Easy Food Hack: Can Limp Celery be Revived

Easy Food Hack: Can Limp Celery be Revived

Easy Food Hack: Can Limp Celery be Revived! You bet you can give that celery its crisp and crunch again. Just watch my quick video!

How to Store Celery

I’m a celery lover. And, since I usually use a celery bunch really quickly, I don’t have to worry about the stalks getting tired and limp. 

But, if you need to store celery longer and keep it crispy, then here’s what you need to do. 

  • Take it out of the plastic it may have come in.
  • Give it a rinse. 
  • Keep whole.
  • Wrap in aluminum foil.
  • Put in crisper of refrigerator. 

What to Do with Soft Celery

First of all, why does celery get limp and soft?

Celery, like many other veggies and fruit, releases naturally ethylene gas. If stored in a plastic bag, this gas is trapped. And, that causes accelerated moisture loss and spoilage. 

Foil allows the natural release of the ethylene while helping maintain moisture. 

However, there are things that you can do with soft celery. 

  • Use in soups and stews, pot roasts. 
  • Grind in food processor and use in a ground mire poix. 
  • Chop finely and put in rice or risotto.
  • Use in your morning smoothie. 
  • Easy Food Hack: Can Limp Celery be Revived

Can you Regrow Celery From Scraps

Absolutely! I do it all the time. I never cut off the bottom of a bunch of celery without putting it in some soil with a dousing of water.

In a few days, you’ll see little leaves sprouting from the center. After a while, it will continue to grow. 

I love using these tender, fragrant, tasty celery leaves for many things, soups, stews, garnishes, salads, sandwiches and more. 

The Best Way to Store Celery

If you cut off the bottom of the celery bunch and have the celery stalks/ribs then here’s how you’ll store. 

  • These ribs of celery will lose moisture faster. 
  • Put them in a sealed container with water. 
  • Best to submerge the celery in water. 

Celery in Water

So you can use this easy food hack because limp celery can be revived! And, all it takes is water. 

Easy Food Hack: Can Limp Celery be Revived

Easy Food Hack: Can Limp Celery be Revived

Water is celery’s best friend. 

When your celery becomes limp, it means it’s dehydrated. Yep, it needs some serious hydration.

Easy Food Hack: Can Limp Celery be Revived

Can You Rehydrate Limp Celery

Rehydrating limp celery is easy. 

Just cut off about 1/2″ to 1″ of the ends. Put the stalks/ribs in a vase of water. Let it soak in the aqua until the celery gets crisp again. Re-refrigerate appropriately or use. 

Can you Eat Limp Celery

Of course, you can eat limp celery. Well, as long as it’s not ‘bad’. If it’s only a matter of soft and pliable celery stalks/ribs, then all good. You can eat. Probably best to use this limp celery in cooked dishes or in smoothies. 

Is Limp Celery Still Good for Soups

As long as celery is fresh, only limp, then it’s good for soups and more. 

Can Limp Celery be Revived

Limp celery is only a sign that it’s lost a lot of water. That’s basically what celery stalks are, lots of water. 

Easy Food Hack: Can Limp Celery be Revived

Celery Recipes

Oh, do I have wonderful celery recipes

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  1. OMG. For years i’ve been throwing out limp celery not knowing what to do with it!
    Tried it today and voila! Crisp celery. Thanks for the post:)

    1. Susan!! No more food waste! Congratulations, luv! Feels good to save the planet!! xoxx ally

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