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Thai Red Curry Lemongrass Pork

thai red curry lemongrass pork

Pork is a favorite meat of mine, and I’m always trying to put new twists on it.  Rather than just roast the pork then put it with potatoes and veggies, I decided to take an Asian slant, well, Thai, and use red curry, ginger, mushrooms, green onions and things that […]

balsamic pea grape coleslaw with bleu cheese crumbles

pea grape coleslaw & bleu cheese crumbles

All you need with this  pea grape coleslaw & bleu cheese crumbles is a piece of meat, or if you don’t want that then just add some nuts for more protein, crunch and flavor! Keep in mind that this is not your typical expected coleslaw, but I guarantee you’re gonna love […]

appalachian good eats

appalachian good eats

The Hatfields & McCoys feud is probably the most famous in American history.  If you don’t know anything about it, then you are missing out on a treasured gem in our country’s development.  Starting shortly after the Civil War when the world was so different, when lawlessness existed, and when […]

Tri-Blend Bean Tomato Dip or Spread

bean + tomato spread

What do you do when you open one too many cans of beans when you’re making chili? Well, in this case, I decided to make a bean dip, which also can be a pretty wicked sandwich spread!  If you can’t find the tri-blend canned beans, then use whatever bean(s) make […]

Jerusalem Fruit Tabbouleh

jerusalem fruit tabbouleh

This rabbouleh recipe is brought to you by Dole Sunshine, however, all of the recipe development and creative food artistry, including the photography, is solely the work of Ally in her Kitchen.  For more information CLICK~  My trip to Israel as a guest of Stand with Us and Taste of Israel was […]

Crispy Spicy Chicken Sliders with Apricot Mustard Sauce

chicken sliders & apricot mustard sauce

Sometimes you just gotta cut corners when cooking, especially when you’re in a hurry or just don’t want to make everything from scratch.  That’s perfectly o.k! Not a cardinal sin of cooking. If you read labels and examine the ingredients list of some of today’s pre-packaged items, you can sometimes find […]

berbere spiced ribs

berbere spiced ribs

Berbere (Amharic: በርበሬ berberē, Tigrinya: በርበረ berbere) is a spice mixture, whose ingredients usually include chili peppers, garlic, ginger, dried basil, korarima, rue, white and black pepper and fenugreek.[1][2] It is a key ingredient in the cuisines of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Berberé (or Berbere) is an Ethiopian spice mixture that is the flavoring foundation of Ethiopian cuisine, a basic ingredient in Dabo Kolo, Doro Wat, and many other dishes. Berberé is made from a […]

israeli beef roast

israeli beef roast

Yes, this beef roast takes some time, but trust me, it’s worth every minute you put into it!  It’s the antithesis of ‘fast’ food~~ ‘slow’ food to perfection! One of the most ethereal things about Middle Eastern cooking is the combination of spices used in dishes or simply sprinkled on […]

Apricot Ginger Mustard Glazed Ham

apricot ginger mustard glazed ham

I usually buy spiral hams for Easter. This year I decided to break away from this tradition and do a real ham meaning that I’d create my own glaze as well as I’d be able to control the slicing of it, the thickness, size, shape, more ‘organic’ and natural. Not […]

Applesauce Currant Walnut Bread

applesauce currant walnut bread

This is really a nutty bread!  I used not only chopped walnuts but almond flour, so it’s quite nutty and tasty!  While I don’t specialize in gluten-free, nor practice it in my eating lifestyle,  it never hurts cut back a littler here and there when I can. Besides I love […]

my son's wedding

discovering yoga

I suppose all the movement and writhing while rehearsing for this performance did me in! Never had I experienced a burning electrical pain like I was having in my left leg and only from my knee to my hip! Never in my wildest dream would I think that this pain […]

peasant herb oven fries

One of my Top 10 comfort foods! Potatoes. Growing up in West Virginia, Mom fixed fried potatoes often. She usually fried them in a big ol’ cast iron skillet in oil, so these taters are a tad bit healthier because they’re roasted in the oven. Potatoes were a staple in […]

Napa Beef Wraps

napa beef wraps

This is one of those recipes that has few ingredients, and the pack a powerful palate punch!  Add to that the fact that it can be prepared within about 30 minutes, no dilly dallying, and you’ve got something that will be a crowd pleaser! The crunchiness of the Napa cabbage […]

cumin chicken & fresh marinara sauce

cumin chicken & fresh marinara sauce

Bohemian Bold cooking is all about being unique and multipurpose.  Making your own fresh marinara is simple and quick.  There’s really nothing to it…at least the way I do it.  This sauce is exceptionally versatile, too, which I always want when I prepare a sauce.  I mean if it can’t […]

~kale meatball wraps~

kale meatball wraps

Before you bake these kale meatball wraps, you’ll think you’re looking at a dish of lovely flowers!  Rather than roll the meat mixture entirely in the leaves, I wanted created a more artistic looking dish to serve and present~~after the leaves cook, the wilting and color changes made me think […]

smoky clam chowder

smoky clam chowder

Lawsy, I could eat my weight in this smoky clam chowder. First of all, I LOVE corn. Once I had a corn on the cob eating contest with my father-in-law~yes, in the summer and fresh steam silver queen corn was plentiful~and, I ate 11 ears! He won~I think he ate […]

eggplant with buttermilk sauce

eggplant with buttermilk sauce

Found this cookbook, “Plenty’ by Yotam Ottolenghi, in Anthropologie…what drew me to it was the cover picture…a picture of this eggplant dish!  I loved it for so many reasons~~it’s rustic and organic look, the vibrant colors, the caramelized browning on the eggplant, the creaminess of the sauce on it, and […]

coconut jasmine rice olives dried fruit & pine nuts

north african rice dates & olives

When my husband tastes something that he’s found in the refrigerator and doesn’t even know that it’s a new recipe creation. Just something he’s stumbled upon while foraging for food, and he hollers at me ‘Wow, this is really good…’ Then you know what?  It makes the blog list!  Yes, […]

~vodka infused fruit drink~

vodka infused gypsy fruit drink

Better watch this fruity boholicious vodka infused gypsy fruit drink because you’ll want to sip more and more and more, and before you know it, it can body slam you!  It’s a treat for the eyes as well as the palate.  Make it a day or more ahead of when […]

ricotta dumpling with raspberry sauce

ricotta dumpling with raspberry sauce

Every now and then when you’re cooking you need a no brainer~~a recipe that’s easy to do, has some shortcuts, and gives you the satisfaction you’re looking for in a flash!  Well, if you’ve hankerin’ for something warm, gooey, subtly sweet and boholicious, then this ‘Ricotta Dumpling with Raspberry Sauce’ […]

Harissa Buttermilk Baby Back Ribs

harissa buttermilk baby back ribs

Buttermilk is oftentimes used as a marinade for chicken.  But pork?  And, a rack of baby back ribs at that!  So, this is what Boho cooking’s all about~~venturing out and trying new things, experimenting and exploring new flavors, spices, combinations and foods! This recipe is even more reason to swing […]

