a boho tablescape

a boho tablescape~~temrika meslalla~~

I always loved playing with paperdolls as a little girl.  I always loved playing dress up as a little girl.  I love fashion, style, designing, decorating and creating now as a big gal.  I love taking something that’s nothing and making it look really pretty…yeah, you know the Mason and Ball jars, the old pieces of worn dried wood, pebbles/stones, rusted whatever, anything weathered with patina with character.  And, I love color, lots and lots of color and lots and lots of things that don’t match.  So, when I set a boho tablescape some of this personal style, some of the these things can be used…whether it’s my scarves, costume jewelry or fresh greenery cut from the yard bushes to using my ‘good’ stuff, the things that our Mom or Grandmother probably only brought out on special occasions.

This boho tablescape featured Temrika Meslalla, a Moroccan dish, as our main entree…so, the table framed the mood for the food.  There was just four of us…I like small dinners because you can really enjoy and talk to each other!

When you’re tablescaping, let your personal style ooze through~~have fun, be whimsical, take chances, and just know that if it makes you happy and you’re smiling as you’re looking at it, that’s good!

Now, you just know I WOULD LOVE LOVE to hear about your tablescaping ideas~~there’s so much we can share, exchange and learn about from each other~~don’t be bashful, leave a comment! ***hugs***  ~~ally

Ambiance~~candles, yes…drinking wine from whatever you like~~

a boho table~~temrika meslalla~~

Thick luscious textured tasseled napkins~~exotic & practical~~

a boho table~~temrika meslalla~~

Side dishes in just white~~the food colors pop~

a boho table~~temrika meslalla~~

The touch of snipped fresh oregano next to the flowers adds fragrance & flair~~

a boho table~~temrika meslalla~~

Serving straight from the cooking vessels~~nothing more engaging and interesting~~

a boho table~~temrika meslalla~~

Lots of color~~even when you don’t think it goes together, like the chartreuse green placemats, it does~~

a boho table~~temrika meslalla~~

Several tablecloths overlapped make for interesting textures and design~~

a boho table~~temrika meslalla~~

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  1. Ally, I’m smiling looking at it! What a wonderful dining experience for your dinner guests… so much to enjoy visually and flavor-fully. The thing of it is, every lil’ “touch” you add to the table for their pleasure is an extension of YOU. Not only do they get to enjoy the sensory feast you’ve prepared on their behalf, they come to know what an incredibly giving person you are, right down to the last whimsically inspired detail. Because that’s who/how you are. xo

    1. I’m so glad to bring a smile to you, angel! It’s fun being a ‘happy maker’ and, hopefully, sharing what makes me happy w/others…hoping it will bring pleasure and joy to them! I suppose in some ways that’s ‘selfish’ on my part 🙁 Whatever, I’m always treated by our comments, which bring major smiles to my face!! xox

  2. No design center or upscale store could have as beautiful of a tablescape as you do here. Divine-Simply Divine!

    1. Paula!! You are making me ****smile BEEEG**** thank you, angel!! xo

  3. Absolutely beautiful. I love your ideas!!

    1. Thank you, sweet friend! I’m so happy to have you here and hanging out w/me!! xo

  4. How very fun and very pretty Ally, looks like YOU! My husband always says he’s sure that I loved to play “house” when I was little and he is right – and I still do!!

    1. Thank you, Chris! When you need a playmate, holler at me!! I’m still playing!! Always appreciate having you here in the kitchen! ox

  5. Oh Ally, I LOVE all the textures and colors of your tablescape. And the food looks incredible, as always!! xoxo

    1. Thank you, Helena! It’s like playing dollhouse as a big girl!! You’re a true Boho, angel! xoxo

  6. Seat me next to the Temrika Meslalla, please?!?!?!?!?! Looks amazing! Perfect as always, Ally! 🙂

    1. You got it, pretty girl! Right next to me, so we can gab gab gab!! xox

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