tasting singapore

tasting singapore

Tasting Singapore! Sometimes dreams do come true. And, what I mean is I’ve always dreamed of going to Asia. Visiting China and Singapore. And, now I’m heading there!! Not only will I meander for days in Shanghai, Bejing and Hong Kong, but I’m going to get to experience some exclusive foodie tours in these cities and Singapore! And, since there’s so much more to Singapore, I’m going to check out the 100 Best Things to Do in Singapore! I mean the possibilities are endless!

Singapore is a place that people travel to just to eat! Yes, nothing more than to savor the food! It’s a culinary intersection where there’s an explosion combining Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese, and Indian food all in one place. So much to taste and so little time. What are the best dishes I should savor? Check out these top ten dishes. And, if you have any ideas?? Then, please leave me a comment! xox

Now you can rest assured that I ‘ll be sharing all of the amazing experiences, photos, videos, posts, on my social media. So, be sure you’re following my fan page ‘Ally’s Kitchen Bohemian Bold‘ on Facebook, my Twitter and Instagram, and of course, here at my website!

This is going to be a month magic carpet ride, and I want you there with me! We’re going to learn more about Asian cooking, how to do it at home and I’ll be creating recipes for you that will be authentic, inspired by my travels, and, yet, easy. Some we’ll call Asian-inspired because there’re going to be a lot of new flavors that we can play with as I spend quite a while in these intriguing and vibrant places!

I’m taking just one piece of carry on luggage and a backpack. That backpack will mostly be for my camera, lenses, tripod, batteries, laptop, and other much needed electronics. Yep, it’s gonna be heavy. How can I do a carry on for almost a month. Well, I just might do a post on that if you’re interested. Wanna know more about how I pack? What I take? What pieces give me double and triple duty! And, keep in mind that I’ve got a lot of different climates over these weeks of travel. From chilly willy to warm and humid. Ahhhh, the challenges of the global adventures!

Tasting Singapore

So here’re just some of the happenings in Singapore! You’ll get a taste of what’s coming up. xoxo ~ally

Little India~I’ll be exploring this ethnic area of Singapore meandering up and down streets, tasting street food. drooling over amazing wares and more. Known as Tekka in the Indian Singaporean community, Little India’s main road is Serangoon Road, and I understand there’s a lot of action for several blocks on either side of this main drag.

Hawker Street Food Tour~So here it’s going to be all about street food. I’d better be wearing some big stretchy pants because wait until you see the array of food on this video!

Michelin Trail Tour~Hey, don’t think fancy dancy, high falootin’ and stuffy. Wait til you see what captures the Michelin Guide in Singapore!

Where will I be eating? Well, check out a few of these places. Their menus are online! Leave a comment and let me know what you’d try if you’d be there. Or what you want me to try! I can’t guarantee I’ll order it, but you never know!

Qun Zhong Eating House
tasting singapore
The Banana Leaf Apollo
tasting singapore
Rumah Makan Minang
tasting singapore
True Blue Peranakan Restaurant
tasting singapore
Kelong Dinner
tasting singapore
Ocean by Cat Cora
tasting singapore


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  1. Nasi Lemak is a must-try dish on Yole Menu. The fragrant coconut rice combined with the delicious sambal sauce and fried chicken is a heavenly combination. The crunchy anchovies and peanuts add a perfect crunch to the dish. Overall, Yole’s Nasi Lemak is an excellent representation of this classic Singaporean dish and is sure to satisfy your cravings for a flavorful meal.

  2. Ally, I’m cheering you on from half a world away and confident you’ll spend every minute of this magic carpet ride absorbing the wonders of the people, scenery, cultures, and FOOD! Who better to soak up every lil’ thing like a sponge and enthusiastically share every nuance with your eager readers? (Yup, that’d be YOU!) Happy beyond words for you and your latest culinary adventure. You GO, girl! xo

    1. My sweet Kimmeee…I just always love reading your comments b/c they’re just so full of colorful enthusiasm! Of course, you are my talented wordsmith who makes everything come alive w/the stroke of a key!! Thank you, luv…I will be sharing as much of this adventure as I can b/c I know some, like YOU, will devour! And, that’s what it’s all about, spreading the goodliness!! xoxo Love ya girl!

  3. Looking forward to seeing all of your posts and traveling with you in the spirit. Safe travels ~ I will miss your national presence.

    1. My dear luv, Merry…oh, how I wish you could be there w/me!! Can you only imagine the fun we would have!! I’ll post and share and when we’re together, we’ll cook Singaporean and more!! xoxo ~ally

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