Spicy Italian Genoa Salami Red Onion & Veggie Sauce Sandwich Folds

spicy salami & red onion folds

Creating tasty food should be un-complicated, and sometimes it helps to use convenience items that simplify the process, save time, and don’t compromise on flavor.  It’s even more fun to take pre-packaged ingredients and re-fashion them into something that’s totally different.  Such is the case here with the flatbread used […]

Fresh Palisade Peach Blueberry Skillet Pie

fresh peach skillet pie

Being a South Carolina girl, I know good peaches~~we have some of the best.  However, when I come to Colorado, I’ve met my Palmetto state’s match!  Palisade, located on the Colorado River at the base of the Grand Mesa in far western Colorado,  is town in Colorado.  It’s known for a […]

smoked paprika salmon chunks

smoked paprika salmon chunks

Salmon is a beautiful seafood to prepare. And, there’s so many ways to twist salmon into something new each time you eat it. From the way you cook it, poach, grill, pan sear, bake, to the way you ‘shape’ it, salmon can take on a new profile with a tad […]

10 ways to better skin

10 ways to better skin

I’m lucky to have good genes. Without getting real scientific or technical, I think good genes are the foundation or blueprint for what goes on in your life as you age. Now how you handle your life, as in choices you make in regards to living, yes, and that includes […]

fresh herb cannellini beans

fresh herb cannellini beans

Cannellini beans~an Italian white kidney bean. So creamy and tasty. I love them best when I cook from scratch. Oh, yes, you can buy them canned, but they’re scrumptuously easy to prepare and just perfect as a side or as the main dish. With the fresh herbs, the flavors just […]

Mandarin Orange Oriental Sauce Lamb Chops with Red Pepper Pasta

mandarin orange lamb chops

I love the combination of a smokey grilled flavor with sweet, salty, and spicy, and this recipe has all that in one! The mandarin orange lamb chops with the pasta is exquisite! Created for the 2013 World Food Championships, I wanted to take a twist on pasta, the ‘themed’ ingredient […]

eastern european honey walnut cookies

eastern european honey walnut cookies

The Eastern European countries, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and more, have a rich history and culture~one of the traditions that resonates in my mind when I’ve visited that area is that when you visit most anyone’s home, you’re immediately offered coffee and cake or cookies. There’s always some kind […]

The Mountain Hippie Grilled Cheese

the mountain hippie grilled cheese

How my mind works with creating recipes~~take me back to my love-child days of the 1960s and early 1970s, and you’ll find Ally, the hippie!  These memories are fuel for this creation.   My mind’s been churning, for days unconsciously and even during my RPM sleeping,  with ideas for a […]

walnut cherry yogurt loaf cake

walnut cherry yogurt loaf cake

This walnut cherry yogurt loaf cake is choked full of juicy sweet cherries and crunchy nuts. They just occupy the top of this loaf cake and are like a soft bed of happiness! Now, this makes slicing a tad bit tricky, unless you really chop your walnuts finely (I prefer […]

picante chicken tinga

picante chicken tinga

When deciding what to call this dish, which was inspired from a recipe that a dear foodie friend, Mary, from Cooking with Mary and Friends, had made with salsa and pork, I decided to research some Mexican food terms. Up popped tinga, which is a shredded, often spicy, meat. I […]

slow cooked spiced leg of lamb

slow cooked spiced leg of lamb

Names. Yep, they’re important in life.  Your name follows you wherever you go. I mean if you become President, you’d want a regal strong name, right?  Parents usually give their kids a first and middle name like, Alva Grace, Bo James, Shelby Lynn, Mary Taylor. Most of the time, one […]

cumin corn soufflé with cilantro & caramelized onions

cumin corn soufflé cilantro & caramelized onions

Corn souffle! Yes, a dish that for me is synonymous with Thanksgiving, and here’s the backstory on this recipe! The best inspiration and ideas for new recipes come from folks who are my foodie followers~whether it’s social media virtual friends, long-time flesh n’ blood friends, acquaintances I meet in random […]

avocado pimento cheese spread

avocado pimento cheese fruit spread

You probably know some of the virtues, health that is, of avocados.I’ll be sharing some with you! And, you might just think Mexican or South American when you see an avocado. Did you know that an avocado is a fruit? And, it’s sometimes known as the ‘alligator pear’!  So, my avocado pimento […]

moroccan beef ragu sauce

moroccan beef ragu sauce

Here’s the salad I served this Moroccan beef ragu sauce and pasta with~~Mediterranean Celery and Olives. It was the perfect match, at least in my palate option, with the warm spicy ragu. This salad offered a crunchy crisp juicy salty and sweet contrast~~my small dinner party guests agreed, so that’s […]

cherry limeade cheesecake

cherry limeade cheesecake

What happens when a foodie turns to romance novel writing? Nothing sweeter and more loving than using the food in the passion! Please Forgive Me Cheesecake, also known as a cherry limeade cheesecake, is the masterpiece of Terra Romance Author and Food Blogger! She’d asked me and other foodies to […]

©alice d’antoni phillips

seasoning super stars

Yes, fat’s gotten a bad wrap over the years. My thinking is that in moderation (and healthy lifestyle habits like regular exercising and getting that heart rate pumping) there’s nothing wrong with fat and using it as a fabulous seasoning ingredient is a way to elevate your foods to another level […]

mediterranean celery olive salad

mediterranean celery olive salad

This Mediterranean celery olive salad is so very different. And, that’s what I love about food~~using ingredients in totally different ways to create spectacular new dishes. It’s kind of like dressing and style~~you have clothes, shoes, accessories and when you combine them in different ways, you get an entirely new […]

coal miner's pinto & navy beans

coal miner pinto & navy beans

If you work, you’ll probably want to make these beans on the weekend. Believe me, they keep in the refrig a few days, and you can freeze them. I’d say put the coal miner’s pinto & navy beans in smaller containers, freeze and then use for so many things~~from refried […]

armenian cuke buttermilk salad

Cucumbers and buttermilk…the way to Ben’s heart!  I’d never had cukes and buttermilk until I had my first dinner with my hubby’s family way back nearly 20 years ago.  Oh, yeah, I can still remember the unbelievable country feast I age–more on that later! Now back to the Armenian Cukes and […]

Chorizo Beef Meatloaf with Spicy Oriental Sweet Chili Sauce

chorizo beef meatloaf with spicy sweet chili sauce

Food does so much more than fill your stomach.  Food is a trigger for memories.  Food is a spark for emotions. Food is explosive in starting and continuing conversation about food and other topics.  And, food takes us back to our childhoods.  Meatloaf is on of those foods that many […]

is there a heart in seafood

is there a heart in seafood

Archaeology digs uncover history, cultures, people, lifestyles and more. They’re usually painstakingly detailed and timely. When you go to the Gulf coast, it doesn’t take much digging to realize how the history, culture, people and their lifestyles are shaped and influenced by the Gulf Coast waters. While I kind of […]

