custard peach pie

peach pie

Put on a scoop of vanilla ice cream on this custard peach pie, and you’ll know that you’re eatin’ the best peaches and cream custard pie ever!

Easy Peach Pie Recipe

This easy peach pie recipe, for me, is inspired by two things, fresh peaches in season in the Summer and make a custard peach pie that’s no sweat as in easy! Of course, cooking with Frenchie. Frenchie, my dear girlfriend is just, so French. Very French. Born and raised in Brittany, she’s been in the United States for a while, but she has not lost any of her Frenchness!

I have learned so very much from her from her artistic tendencies and decorating to her incredible cooking. And, one of the big ideas that I’ve learned from Frenchie in cooking is that ‘less is more’. Simple and simplified is the best kind of cooking. Yes, if you start with wonderfully fresh high quality ingredients then cooking and baking are simple.

Custard Peach Pie

That’s how this custard peach pie came about. I wanted to use the star of the pie, peaches, and just kind of bring them together with a simple custard. I know that the more simple I can make cooking for you, the more likely you are to make a recipe. And, you’re going to definitely want to make this peaches and cream custard pie.

Custard Recipe EASY

Now creating a custard recipe is not a problem, but designing a custard recipe EASY is more of a challenge! It’s really hard to believe that in this peaches and cream custard pie there are only five ingredients. I’m thinking that because of this being one easy custard peach pie, you’re gonna make it. So t make this easy custard that bakes into the peaches all you need are two ingredients! 

Peaches and Cream Custard Pie

When I pulled the peaches and cream custard pie out of the oven, I knew the custard was done, and as you can see there are little bubbles that migrated to the top. I do believe that’s the combination of the juices from the peaches with the custard. Actually, I wasn’t sure if this pie would cut into definable ‘slices’ and it really doesn’t. There’s just too much ooozeee tasty creaminess. But, what the heck, you can scoop it out into a bowl or on a plate with some vanilla bean ice cream, and you’ll be perfectly happy!

In the Fall, when those apples are in season, try making another of my most elementary desserts quick apple tart. Yes, this is why I call myself a ‘rogue baker’. Nothing I do would probably make it into a fancy bakery or patisserie, but I guarantee you’ll love eating it!

Peaches Recipe

Now don’t thing that this is my only peach recipe. Oh, heavens sakes no! Check out more of my recipes, both sweet and savory, using peaches! 

Frozen Peaches

Peaches in recipes are simply fabulous. Whether they’re canned, frozen or fresh, you can eat peaches year round. Frozen peaches from Dole Sunshine are absolutely perfect slices and fresh as fresh an be anytime of the year. And, if you don’t have fresh peaches for this custard peach pie, then, by all means, buy the frozen peaches. You’ll save some serious time, too, because they’re peeled, sliced and ready to go! And, these peach slices have the vibrant color of fresh peaches unlike canned peaches, which can tend to have a darker hue. 


peach pie

peach pie

peach custard pie

Yield: Makes One Pie

Put on a scoop of vanilla ice cream on this custard peach pie, and you'll know that you're eatin' the best peaches and cream custard pie ever!


  • Preheat oven to 350
  • 1 premade graham cracker crust
  • 5-6 cups fresh peaches, thinly sliced, skin on
  • 1 large orange, juice only
  • 2 organic eggs
  • 1 cup sweetened condensed milk


  1. Put the peaches in a mixing bowl with the orange juice and toss and coat then put into the graham cracker crust.
  2. In a small bowl, whisk together the eggs and sweetened condensed milk. Pour over the peaches.
  3. Bake for 32 to 35 minutes in a preheated 350 oven or until a toothpick comes basically clean from the center.


You can substitute fresh lemon juice for orange juice.

If you can't find tasty fresh peaches, use the frozen peach slices.

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peach pie

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  1. Hi Ally, I became a huge fan after Bobby & fam visited you. Now I follow your IG. A question about the “print” button on your web page recipe: I cannot successfully use it. A dialog box flashes but disappears. I end up copying & pasting. Maybe your tech staff can look into this? Please keep up the delicious work. From Rochelle, a fellow Coloradoan.

