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The Hatfields & McCoys feud is probably the most famous in American history.  If you don’t know anything about it, then you are missing out on a treasured gem in our country’s development.  Starting shortly after the Civil War when the world was so different, when lawlessness existed, and when people took the law into their own hands, this feud supposedly started over a pig.  However, if you dig deep into the archives and the documents, you’ll learn that this feud was much more than an oink oink catalyst!

Growing up in southern West Virginia, Logan County, to be exact, we knew about ‘them thar Hatfields and McCoy’s’—it was bad blood that followed for generations since the feud first started in the 19th century shortly after the war between the states.  Some say what sparked it was a pig, but there were undercurrents of bad feelins’ between Devil Ansce Hatfield and Randall McCoy when they both fought in the Civil War.

The History Channel’s three-night mini-series of the Hatfield and McCoy feud was riveting…my family watched each of the nights’ two hour episodes starring the ever-handsome and excellent actor, amongst others, Kevin Costner.  I’ve included some websites for your to check out if you want to dig into the history and facts surrounding America’s most famous family feud—worth every minute of the reading!

As a special treat honoring this mini-series, each night’s dinner was a tribute to West Virginia dining fare—I fixed some dishes that I’d grown up on and others that I just knew are good staple mountain food—beans, cornbread, pork, greens, ‘taters, onions.

Just click on the picture and you’ll get the recipe for my Applachian-inspired cuisine. It’s my new take on great food that’s not fancy, but filling. Not expensive, but elegant.

Here’s to yer West ‘by God’ Virginia eatin’!  Ally’s ‘Hatfield & McCoy’ Dinner

PS: At the end of these pictures are some links to more reading about Appalachia and the Hatfields and McCoys!

appalachian good eats

appalachian good eats

appalachian good eats

appalachian good eats

appalachian good eats

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