Baby Squash & Dumpling Squash

baby & dumpling squash #orangeinspiration

This recipe is in support of #orangeinspiration~~one of my foodie peeps, Justine, whose blog is Full Belly Sisters, wanted to raise awareness and money for cancer. The organizaztion, Cycle for Survivial, founded in 2007 raises money, $61 million to date, for supporting clinical trials and research for cancers~~especially those rare […]

Seems in our house if I buy more than 5 bananas at least two or three turn black and are ready to go 'bad' within just a couple of days. Maybe I should just buy one or two bananas at a time, but that just doesn't seem quite right because part of having bananas is having a cluster sitting on the kitchen counter! Of course when this happens, some kind of banana something will be made with the aging blackened 'nanners, so they don't go to waste. Rather than banana bread, I decided to do cakes. Now I used three different size pans~~two tart pans making the cake not more than about 2 inches thick and a small casserole (5x7) glass baking dish. You choose how you want to bake these and in what...just remember to adjust your baking time depending upon the size and thickness of the batter~~do the toothpick test as an extra precaution! This 'Brown Sugar Almond Banana Cake' is great for morning coffee or tea or a midnight snack!

brown sugar almond banana cake

Seems in our house if I buy more than 5 bananas at least two or three turn black and are ready to go ‘bad’ within just a couple of days.  Maybe I should just buy one or two bananas at a time, but that just doesn’t seem quite right because […]

~ottoman empire burger with roasted red pepper sauce & grilled onions~

ottoman empire burger

The ‘ottoman empire burger’. Hummmm, sounds pretty amazing and fancy schmanzee, huh?  Now just how did I get that name. Well, if you explore the ingredients, you’ll understand more!  Some of these ingredients, including the spices, date back to long ago, and, yes, maybe even to the Ottoman Empire! When […]

English Cucumber Galette

English Cucumber Galette

I love a challenge!  And, when I saw the Lenox/Rozanne Gold 1-2-3 recipe contest, I decided I’d see what I could conjure up.  I had a fresh English cucumber in the refrigerator and some yummy plain Greek yogurt. I decided a English Cuke Galette would be born.  So, with a […]

Red Curry & Cumin Chicken Veggie Soup

When I haven’t seen good friends for a while, and we make special plans to meet for lunch, I like to make them a basket of love goodies from my kitchen.  So, I’m meeting Brent and Barbara for lunch at The Bookworm~~they’re such great people, devoted  yogis, and we’ve done […]

blackberry ricotta muffins

Just putting ricotta with anything is good. But, ricotta with blackerries and then turning them into muffins, well, you just have to taste it! When you can’t find fresh berries in season, then most definitely head to the freezer section at your market and get it frozen!  I find it’s […]

bohemian bolognese

This recipe has been developed over nearly 30 years.  It won the ‘Gallo Family Vineyards’ family recipe contest.  Once you try it, you’ll know why.  I’ve had many many many make this recipe, and they have never been disappointed. I know, it sounds pretty ‘impressive’ to add the word ‘famous’ […]

apple buttlermilk mint bleu cheese walnut salad

the great gatsby waldorf salad

This  the great gatsby waldorf salad recipe hits on all cylinders! Holidays~~check!  Apple season~check!  Anytime good eats~check check!  Since I’m a bleu lover, have to have some crunch in a bite, and just get happy with a burst of juice~~I’ve included some of my favorite healthy ingredients. Perfect with a […]

north african lamb loin chops

north african lamb loin chops

I consider lamb loin chops a delicacy. And, when I season them with ras el hanout and fresh herbs I call them a north african lamb loin chop delicacy! The flavors of North Africa have sensual spice blends that can be warm and toasty, firey and spicy, and those full […]

Lavender & Almond Bessboussa

lavender & almond basbousa

The best part of having a Facebook cooking page is meeting all the great foodies from around the world!  I’ts like having my own virtual cooking kitchen at my fingertips…I mean I can just post that I need to know more about a particular ethnicity’s cuisine, and, within minutes I […]

cream cheese chocolate bites with roasted coconut

cream cheese chocolate bites with roasted coconut

Being the frugal gal I am, I hate to throw out anything unless it absolutely has to be tossed!  Sometimes things get a little wrinkled, like fruit, or dried out, like bread, and you can re-invent them into something else, and no one has even a clue~~that’s what I love […]

waffle chicken ciambella

waffle chicken ciambella

So how did this cutie get born?  A contest!  Yes, it’s the EGGO contest, and the stakes are well worth getting my brain cells swirling with ideas!   From sweet to savory, breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts sweets~~there are so many things you can do with EGGOS! This EGGO Chicken Ciambella […]

~the charleston chewee booze bars~

the charleston chewee booze bars

Do you what a ‘charleston chew’ is?  Well, it’s a candy bar invented in about 1922 when ‘The Charleston’~~as in the dance~~was popular!The company was purchased in 1957 by Nathan Sloane and later sold to Nabisco in 1980.  Pop culture even knows this candy bar as it’s mentioned by Bart in The Simpsons episode “Lisa […]

mediterranean eggs with olives & mozzarella

mediterranean eggs with olives & mozzarella

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and why not make it a dining experience! Of course, that’s my mantra whenever I cook~~it’s far beyond just a recipe~~it becomes a dining experience. Now that doesn’t mean it has to be all fancy schmancy! It doesn’t mean you’ve […]

mexican-inspired shakshuka

mexican-inspired shakshuka

When visiting Jerusalem one of my most memorable experiences was eating the street food~~shakshuka! OMG, it was soooooooooooooo good~~no utensils needed, just lots of crusty tender bread to sop up the tasty tomato sauce and creamy eggs on top. If you want to see 10 seconds of my very first […]

~cherry & blackberry galette~

cherry & blackberry galette

 Thanks to Dole Sunshine for partnering with me for this post! I am the creator of this recipe and for the description and information that follows. For a full disclosure, click here! Anytime you mix juicy cherries with explosive sweet large blackberries, you have a tornado of great tastes!  And, just to make […]

the big squeeze weekend

the big squeeze weekend

Four pounds of thick cut hardwood smoked bacon. Two pounds of ground sausage. Four pounds of ground meats. Three pounds of pasta. Five pounds of new potatoes. Thirty-two eggs. Mounds of fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses and salad greens. Milk, Juice. A big homemade double chocolate cake. Wine~~lost count on the […]

maple pumpkin meringue pie

maple pumpkin meringue pie

When you take a bite of this ‘maple pumpkin meringue pie’ you’ll think that you’re experiencing a poof of airy lightness mixed creamy warm spiced textures in your mouth. It’s so light that when I took my first bite I thought I was going to float! Well, not really but […]

seven kitchen gadgets i love

seven kitchen gadgets i love

Gadgets are the best!  They save time. They make things easier. They ease stress and work.  Who doesn’t need a new gadget in their life.  And, if you’re in the kitchen, you probably have some of your favorite gadgets that you just can’t live without.  Well, here are seven of […]

~lemon cottage cheesecake~

lemon cottage cheesecake

French-inspired cheesecake and simple—if that sounds like an oxymoron, then don’t be alarmed.  French cooking doesn’t have to be complicated—it just has to be good. And while elaborate gastronomic feats can be good, they’re also very intimidating to the everyday cook, like me, and maybe like you, who knows! I’m […]

