just for sweet dishes and recipes. You can use mangoes in so many savory dishes, too! Check out this ‘mango basil chicken linguine’ I’ve created. OMG, it’s just simply divine! In the mood for an easy, as in so simple a 5 year-old could make it, lemon mango no churn ice cream, then check it out!

Watch the Chef create this beautiful Maylasian Mango into my serving!

Our breakfast with mango and more! It’s fun to share these photos with you because I hope they inspire sparks of food creativity and are ideas that you can improvise and maybe use at home with your dinner parties and everyday meals. I think the artistry of food is important to eating!

My breakfast included a green pepper/cuke/olive salad with smoked salmon. Fresh Malay Mango with Berries, Poached Eggs with peas and asparagus. First time I’ve ever seen poached eggs with edible ‘gold’ on them (and, yes, I asked Chef about this technique, too), grilled salmon with sauteed spinach, and finally, a bite of toast with jam!

malaysian mango food art

malaysian mango food art

malaysian mango food art

malaysian mango food art

malaysian mango food art


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    1. Oh, Merry! I’m gonna treat you to soooooooooooooo many of the Asian inspired recipes that are swirling in my head!! Get ready, my luv!! xoxox

  1. Fabulous posts! Great photos! What. a lifetime adventure that you will keep reliving! Thanks for taking us there are on your magic carpet.

    1. Merry! Thank YOU for hanging on for this ride! We’re winding down now, heading back to Shanghai then back to the US. I’m ready to hang up my backpack! xoxox

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