the king david hotel

the king david hotel & kitty

The King David Hotel. Iconic to say the least. And, imagine what a meal would be like here. Come see. I’ll share a plate with you!

Food Culture in Israel

I’ve tried really hard to figure out what was the BEST part of my incredible experience with Taste of Israel.  

Yes, this trip is all about food and the Israeli cuisine. Middle Eastern cuisine. 

But, it’s bigger than that. It’s about the people. The culture. The love. And, it’s the food that brings us all together. 

King David Hotel Jerusalem

While it’s kind of like trying to decide which of your ten kids you love most, I must say that one of the highlights of this lifetime adventure was the farewell dinner at The King David Hotel in Jerusalem. The King David Hotel (מלון המלך דוד Malon ha-Melekh David) is a 5-star hotel in JerusalemIsrael, and it originally opened in 1931.

Taste of Israel~~The Dan Hotel Farewell Dinner & The Kitty

King David Jerusalem Hotel

Known as one of the most famous of the Dan Hotels, the King David Hotel wreaks regalia and history from the time you spin through the doors and into the massive stately foyer and grand rooms and halls.  An overwhelming sense of emotionalism was felt when I walked in and saw the American flag standing proud and tall next to the Israeli flag.  

King David Hotel History

Built in the 1920’s at the meeting point of the historic Old City and dynamic New Jerusalem, the King David Hotel delights the eye with stately pink quartz exteriors and exotic public rooms decorated with motifs that recreate a bygone romantic era. It is one of the most magnificent hotels in the world.

Today, the King David Hotel is part of the Dan Hotel Chain, and a member of The Leading Hotels of the World and continues to accommodate foreign heads of state and diplomats visiting Israel.

King David Hotel Restaurant

Amongst the hotel’s more famous guests are King George V; Jordan’s King Hussein; U.S. Presidents Richard NixonGerald FordJimmy CarterBill ClintonGeorge W. Bush, and Barack Obama; British Prime Ministers Winston ChurchillHarold WilsonMargaret ThatcherJohn Major, and Tony Blair; the Prince of WalesElizabeth TaylorRichard DreyfusRichard Gere; and Madonna.

Yes, they’ve dined there. Sat at tables. Walked the same steps I probably did to be seated at our feast. 

the king david hotel & kitty

King David Restaurant

I really had to breathe deeply and pinch myself. Never in my wildest dreams as a pretty basic littl’ girl growing up in the hollers of Appalachia in Southern West Virginia did I even dream that someday I’d be in a hotel of this stature.

I never thought that I’d be dining where world leaders have sat, celebrities have walked and things have gone down that have changed the world.  

Kings Garden Restaurant Menu

From the gourmet dinner we were served, the warm breezes of the balmy night’s dining on the terrace, the toasting and laughter with our Taste of Israel and Stand with Us hosts to the unexpected pleasure of being part of an orthodox Jewish wedding, our farewell dinner was something of a ‘Pretty Woman’ fairy tale.

Dan Hotels Jerusalem

Yes, I am in one of the swankiest hotels in the world. And, something soft brushed up against my leg and told me to breathe. 

Rather than pinch myself to see if the night was real, a littl’ furry friendly feline found his way to me, began purring, nuzzling up against me and said, “Yes, this is real, Ally, and I’m so glad you’re here.. Let me sit with you a while. And, please give me some nibbles of that fine looking salmon…”  

There was no language translation needed for the language of meowing.

Come meet my furry friend~~click here~~

Taste of Israel~~The Dan Hotel Farewell Dinner & The Kitty

Taste of Israel~~The Dan Hotel Farewell Dinner & The Kitty

Taste of Israel~~The Dan Hotel Farewell Dinner & The Kitty

Taste of Israel~~The Dan Hotel Farewell Dinner & The Kitty

Taste of Israel~~The Dan Hotel Farewell Dinner & The Kitty

Taste of Israel~~The Dan Hotel Farewell Dinner & The Kitty

Taste of Israel~~The Dan Hotel Farewell Dinner & The Kitty

Taste of Israel~~The Dan Hotel Farewell Dinner & The Kitty

Taste of Israel~~The Dan Hotel Farewell Dinner & The Kitty

Taste of Israel~~The Dan Hotel Farewell Dinner & The Kitty



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  1. Clark W Heckert says:

    I’m writing my third action-adventure novel in my Keith Maddox “Sudden Storm” series. I am writing a scene at the King David Hotel where my hero and his paramour are taking in a romatic night at the Hotel. Despite it being February 1993, they are taking in a swim and dinner at The King’s Garden Restaurant. Do you have any suggestions for their choices of entrees? Keith is a steak person; Anna is the salad and fish type. Also do you have St Julien wine? If not, what would you recommend?

    1. Hi, Clark, what a fabulous scene this will be. So spectacular as this beautiful historical space that gives you a lovely view of the Old City walls. This is a kosher dairy restaurant, so Keith will have to adapt his palate. No steak. (Not sure if this was the case in 1993 though. I’d contact them directly.) Anna will be very pleased and happy. It’s a wonderful Mediterranean kitchen where breakfast is served all day. Don’t overlook the amazing array of homemade sweets. You might consider these types of options for food: pastas, latkes, blintzes. The pasta rosa is delicious. Other great eats are salmon bagels and risotto, gnocchi with shaved parmesan, hummus with falafel and eggplant salad. Nicoise salad. And, don’t forget the mint leaves tea or Turkish coffee. You’d need to directly contact the hotel on the wine (St. Julien) and those recommendations. This outdoor dining space is also known for lots of kitty cats. I find them endearing. Others might find them annoying. Nonetheless, it’s part of the ambiance. I look forward to your next action-adventure novel! Thanks so much for contacting me! ~ally

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