Fresh cranberry crunch with Coconut Cream Sauce

fresh cranberry crunch & coconut cream sauce

Yes, some foods just dance with happiness during the holidays~~why? Well, because for a short time of the year they’re showcased and special~~things like pumpkins, pomegranates, types of squash and, not to overlook cranberries~~and now we have a star in this fresh cranberry crunch & coconut cream sauce salad! While we […]

butter garlic herb pizza

butter garlic herb pizza

Making pizza dough used to scare me. I look back now and wonder why! I mean it’s just so easy to make a wonderful crust without much trouble at all. It’s worth all the extra work because the flavors you have once you build your pizza are simply divine! This […]

I'm on Amazon!

the eagle has landed

This may be the shortest post I’ve ever written~~my cookbook’s now on Amazon & you can pre-order!! I’m so exhilarated!! I even went to and ordered some just for the thrill of it. Yes, the eagle has landed! After working months on the manuscript, taking thousands of photographs, having major […]

holiday ideas with boho flair

holiday ideas with boho flair

So you might be wondering how you can change up your holiday decor without a lot of work and expense~~well, there’s nothing more exhilarating than going bohemian’~~eclectic, colorful, a sassy flair, whimsical and more, the ‘boho’ look gets even more beautiful when there’s spontaneity and the spirit of your soul […]

buttermilk mint bleu cheese dressing

One of my favorite cheeses is bleu~~and it’s first-cousin gorgonzola~~and, well, I adore white cheddar and Gruyere, and, oh oh, brie and gouda and raclette and more~~you get the idea, I’m a cheese lover! I love to add herbs and twists to my dressings, which are just so very easy […]

heavenly chocolate cookies

This recipe was ‘boho’d’ from the original recipe from ‘My Crowded Kitchen‘ one of my favorite foodies in the universe!  When I saw the this incredible stack of chocolate love cookies that It’s Yummilicious had shared, I went right to her page then on to the blog  to see what […]

New York Strip Pomegranate Beef Stew

When you cook this put on the Frank Sinatra music ‘New York New York’!  I say even beef stew sometimes should be made with the finest cuts of beef, and, in this case, I went with a grass fed New York strip!  Now some may say I’ve compromised its flavor, […]

boho seasoning cubes

boho carrot ginger seasoning cubes

Sometimes in cooking a seasoning combination is called the ‘holy trinity’. Sometimes cooks call it a ‘mirepoix'(pronounced meer-pwah) which is a French word. And, there are different trinities or mirepoixs~~like a Cajun mirepoix uses onions, celery and green bell peppers, instead of carrots in the French version. Italians call this […]

coconut jasmine rice

tandoori coconut jasmine rice

When I created this recipe for coconut jasmine rice, I thought it would serve eight plus. After four of us had it for dinner and there was just about 2 cups remaining, I revised to say six! If you love rice, then this tandoori coconut jasmine rice can be an entire […]

lemon coconut rose cake

Have you ever watched the Rose Parade (as in the New Year’s Day Rose Parade) while ringing in the new year?  I do and have about every single year. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be covering the parade, but that’s precisely how I’ll be starting out […]

Rigatoni with Smoked Italian Sausage & Chicken

rigatoni & smoked italian sausage chicken sauce

Growing up pasta, well, rigatoni in particular, was my three boys’ favorite! I’d do different sauces, the bolognese being their favorite, and this meaty almost goulash-like sauce was a close second. Interestingly, this was one way to get some veggies into their diets~~my youngest son didn’t like onions at all~~I […]

turkish lamb asiago meatballs

turkish lamb asiago meatballs

Meatballs that you’ll eat like gum balls! These luscious luvs have bursts of asiago cheese in them that’s an unexpected surprise. Then there’s a full canvas of fresh herbs that work together symphonically to create interesting new triggers of happiness on your palate. Then there’s the slight charring and cripies […]

chunky fresh salmon scallion olive salad

chunky fresh salmon scallion olive salad

Whenever I buy salmon, I always try to buy an extra couple of pounds because if I’m going to pan sear it for one meal, I can use the leftover salmon the next day for salads, sandwiches and more. That’s how this chunky fresh salmon scallion olive salad was born! […]

roasted acorn squash & hardwood smoked bacon

roasted acorn squash smoked bacon

You might think you’re eating a sweet potato or yam, but the outer green skin gives it away as a squash. Lots of time, these small baby squashes and pumpkins are overlooked, but I find them perfect for individual servings, plus the skin is Mother Nature’s bowl that holds the […]

carrot cake waffles

carrot cake pineapple date nut waffles

A carrot cake won the 2013 World Food Championships~~the winner took home $50,000 that day for his family’s recipe. Not too shabby, huh? It’s just incredible how comfort food, like carrot cake, warms the soul. That’s why I wanted to stretch carrot cake to another venue~~that of breakfast or brunch […]

Mediterranean Slow Roasted Pot Roast

There’s just so much about this ‘pot roast’ that’s not a ‘pot roast’…what I mean by that is that while this is a cheap, relatively speaking, cut of meat~~I mean it is a lowly chuck roast~~the way it’s cooked, the herbs, the wine and the infusion of all the flavors […]

eggo granola apple frittata

eggo granola apple frittata

This recipe is perfect for a weekend morning treat! It’s easy, quick and boholicious. Since Eggo is running their annual contest, I thought I’d throw my eggo into the ring and see what happens~~last year I submitted, I think three or four recipes and none caught the eyes of the […]

4 boho ideas for the home

4 boho ideas for the home

You probably have so much in your home already that you can use and re-purpose to give your space that eclectic vibrant boho look. It’s not difficult~~da lot of planning~~you want to go with the feel, the flow and the look that comes together in a new way. Now this […]

almond orange blossom macaroons

almond orange blossom macaroons

When I make Boston Cream Pie, I use about 6 egg yolks for the cream filling. You know what that means? It leaves me with lots of egg whites! So, what do you do~~well, you can make lots of things like an egg white omelette or you can macaroons. Yep, […]

spatchcock pineapple rosemary chicken

spatchcock pineapple rosemary chicken

No doubt, chicken is one popular bird, and folks love different ways to serve up the clucker! When you ‘spatchcock’ a chicken you not only speed up the cooking of the bird, but you also have a might pretty presentation whether you serve from the skillet or put on a […]

birthday surprise from africa

Birthdays~~they mean different things to everyone. As I’ve gone through life, birthdays have progressed from parties, gifts, cakes and celebrations, of varying degrees depending upon that milestone year, to ones that now I ‘celebrate’ the entire month of October rather than just on the 28th. What means the most to […]

cuban black beans with yogurt sauce

cuban black beans with yogurt sauce

One spoonful of these beans and you’ll think you’ve hit pay dirt!  I mean I totally amaze myself sometimes with the depths of flavor that are created when I start experimenting with spices and ingredients. I really think what sends these black beans over the top is the Dole Garden […]