    1. HI, Rochelle! WElcome! I’m so glad you’re here. And, thank you so very much for your follows and support. You bet, I’m sending your comment on that print button to my tech support. I don’t have that issue when I try it from my end when I try it. So, that’s why I haven’t addressed it. Let’s see. And, if you’ll give me a few days, we’ll see what the issue is! Thanks, again, luv! xoxx ally

  2. Sherry Angell says:

    I just bought a flat of fresh peaches and can’t wait to make this. Thank you

    1. Sherry! It’s such a simple delicious pie! And, w/all those fresh peaches, goodness gracious, you can make two or three! Thank you so much for your support. xoxx ~ally

  3. Frances Gersch says:

    Made the pie but in reading see a scoop pie but felt custard did not set and was very loose, should I have used less orange juice or beat eggs & milk longer

    1. Hi, Frances~ Maybe next time, add 2 tablespoons of flour to your custard mixture. Potato starch, tapioca flour and arrowroot powder could also work. I made this pie at high altitude, that might have been part of the difference. I hope you try it again! Thanks so much for letting me know! xoxx ~ally

  4. Do you think I could make in a 13×9 pan ?

    1. Hi Jessica! You’d be making your own graham cracker crust, right? I think you’d need to double the recipe for that size dish. This was a an 8 to 9″ round crust. I found this on Google. Hope it helps! 🥰 For example, if a 9×13 inch pan is 117 square inches and a 9-inch round pan is 63.5 square inches, you can be confident that the volume from one 9×13 inch pan can fit into TWO 9-inch round pans (approximately 120 square inches total).Jan 20, 2020

      1. Yes, thanks, this helps. I was thinking of making for Thanksgiving something different from the pumpkin pie, easier to to pack and take along. I did make it as the pie and me and hubby loved it. DELICIOUS!

        1. Oh, Jessica, that’s so great to hear. Yes, sometimes doing ‘different’ for Thanksgiving is a welcomed change. This pie is easy to make and pack. It should travel well. Sooooooooooo glad you experimented and tried it. And, thanks for the thumbs up! If you haven’t looked at this recipe, give it a gander. It would travel very well. Always love hearing from you! xo ~ally

    1. Deseree, darlin! Thank you! To be so simple, it’s just so delicious…it’s all about the peaches and nothing else! xo ~ally

    1. Hi, Liren…it does smell aahhhhmazing! You’re so right! And, it’s a ‘scoop’ pie…forget the slices…of course, an Eton Mess is always the best!! Thanks for visiting, luv! xo

    2. Wow so fresh and delicious. Fresh peaches in the summer are the absolute best, but then to put them in a pie! Wonderful.

      1. Lynee! Thank you, darlin! I totally agree! Have you tried Dole’s frozen peach slices? OMG, they’re great. And, in the off season a perfect pick for this pie, too. Thanks for stopping by and don’t be a stranger! xo ally

  5. I’ve had many custard pies in my day but none with peaches, one of my very favorite fruits! Thanks for the delicious idea.

    1. My dear Dan!! Thank you sooooooooooooo much!! This is such a delightful pie that you really taste mostly all the peaches!! Come back and visit my friend! 🙂

    1. Lucy, dear, thank you! It’s super easy and focuses completely on those sweet delicious peaches! Hope to see more of you! xo ~ally

  6. I love it! I also love that I don’t need to look for your name to know it’s your food! You have that “look” about your food that I love!!! I bet that smells delicious too!

    1. Oh, LynneeePooo! That’s the nicest compliment ever!! Thank you thank you! You’re gonna gobble up this simple recipe! xoxo

  7. Christine says:

    Simple and looks amazing.

    1. Thank you, Christine…it’s the simplicity, I think, that wins one over!

  8. Sandra❤️ says:

    Looks delicious!,,, just took it out of the oven. I added grated nutmeg.
    Doesnt say where or when to chill this. Wish that I could add my photo.
    And I can hardly wait to taste test, to see if I recommend it as one of my must makes.

    1. Oh, Sandra! This is a ‘scoop’ pie…forget the ‘slices’! It’s perfect w/a big dollop of vanilla ice cream! Wish I could see you’re pix, too, luv! Eat it hot, warm or room temp! It’s all good, and love that you added grated nutmeg. xox ~ally

  9. This looks delicious! Such a great dessert for summer to enjoy those wonderful peaches.

    1. Caroline! Thank you and you’re right, it’s perfect for summer and all the fresh peaches!

      1. Would the frozen peaches need to be thawed or anything else since they are not fresh, in season peaches?

        1. HI, Jan! You could slightly thaw. That’s how I used them. Frozen peach slices are really good. And, they’re so beautifully sliced and ready making the work so much easier! I love Dole’s frozen peaches. xoxx ally

  10. This looks delicious, I adore anything French, superb cuisine. I have a house in France so this reminds me of summer days, friends and sharing moments..

    1. Sue! This is the most special comment! Thank you! Simple French food always is delicious!! xo

  11. Reba Parsons says:

    Just took this out of the oven. So simple. Now waiting til it cools for the taste test!

    1. Oh, my dear, Reba!! PLEASE let me know how you likeeeee!! xo ~ally

  12. this made my mouth water and wow how creative and beautiful this look.. you’re a genius! Love this recipe!

    1. Thank you, dear Claudia! The simplicity of this recipe makes it a no brainer. I’ve found that this is what people want. KISS recipes!! Thank you!! xoxo

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