How to Spread Happiness

spread happiness

How do you spread happiness? I mean we all want it and even if it’s for a fleeting second as you bite into something delicious. Yes, happiness!

Spread happiness for your loved ones

How much do you make a deliberate effort to be selfless and reflect on the happiness of others? It can be daunting to note that the universe does not revolve around us, and that we must share and bring just as much into the world as we want to obtain. Our need to discover the solutions for ourselves in order to understand the happiness factor how to be happy blinds us to the thoughts of others. Happiness is the ultimate currency, and you have the freedom to use it however you choose.

Happiness All Around

Someone posted on a blog post the other day that she had realized her husband was upset. Their washing machine had failed, and her husband was experiencing undue tension as he struggled to find out how to repair it or buy a new one. She selflessly took it upon herself to buy a modern computer without her husband’s permission, recognizing the cause of the tension. She didn’t do so out of frustration, just because she noticed it was affecting her husband’s satisfaction. Celebrate happiness all around with Lemon Cheese Breakfast Pastry Puff.

Talk it out and Spread Love

It wasn’t a spontaneous conversation that I used as an example; it was a networking experience with someone I hadn’t met before. Whatever the case might be, most people like conversing, and it’s much cooler if they get to meet a new person. In public places, it seems that strangers don’t speak to each other at all. It’s completely quiet. People are avoiding eye contact with strangers by glancing at their screens, the windows, the roof, everything to prevent making eye contact with a stranger who could, God forbid, say hello. For me happiness is having a big bowl of creamy avocado vegetable spread on a sunday evening and watch a movie.

Spread love and happiness

What is the reason for this? They do this because they are used to not conversing with strangers. What I’ve observed over the years contradicts what I first believed. If you don’t have the confidence to approach a stranger, just smile and wave or say hello.

If you realize how many people walk by each other every day without receiving a single greeting? I’m willing to bet that no one has tried to make eye contact with them (unless they were paid to.) make honey lime pineapple dipping sauce and relish it with your loved ones. Happiness can be found in these small things also.

Stay happy and stress free

Since most of the time, people feel ignored, receiving a small indication of recognition from a stranger will quickly brighten their day. This doesn’t need a random outsider because anybody can do it. And if you should be doing this regardless, remembering that people deserve to be heard can be difficult. Enjoy your day with your loved ones. Cook food like Sweet & Spicy Saigon Spread and enjoy it with them.

Happiness is everything around

Active listening is something I speak about a lot, but it’s extremely effective. Many people are used to simply waiting for their turn to answer, but the other person is dominating the conversation and leaving no space for a response.

spread happiness

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    1. Oh, I will. You know it’s a contagious thing this happiness. And, if everyone catches it, imagine the power! Thanks for visiting!

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