5 tips to boho your fall table

5 tips to boho your fall table

Seasons bring so much to life—it’s the delicious reminder that nothing’s constant and change is good—letting go of the old and embracing the new~~from new foods and nature to what we wear, those of us who live in seasonal areas can shift into new modes of eating, cooking, activities, dressing […]

southern bacon dripping collards & corn

bacon dripping collard greens

In my humble opinion, nothin’ beats a good pot of collard greens…well, unless it’s a great pot of collards with extra flavor added with just a few ingredients.  Using the Dole tomato soup added a richness to these collards, and you’d never know they were in there~~it’s just like you’ll […]

Sweet Dark Cherry Buttermilk Pancakes

sweet dark cherry buttermilk pancakes

If you want to feel like it’s summertime year-round, especially with fruit, then look not further than the frozen fruits and Dole’s fabulous selection. Always perfect, sweet and versatile, they open up new frontiers for cooking particularly in those long dark winter months. These pancakes have dollops of whole cherries […]

‘Pan Seared Stacked Arugula & Campari Tomato Cod' drizzled with Fig Balsamic Glaze

pan seared cod

When I’m shopping at the grocery store, I don’t use lists~~I have a mental tally of what I may need to get in terms of staples~~yes, sometimes I end up with 3 cans of baking powder!  And, since I don’t sometimes look at the store sale flyers that come on […]

~grilled salmon & couscous~

grilled salmon & couscous

There’s nothing not to love about this dish!  It’s healthy. It’s easy. It’s eatable for a couple of days. It’s beautiful to look at.  It’s full of flavor. It’s easy~~did I already say that? Oh, heck, we all know the virtues of salmon, and couscous, well, those teeeennnnyyyy pearls of […]

Breakfast Salad Eggs

breakfast ssalad eggs

Pretty eggs. Healthy eggs. Easy eggs.  Have your salad with your eggs!  This is one of those breakfast dishes that just makes you happy because it’s so dang gorgeous!  Rather than making the dish look like ‘breakfast’ I wanted to make the breakfast look like a celebration, you know, a […]

garlic onion rustic mashed potatoes with fresh herbs

garlic onion rustic mashed potatoes with fresh herbs

There’s not a potato I don’t like. Mashed, boiled, baked, fried, toasted, roasted, basted and tasted. Nothing better. And, these mashed taters, yes, garlic onion rustic mashed potatoes with fresh herbs, lumpy at that, my preference being the rustic earth chick with food that I am, are just even better […]

~madam’s lace cookies~

madam’s lace cookies

A taste of Camelot~~this is a historical vintage recipe~~not mine but that of Marta Sgubin who was with the Kennedy family for 25+ years as governess, personal cook and long-time companion of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.  Here cookbook, Cooking for Madam, was a gift to me in 1998 for my birthday from […]

biscoff sea salt cookies

biscoff sea salt cookies

Any recipe that’s just 5 ingredients and gives you a finished product like this is a no brainer.  Since I fly Delta so much (and, yes, adore my loyalty perks) and since I had a jar of biscoff, and most of all since I wanted something sweet and salty, I […]

granola cookies

almond butter granola cookies

Let’s make granola cookies with almond butter! Almond butter’s kinda like it’s first-cousin peanut butter, both nuts and smooshed and ground into a luscious butter.  Now I find that almond butter separates more than peanut butter if it’s left sitting for a while. By that I mean the oils and […]

asiago cheese dates & mint toasties

One thing that stands out in my mind about traveling in Italy and especially Tuscany is the cheese, yes, the cheese~~it’s glorious, and one of my favorites is asiago. Cheese like wine is complex, and it takes some investigation into really understanding the differences in various cheeses and between ‘fresh’ […]

~creating winning recipes~~some fertilizer~

creating winning recipes

I’m sitting on an Air France flight flying from Warsaw to Paris, and I’m wedged between two gentlemen—one fast asleep, the other flipping through a magazine. As we sat on the tarmac then ascended into flight, I laid my head back, closed my eyes, and rested—up since 3:30 a.m., my […]

Cajun Pork Chops with Brown Sugar Buttered Apple Grapes & Fresh Mint

Cajun Pork Chops with Brown Sugar Buttered Apple Grapes & Fresh Mint

Pork never tasted so good! Like a spectacular explosion of enchanting flavors~~spicy Cajun seasoning, sweet juice grapes, caramelized apple slices and hints of mint~~you’ll licking your chops with this dish! Pork, the other white meat, juicy tender and perfect for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner~~truly, this plate will make you […]

pulled pork green chile chili

pulled pork green chile chili

My foodie friend, Nancy, who’s host of Empower Radio’s ‘The Dish’ has a motto~~’cook once, eat twice’~~that’s how this recipe came about. I’d done a pork shoulder roast and had plenty of it to go from dinner to sandwiches and now to this chili. That’s the great thing about roasts~~buy one a good size then after you cook it, if it’s all not eaten then you have endless possibilities for other dishes~~yes, total reinvention. So just put the leftover roasted meat in freezer bags, label them, and then when you’re ready to re-invent, your meat awaits you!

Thai Rocket Potato Salad & Blueberries

blueberry potato salad

Potato Salad with a new twist!  Blueberries…rocket salad or arugula and other good stuff! Who says potato salad has to be like grandma used to make!  Spread your wings, create something different, expand your palate…I admit this salad is flat out great…I know cuz I literally ate it ALL!   […]

~the louvre grilled cheese~

~the louvre grilled cheese~

There is simply nothing better than a grilled cheese sandwich. Now sometimes I like the straight forward old fashioned kind with simply cheese, and sometimes it’s got to be Velvetta or just American cheese slices. However, on occasion, my creative tendencies get the best of me, and I become the […]

Lemon Olive Oil & Sea Salt/Pepper Toastees

Sometimes the bread I make is hit or miss…for some reason, my last few loaves were very dense and ‘heavy’, so instead of tossing in the trash, I decided to slice the bread thin and make ‘toastees’ using various toppings.  These are kind of like ‘bagel crisps’ not quite as […]

~south african spiced salmon & eggs~

south african spiced salmon & eggs

My Princess Sous Chef, Rosemary,who assisted me at the World Food Championships sent me this unique spice blend from Trader Joe’s~~South African Smoke Seasoning~~now I’m sure you could find it online, but I’ve also decided that you can make it, and the mixture of spices is right here for you! […]

~sweet pepper ginger panko crusted chicken with greek tzatziki sauce~

sweet pepper ginger panko chicken

You’re gonna be so glad you gathered all these mouth-watering ingredients to marinade your chicken because, it’s worth all the effort! After the chicken breast filets float in this goodness, then it’s a simple matter of setting up your assembly line to dunk and dredge them in more tastiness. A […]

life in black and white

Come along with me as I meander the world finding interesting foods, ingredients, flavors~~and, yes, people~~I’ll snap pictures with my cell phone~~yes, faces and places that speak to me~~usually I’m not lucky  enough to have time to pull out my camera~~sometimes life only gives you a split second to make […]

