Blackberry Upside Down Pie

Blackberry Upside Down Pie

I want my pie crust crunchy and crispy! Lots of crust with the berries. That’s what this blackberry upside down pie is! Nailed it!

Tart Tatin Recipe

What’s a tart tatin?

The short answer is that it’s an upside down pie! 

Yes, making a savory tart tatin landed me on the cover of Food Network Magazine. And, the name of the recipe was changed to ‘Upside Down Tomato Pie’!

Blackberry Tart Tatin

The story behind the tart tatin is that this ‘technique’ for pie making was discovered quite by accident. 

According to Wiki:

“The tarte Tatin was created accidentally at the Hôtel Tatin in Lamotte-BeuvronLoir-et-Cher, 169 km (105 mi) south of Paris, in the 1880s.[1] The hotel was run by two sisters, Stéphanie and Caroline Tatin.[2] There are conflicting stories concerning the tart’s origin, but the most common is that Stéphanie Tatin, who did most of the cooking, was overworked one day. She started to make a traditional apple pie but left the apples cooking in butter and sugar for too long. Smelling the burning, she tried to rescue the dish by putting the pastry base on top of the pan of apples, quickly finishing the cooking by putting the whole pan in the oven. After turning out the upside down tart, she was surprised to find how much the hotel guests appreciated the dessert. In an alternative version of the tart’s origin, Stéphanie baked a caramelized apple tart upside-down by mistake, regardless she served her guests the unusual dish.[3] Whatever the veracity of either story, the concept of the upside down tart was not a new one. For instance, patissier Antonin Carême already mentions glazed gâteaux renversés adorned with apples from Rouen or other fruit in his Pâtissier Royal Parisien (1841).”

Blackberry Cobbler

Of course, blackberries are luscious and delicious for recipes. And, oftentimes, recipes using blackberries mean a cobbler or a pie. 

Now, I love pie, But, one thing I don’t like is a soft soggy crust. 

Recipes with Blackberries

Using blackberries in unique ways intrigues me. So much so that when I entered the Grilled Cheese Academy contest sponsored by Wisconsin Cheese, I knew I wanted to use delicious big fat juice blackberries. 

That recipe ended up winning me first place! 

I called my grilled cheese ‘The Bewitching’ because it was quite seductive and delicious! 

Pie Crust Easy

Pie crusts today have come a long way. I’m talking about refrigerated pie crusts. 

For those who don’t want to make your pie crust homemade, don’t feel ‘pie crust shamed’. It’s quite alright. 

Here are some of my favorite pie crust recipes. Yes, I love the time saving aspect of a refrigerated pie crust. 

Blackberry Tart Recipe

This blackberry tart, or pie, recipe is quite simple. 

You’ll see that there are few steps. 

That’s because we’re using puff pastry. Boy, it sure does save time. 

Blackberry Raspberry Tart

And, the puff pastry achieves what I love in a pie. Crispy. Cruncy. Flaky. Delicious

While I’m using blackberries, you sure could use a combination of berries if you prefer. 

Easy Blackberry Pie

If you need an easy blackberry pie recipe in your arsenal, then be sure to save this recipe. It’s a keeper. Best to eat it while it’s warm. It does keep about a day. You can store in a cool place. Just cover it with a clean beautiful dish cloth like Grandma used to do. 

Blackberry Upside Down Pie

Blackberry Upside Down Pie

Blackberry Upside Down Pie

Yield: One Pie (about 9" round)


  • 1 refrigerated puff pastry, can be previously frozen, about 10 x 10” size, almost room temperature
  • 18 oz. fresh blackberries, washed and drained
  • 2/3 cup sweetened condensed milk
  • 3 eggs, divided, separate one yolk
  • ¼ cup flour, all-purpose
  • ¼ cup fresh lemon juice
  • Pinch salt
  • 2 Tbl. Turbinado sugar, optional, can use regular sugar


    1. Preheat the oven to 375.

    2. Spray a pie plate (about 9”) with cooking spray.

    3. Add the blackberries and put in the center leaving about 1” to 1 ½” around the perimeter.

    4. In a small bowl or large measuring glass (4 cup), add the sweetened condensed milk, two eggs and the white of the third egg, flour, lemon juice and salt. Whisk together well. (Put the remaining yolk to the side in a small bowl.)

    5. Pour this mixture over the berries.

    6. Take the puff pastry. Roll out. Place over the berries and tuck into the perimeter of the pie plate and fold all around. The excess puff pastry can be molded around the pie plate.

    7. Use a pastry brush to coat the top with the egg yolk. Sprinkle with turbinado sugar.

    8. Bake in a preheated 375 oven for about 40 to 43 minutes or until the top is nice and golden brown.

    9. Remove and let it cool before serving.

    10. Slice or scoop. Your preference!


You can substitute blueberries or do a combo of berries!

Frozen pitted dark cherries are perfect for this recipe.

Let it cool thoroughly before slicing.

You can substitute coconut sugar for turbinado sugar.

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Blackberry Upside Down Pie

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