boho scavenging & bingo finds

~boho scavenging & bingo finds~

Sometimes you never know what you’re going to get when the stars line up and the force of luck is with you. Yeah, I’m talking about  boho scavenging & bingo finds! So much of my food styling finds have come from unlikely places~~trash piles, discarded objects on a curb just waiting to be scooped up by the garbage truck, thrift stores, consignment shops, yard sales~~it’s these mis-matched and unwanted objects that become my treasures of delight.  Yes, it would be enchanting if these items could talk, alas not so, and all I can do is wonder where their last home may have been, who their owners were, and why they tired of them finding it necessary to let go.

Having this imaginary interaction with whatever I find is an added slice of fantasy and magic, which is all part of the Bohemian lifestyle ~~ thinking. fooding. living.  Part of my love with food is thinking about new items for serving, styling and showcasing~~and, I’ve had several ideas in mind lately~~that’s how I do it, I log ideas into my brain and they can stay there for months simmering and waiting to come alive.

Today I was in a fancy schmancy kitchen store~~you know, the kind that carries Vietri,   Le Creuset, Arte Italica .  In the back of my mind, I’d wanted to find some wood products for serving~~when I was in Israel and we had a fabulous dinner at Haifai University, they served on old wooden plates~~plates with scratches, ridges and patina that was evidence of a good long history.  Yep, then something caught my eye~~the stunning wooden serving and individual salad bowls!  Warm hues, striations in the wood, different shapes that seemed to reflect their natural state~~yep, I was ready to leap!

I flipped the serving bowl over to the bottom, looked at the price tag, deeply swallowed and thought, dang, did they buy a California redwood just for making this bowl.  I mean how in the devil can I pay that much for this~~oh, yeah,  if I want to buy one measly little salad bowl, fine, but if I want to be able to have enough for a table setting, then I’m looking at a car payment!  I moved on to my other simmering ideas~~~~serving pieces with an Asian flair  and  something blue as in dishes, with intricate designs, maybe retro looking,  maybe Spode?  After wandering around for at least an hour, retracing steps to the same places and looking at the same things, hoping to see something different, I decided that I’d struck out~~the only thing I bought was a bag of Amish blue popcorn~~the sales lady said it was the best popcorn she’d ever eaten~~I was hungry, I could have eaten the kernels raw!

Rather than come straight home, something was gnawing inside me~~you know that feeling, right?  It’s like someone or something is sending you a vibe, a message.  No, I’m not whacko…it’s an instinct, we all have them…so rather than drive straight home, I decided to make one more stop~~the thrift store, yes, on the way home, so not out of my way at all.  Come see why it’s important to listen to your gut~~lookeee lookeeee what Ally found!

~~Chest bumps for saving money~~plus, it’s from the community thrift store, so it’s helping others~~

~boho scavenging & bingo finds~

~~Intricate and beautiful to me…I can just imagine some delicious bokchoy chicken soup in these dishes~~

~boho scavenging & bingo finds~

Made in China and purdeee as can be~~my dragon roars!

~boho scavenging & bingo finds~

Blue plates like this just make me feel so royal~~no idea why, but I do~~

~boho scavenging & bingo finds~

Starting my ‘blue’ plates with this very first one~~looks like a good one~~check the back!

~boho scavenging & bingo finds~

Just a stunning wooden bowl set~~serving and individual bowls~~SCORE big!

~boho scavenging & bingo finds~


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  1. Isn’t life more fun when you follow those prompts? I brake for thrift stores, too. 🙂 Just noticed you put that gorgeous plate into play in your “wallpaper” photo — it was meant to be!

    1. Oh, my Kimmeee, you’re my hawekeye! Yes, we stop in every littl’ place that might have a junk store b/c that’s where our histories can be found!! xo

  2. Great finds! I’ve never seen a wooden bowl set quite like that one. Now I have the urge to go a hunting 🙂

    1. Yeah, I thought the same thing, Priscilla, when I saw it…it’s heavy and the wood is fabulous…I just know it had an elegant home somewhere in Beaver Creek! 🙂 xo

  3. Denise Collins says:

    Very enjoyable story on finding treasures.

    1. Thank you, Denise! I just felt like a littl’ angel was on my shoulder! 🙂

  4. Terri Hall says:

    What great finds! I know your glad you listened to that ‘inner voice’ telling you to make just one more stop! I just love it when something like that comes together!

    I can see some type of orange ‘i.e.’ flavored biscuits being served on the blue plates as well. So many different combinations to serve from…

    Enjoyed this post.

    1. Oh, Terri!! I love that idea for orange flavored biscuits!! Fabulous, and I shall do that, just for YOU!! Hugs and smiles xoxox

  5. OMG ! OMG, OMG !!!!!!!!!! You KNOW how muchIlove this !!!!! It just makes me smiley allover to find cool stuff and heck yeah it helps the community thrift store funds ! Beautiful stuff Ally girl ! xxoo

    1. Lori angel! Would we have more fun than is legal if we went dumpster diving together!!!! Now there were four dinner plates w/the Oriental set…I should go back and get them, right? xoxo

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