Chinese Five-Spice Cookies

~chinese five-spice cookies~

The mind is a beautiful thing.  And, the way a mind or brain works especially in creative adventures in the kitchen intrigues me, especially my mind.  So, I wake up and have a hankerin’ for oatmeal cookies, but not just a plain ol’ grandma oatmeal cookie, not that there’s anything […]

My new cookbook 'ally's kitchen~a passport for adventurous palates' debuts MAY 2015! It has an entire section dedicated to some of my most boholicious spice mixtures and sauces that I'll teach you to make. And, there's a huge difference between homemade and store bought! Take a peek here at the cookbook website~~just click~

spice mixtures~adventurous palates

My new cookbook ‘ally’s kitchen~a passport for adventurous palates’ debuts MAY 2015! It has an entire section dedicated to some of my most boholicious spice mixtures and sauces that I’ll teach you to make. And, there’s a huge difference between homemade and store bought! Take a peek here at the cookbook website~~just click~

~spicy chicken bokchoy arugula soup~

Most of what I cook is sparked by what I see in my refrigerator, pantry or what’s sitting on my kitchen counter. Yes, I’m very ‘organic’ and ‘random’…I suppose that’s part of my Boho spirit…I go with what moves my soul depending upon the day, the weather, the mood, the vibes that I’m getting from how my day’s going. It’s great to be like that because, you’re always on an adventure! Now you may ask, how do I have the ingredients?

Preserved Lemons with Fresh Mint & Lemon Thyme

Preserved Lemons with Fresh Mint & Lemon Thyme

Rather than re-inventing the preserved lemon history wheel, I’m crediting Epicurious with this information that follows on the topic! I decided to create my own version of preserved lemons using the fresh mint and lemon thyme~~only a month or so, and I’ll find out how they taste!

Editor’s note: The recipe and introductory text below are excerpted from Paula Wolfert’s book Couscous and Other Good Food From Morocco. Wolfert also shared some helpful cooking tips exclusively with Epicurious, which we’ve added at the bottom of the page.

Preserved lemons, sold loose in the souks, are one of the indispensable ingredients of Moroccan cooking, used in fragrant lamb and vegetable tagines, recipes for chicken with lemons and olives , and salads. Their unique pickled taste and special silken texture cannot be duplicated with fresh lemon or lime juice, despite what some food writers have said. In Morocco they are made with a mixture of fragrant-skinned doqq and tart boussera lemons, but I have had excellent luck with American lemons from Florida and California.

salmon confit & corn medley

And you thought pre-packaged refrigerated canned biscuits were just canned biscuits? Au contraire, these nifty convenience items can be fashioned into a lot of other cool things, and whomever’s eating the dish will probably never know you started with canned biscuits! That’s the fun part of cooking~~it’s like artistry~~the ingredients can create a new canvas. So become a biscuit sculptor in your own kitchen…come up with fun new ways to design and use them…that’s what makes being a chef an artist!

Sweet Potato Cardamom Dessert Waffles

I call these ‘dessert’ waffles because I’ve decided that waffles, a beautifully elegant-looking food, have been pigeon-holed into the breakfast brunch category for way too long! They deserve to be not only desserts but entrees, too.  While I made these in my small round waffle maker, and heads up, watch […]

Southern Pecan PoundCake Waffles with Bourbon Smoky Pecans & Peaches

Southern Pecan PoundCake Waffles with Bourbon Smoky Pecans & Peaches

The ‘greatest food’ elements that define this dessert are three ingredients that are smokin’ hot Southern loves—poundcake, pecans, and peaches!  Whether you say ‘peeeeecan’ or ‘peahhcahhhn’ you’ll know that your poundcake waffle is full of the Southern favorite~~you’ll bite into the smoky pecans and juicy bourbon butter and brown sugar […]

~ras el hanut potato mashers with fresh mint~

ras el hanout potato mashers

There’s no doubt with my tastebuds that spices make eats go from good to dazzling! You can simply take any vegetable, and I’m doing potatoes here, and use just a couple of other ingredients~~yes, ras el hanut, butter, and mint~~and rocket your taste buds into the atmosphere~~hints of spiciness, warmth […]

dan gourmet flatbread

Why in the world do I call this ‘Dan Gourmet Flatbread’…well, because that’s where I learned to make this flatbread~~in Tel Aviv at the Dan Gourmet Culinary School…I’m not sure I paid enough attention because my dough didn’t raise like my fabulous Chef instructor’s did, but the end product was […]

~jamaican jerk mac n’ cheese~

jamaican Jerk mac n’ cheese

At the 2013 World Food Championships, I competed in the ‘Recipe Category’ and our ‘themed’ ingredient was pasta! We had to do two builds to make it to the Top 10~~the first a ‘signature’ recipe of our choice.  The second build, which put all contestants on the same playing field, […]

spiced & seasoned adzuki beans

~spiced & seasoned adzuki beans~

Most of ya’ll know that one of my favorite foods is beans~~most any kind of bean out there~~well, there is one bean that I just don’t care for and that’s black eyed peas…go figure, it’s so Southern, and being a Southern belle, I should think these things are the cat’s […]

~pineapple date current oatmeal cakies~

pineapple date oatmeal cakies

My barometer for cookies changes with my mood~~sometimes I want something really crunchy and crisp like these chocolate crispers…sometimes my palate’s calling for something chewy like these ginger cookies…and at other times, I just want something really salty!   Today my mood was calling for something earthy and spicy as in […]

Vintage Pumpkin Pound Cake

vintage pumpkin pound cake

Vintage recipes are as important, to me, for one’s family history and legacy as story telling, names, photos, and items and objects that are saved and passed down from one generation to another.  It’s a way of sharing with the new generations what life was like ‘back in the day’~~and, with […]

Sweet Potato Short Fries

Yes, there are ‘Short Ribs.’   How ‘bout ‘Short Fries’! The hardest part about making sweet potato fries is peeling them!  Especially, if I buy long somewhat large fat sweet potates, and that’s what I want when I’m doing fries.  Nice long fries with ninety degree angles on the cuts.  Alas, […]

fried green tomatoes

fried green tomatoes

If you’re Southern you know Fried Green Tomatoes.  You grew up on FGTs.  You proably like or even love FGTs! If you’re not Southern, I am so very very sorry.  Good news! You can become an honorary Southerner by going through a series of eating assignments, so think about it…could be fun.  […]

br’er rabbit burger

Contests are like hurricanes—with hurricanes, you can predict and prepare, but you don’t know until it strikes what really’s going to happen.  Contests take preparation galore, and you can predict what you ‘think’ your chances are, your food tasters can throw some light on what they think about what you’re […]

Cast Iron Skillet Grilled Fruit Salad

cast iron skillet grilled fruit salad

I sure hope you have a cast iron skillet that makes grilling stripes.  If you don’t, think about buying one because it’s one of the most used that I have!  And, I think you’ll have as much fun with it as I do. Cast Iron Skillet Grilled Fruit Salad…refreshing, naturally […]

