Amazing Tips for Decorating Your Geodesic Dome Home


Living in a geodesic dome home can be a fantastic way to live closer to nature. Want to live right on the beach or on a platform in the trees? You can make it happen with a dome home, as they’re affectionately called. However, learning to decorate a round home can be tricky for first-timers. Learn these amazing tips for decorating your geodesic dome home.

Use Round Furniture

Probably the easiest way to make your new dome home look good is to work with the round shape rather than against it. Try to find round furniture that will fit the space better than square or rectangular pieces. Using this technique, you’ll find that you waste less space by trying to fit angular furniture in a round room.

Create Divisions With Furniture

Some people love the openness of their dome homes and don’t want anything dividing up that space. However, other dome dwellers enjoy feeling like there are still separate rooms. One thing you can do to make your dome feel like home is divide up the space with furniture. For example, you might get one of those popular cube bookshelves and place it between two areas of your dome home. If you leave some of the shelves empty, natural light can still filter through your entire home.

Use Folding Screens To Change the Space

Folding screens are a fantastic way to make it feel like you have regular straight walls in small sections of your home. You might put a screen behind an armchair to change the roundness of the room. Then, you can even use the area behind the screen as a secret storage zone. For example, you might hide an air purifier or vacuum cleaner so it doesn’t impact your decorating scheme.

Put Tall Things in the Middle

Another tip for decorating your geodesic dome home is to put all your tall furniture in the center of the room. This way, you have plenty of room to walk around the outside of the dome. Plus, you’ll have more space for building taller fixtures, like a fireplace or bookshelf. As long as you don’t create a wall cutting off your ability to see other parts of the home, the space won’t feel cramped.

Whether you’re building a glamping retreat or a permanent home, domes are a great way to get closer to nature. Use these tips to create a space you can thrive in.

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