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how to spread happiness

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Happiness is just something we all seem to want. Sometimes we wonder ‘what is happiness’. It’s seems to be an intangible, but is it really? I say happiness is something that comes from the depths of your soul and heart. And, happiness is something that can happen because of so many things. Not one thing brings happiness. Not money, material things, places we’re in. No, happiness comes from giving of yourself and bringing to others that feeling of good. And, learning early in life how to spread happiness is a gift!

spread happiness

Grandparents usually are powerful purveyors of spreading happiness. That’s because we’ve generally lived a life full of experiences, good and bad, ups and downs, dark times and sunny times. We’ve learned, and I suppose this is what we call ‘wisdom’, that grabbing that happiness feeling really comes from the little things in life. If you want to understand more of what these ‘little’ things are, then check out these 15 super simple ways to spread happiness!

What’s this KBIS2020

As GE Appliances Great American Grandma, one of the things that I love doing and that comes so very naturally is spreading happiness! And, this is precisely what I had the charge of doing at #KBIS2020. Now if you don’t know what KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) is, then in a nutshell, it’s a gathering of a ton of people, vendors and attendees (numbering about a hundred thousand) who gather to check out the latest industry products, trends and technologies in kitchens and baths. And, I mean who doesn’t want a more glitzy updated convenient and technology enhanced kitchen and/or bath. Most all of us do because we know that improvements in these two areas of our homes really enhances the bottom line value of probably our biggest investment in life, our home. Ohhhh, how that makes us happy!

spread happiness

Great American Grandma Happy Secret

My secret to bringing in hundreds and hundreds of attendees to my kitchen in the amazing GE Appliances ‘booth’ (keep in mind that this booth was about 22 thousand square feet!) was to have amazing aromas wafting throughout the gigantic area. Yes, they would follow the scent of being in a cookie factory!

So here’s what I and my team of coolio sous chefs did for three consecutive days nearly 12 hours a day. We made outrageously amazing cookies! Yes, with four GE wall ovens going full-time baking cookie sheet after cookie sheet, there were times literally that we couldn’t pull them out fast enough, let them cool just a little and get them to the throngs of folks clamoring for cookies! You see we were doing what Grandmas do, spreading immense happiness with a simple things like a warm oooeeey goooeeey cookie!

Yes, being the #GreatAmericanGrandma has so many desirable beautiful delicious perks. The most important being spreading happiness and good things, for life!

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