Mint Cherry Ginger Goddess Drink & Lemon Cubes

Mint Cherry Ginger Goddess Drink

When it’s hotter than Hades outside, you want a drink that refreshes…you want a drink that replenishes…you want a drink that requires little work!  Think fizzy…sweet…satisfying…cool and chic! Here’s the drink for you!  I call it the ‘Goddess’ drink because when you sip, you feel like your tasting the nectars […]

dark red cherry boneless beef country-style ribs

dark red cherry boneless beef country-style ribs

This recipe is brought to you by DOLE Packaged Foods, however, all of the recipe development and creative food artistry, including the photography, is solely the work of Ally in her Kitchen.  For more information CLICK~ Cherries are packed with nuitrition~~so, how do you get all that goodness into your diet […]

boston cream whiskey banana pie

This cake has a history and a story behind it…well, actually three stories.  First of all, as a littl’ girl growing up in West Virginia, I lived in the hollers.  On usually one Saturday a month, Dad and Mom would take us kids to the ‘big city,’ the county seat, to ‘shop’ at […]

healthy fruit french toast

healthy fruit french toast

I love making my own healthy bread. You know the peasant earthy artisan kind that’s full of great grains like ground flax, whole wheat, oats, and more. There’s something connective with the earth and my spirit when I make bread. Stick with me, no, I’m not getting whacked out.  Any […]

Applesauce Coconut Cranberry Walnut Bread

This ‘Applesauce Cocnut Cranberry Walnut Bread’ is a pure form of enjoying the delicious coconut, cranberries, nuts and sweet bread without being distracted by too many competing spices…in fact, I didn’t put one spice in here, unless you consider the vanilla a spice.  You can vary the dried fruit you […]

mint pepper jelly sweet petite peas

mint pepper jelly sweet petite peas

I don’t know why we don’t eat peas more often!  After having peas done with this recipe, I KNOW we’ll be adding peas to many more meals!  The sauce I created from two ingredients is like a ‘dressing’, and with the addition of the fresh pea shoots, there’s a slight […]

New York Strip Hot Smoked Paprika Red Wine Stew

You know what happens when you go to Costco, you buy, and not just a little bit, a lot!  So, this is what happened with these New York strip steaks, I’d bought them, froze four of them, and several months later found them stuffed in the back of the freezer. […]

lemon pepper rustic farm veggies

There’s nothing more wonderful than sitting down at a big table crowded with platters and bowls full of vibrant colors of the rainbow!  There’s also nothing more beautiful than the most natural state of veggies including the wispy roots on onions and carrots, their colorful tops, and the numbs and bumps on […]

~chocolate banana buttermilk bread~

chocolate banana buttermilk bread

I call this houdini batter~~the better batter than can become just about anything you want it to be.  Need brownies?  Well, then put this batter in a square or rectangular baking pan.  Need a bundt cake?  Pull out the bundt pan and bake it. In the mood for muffins?  How […]

cardamom & cloves grilled peaches~

cardamom & cloves grilled peaches

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to create an elegant dish…and, this is one of them!  These peaches from Dole are just perfect for grilling because they thaw nicely, don’t fall apart, and are perfectly shaped.  Plus, they taste so fresh you’ll think it’s summer all year long! Now use your […]

~the big screen cooking competition~

the big screen cooking competition

This world of cooking competition is more than just the hard work of tracking down the latest and greatest contests online, creating recipes, photographing boholicious foods, submitting entries and, if you’re lucky, actually making it to a big time kitchen arena where you throw down your best against THE BEST! […]

~chocolate bundt brownie cake~

chocolate bundt brownie cake

What’s the best thing to make teenagers and little ones happy when they’re staying with you? Chocolate! And, nothing better than a chocolate bundt brownie cake. So, my sweet 16 and 17 y/o niece and nephew who live in Germany have come to visit and my 3 y/o grandson, so […]

za'atar garbanzo beans & heirloom tomatoes

za’atar garbanzo beans & heirloom tomatoes

Sometimes I create things, and I just know they’re gonna taste good.  But, SOMETIMES I create things and don’t realize they’re gonna taste WICKED good!  That’s the case with this recipe, za’atar garbanzo beans & heirloom tomatoes~I think it’s the simple fresh ingredients and also the sauteing of the garbanzo […]

~blow me away~

blow me away

Sometimes people just blow me away! Meeting spirited folks on Google+ and other social media who just adore food like I do is like having a safe deposit box full of valuables~~one of my shining friends, Mary G., is from across the pond~~she’s got a wicked sense of humor, a […]

coconut cake

coconut cake

This is a not-too-sweet moist coconut cake that gets so much of its flavoring from the healthy coconut oil~~throw in a little shredded sweet coconut, and you have a cake that’s versatile and big much tasty! I drizzled mine with chocolate ganache, so this cake was like one of my […]

~greek veal kleftiko ‘stolen meat’~

greek veal kleftiko ‘stolen meat’

I’m a sucker for intrigue with food! It just adds to the mystic, the allure, the mystery of the why! According to legend in Greece, robber’s would raid steal lamb from grazing flocks, then they’d return to their hideouts and cook the meat—it would take hours and hours because they’d […]

Sumatra Chocolate Coconut Cream Filled Sandwich Cookie

Spicy Hot Sumatran Tiger Chocomallow Locos

Originally created as an entry into the 2013 Scharffen Chocolate Contests. This cookie sammich had to have a special name.  And, because of that I went to the most creative and zany foodie friends  I know and asked for suggestions…I mean this is not just your ordinary cookie sandwich, right? […]

~creole seasoned pan seared salmon~

~creole seasoned pan seared salmon~

This is one of those carving dishes that I just had to make for me~~I was home alone (well, I did have a ‘friend’ whose photo I also took) didn’t want to spend much time cooking, wanted to enjoy it during the twilight evening hours with a chilled glass of chardonnay on […]

~fresh herb arugula penne pasta & Parmesan~

fresh herb arugula penne pasta & parmesan

This is one of those easy quick recipes that you can serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner~~it can be a side or add the sunnyside up egg and you have an full meal. Grill a piece of chicken or salmon and it’s yet another meal. The pasta is laden with […]

~i believe in god winks~

i believe in God winks

Yeah, I’m talking about getting a cookbook contract~~pretty far-fetched I thought, but let me share with you how all of this came about! Do you believe in God winks? After about three years of the website, growing the social media connections for Ally’s Kitchen, developing foodie relationships with cool folks […]

crunchy honey garlic chicken

crunchy honey garlic chicken

It’s hard to write all that makes me happy about this recipe!  I saw it posted at my foodie friends’ Facebook pages, Tiffany of ‘My Crowded Kitchen’ and Tara, from ‘Della Rose Living‘. I was immediately and inexplicably taken. Come to find out, me and 776,000 other folks who’ve clicked […]

Carrot Pineapple Coconut Cake Tartlets

I haven’t had real good luck with making a carrot cake!  The 4-layer one I made a few months ago was so dry that I had to demolish it and re-cycle it into ‘Carrot Cake Rum Balls’ which, by the way……were quite delicious as well as compellingly gorgeous—simple bite sizes […]

dill pepper jelly sauce

dill pepper jelly sauce

Making your own sauces for dishes~~whether it’s means, veggies, salads, fruits or whatever~~is just so so easy!  By combining a few ingredients, yes, you must get creative and adventurous, the essence of Boho cooking, you oftentimes wind up with something amazing!  Such is the case with this ‘dill pepper jelly […]

Lemon Coconut Cake

lemon coconut baby cake

Cakes are personal creations, I think.  While you start with a basic recipe, it’s up to the person making it to decide what it’s going to end up looking like~~is it going to be a sheet cake, a bundt cake, cupcakes, a layered cake, a cake left in a glass […]

Tagine of Pork and Greens

tagine of pork and greens

There are 3 steps to doing this ‘Tagine of Pork and Greens’~~greens, pork, tagine.  I’m laying out the recipe instructions a tad bit different giving you the ‘what to do’ right after each of the three~~so, here’s what you’ll see ‘greens’ with ingredients then instructions, then pork then tagine.  Make […]

Grana Padano Bone-In Pork Chop & Snow Peas

grana padano bone-in pork chop & snow peas

I love entering contests, and when I came upon the “Legends from Europe Contest” I knew I wanted to give it whirl!   What is Legends from Europe?  They’re makers of hams and cheeses, and here’s what they say~~’These world-class hams and cheeses look and taste different, yet have a […]

Grana Padano Caprese Eggs

Grana Padano Caprese Eggs

I love entering contests, and when I came upon the “Legends from Europe Contest” I knew I wanted to give it whirl!   What is Legends from Europe?  They’re makers of hams and cheeses, and here’s what they say~~’These world-class hams and cheeses look and taste different, yet have a […]

~al fresco summer chicken tomatoes & purple potatoes~

al fresco summer chicken tomatoes & purple potatoes

Aaahhhhhh, al fresco dining! The summer months call for this gloriously casual fare! Anyone can create and enjoy this type of temperate weather eating whether it’s a full meal or just finger treats! The key to ‘al fresco’ eating is that you’re outside—yes, you’re in the element of Mother Nature […]

~old bay cod veggie skewers~

old bay cod veggie skewers

For me one way to pack some great flavor in meats and veggies without loading up on butter and oil is to use spices! And, if you’ve jumped on my magic carpet travels over the past couple of years, you know that I love spice blends from around the world! […]

~ biscoff chocolate crumbly sticks & bites~

~ biscoff chocolate crumbly sticks & bites~

You live and learn. That’s so true when cooking. So, in this easy quick recipe, I learned that to make the slicing of the sticks and bites easier I should have lined my baking dish with parchment paper. Alas, I didn’t~~cutting them in the pan was a pain and getting […]

~date & chia grilled bread with bacon & chives~

date & chia grilled bread with bacon & chives

This is a fabulous recipe from my gal, Alice Lau, from Sydney, Australia~~it’s a slight adaptation and version of her Shanghai Spring Onion Pancakes—a popular street food in China! Alice is one of the most creative and talented foodies out there—we met on Google+, never in person—I was basically drawn […]

~weekend in warsaw~

weekend in warsaw

Warsaw, Poland~~possibly a destination that might not be on many folks’ bucket list, but it’s certainly on mine/ours. The first time we visited Warsaw was in 1994—Ben and I were backpacking in Eastern Europe, and we fell in love with this country. With a rich history and culture, Poland has […]

Chana Masala Pork & Corn Confit with Pea Sp

Chana Masala Pork & Corn Medley with Pea Sprouts

My Boho nature invades all parts of my life, not just my food~~it’s in my thinking, my living and my cooking!  What exactly is a ‘boho’ nature…well, this is my take on it~~I love adventure.  I love changing things up.  I love trying new things.  I love putting together unlikely […]

Tangine of Fresh Vegetables

~tagine of fresh vegetables~

It’s no secret that I love Middle Eastern foods~~Moroccan, Algerian, Turkish and more~~the spices, cooking ideas and cooking techniques.   Soon I will have the fabulous opportunity to learn more about Israeli foods because I’ll be one of 7 international bloggers to travel to Israel as part of Taste of […]

~paris~~my wonderings & wanderings~

paris~my wonderings & wanderings

Two of the things that I love best about traveling in Europe are the people and the bicycles!  The people in Paris enchant me as they go about their days~~it seems it’s more relaxed, life is easier. There’s more camaraderie as I see them sit at cafes, sip wine and […]

~garam masala veal & pasta~

garam masala veal & pasta

This is one of those meals that you can make in about 30 minutes and feel like you’re eating somewhere really fancy dancy! Because these veal cutlets are thin, they cook quickly, and once you’ve made the pasta, you’re just about ready to serve up something boholicious! Garam Masala is […]

~the happiness factor~

the happiness factor

I Googled this question—‘what creates happiness’? And, you know how many hits I got—over 22 million! There’s obviously a lot of people writing about happiness, what it is, how you find it, how you keep it—it’s indeed a mysterious phenomenon. As a former psychologist, who had a private practice for […]

~competitive cooking & food styling II~

competitive cooking & food styling II

I know that a lot of my foodie friends are entering the prestigious DOLE Cook-Off~~and, it was about this time last year when I was furiously creating recipes to enter, too, and one of my big concerns was, will my submitted photograph reflect the boholicious of this creation! In my […]

Champ Tips from a Dole Cook-Off Winner!

Champ Tips from a Dole Cook-Off Winner!

Entering any cooking competition is a labor of intense preparation, work and detailing.  You’re crossing your ‘Ts’ and dotting your ‘Is’ repeatedly before you hit that ‘submit’ button! Since the Dole California Cook-Off has such high stakes, the winning recipe earning that person $25,000, it’s imperative that you go into […]

~eggo southern hushpuffies~

eggo southern hushpuffies

Cooking contests bring out the best in me!  I love the thrill of the challenge~~after reading the rules carefully and knowing what the parameters are, my head starts to assimilate and go to work.  Now, most of the time, this ‘thinking’ is at the subconscious level~~and, after a few days, […]

~ally's tatoo~

~ally’s tatoo~

Whatever it takes to remember~~DO IT!  There’re only a few more weeks to get your ideas in~~I mean YOU could win!  California Cookoff is open to most everyone (check rules for who can’t enter!), and they’re looking for creative unique ways to use their products in yummmeeeee recipes~~remember, life’s about taking […]

boston sour cream cake

boston sour cream cake

Baby cakes. Yep, that’s what these sweet delectable boston sour cream cakes are!  Make one for yourself and one to give away!  It’s a Boston Cream Pie on steroids with three layers of tender cake, luscious layers of homemade brandy cream between the layers and then on top, a thick […]

~potato fennel onion tart~

potato fennel onion tart

Today Nan and I polished off the rest of this like-a-meal potato fennel onion tart~~like a lot of things, it just got better!  Popped each slice int he microwave for about 45 seconds, put a dollop of sour cream on it then perched it on a bed of fresh spinach […]

easter bunny’s hiding wwhhhat

  So you think eggs are the only thing the Easter bunny hides~~come see what’s in my basket!  Click the magic basket (left) to view 30 seconds of fun! #ad #sponsored This blog post & video  is sponsored by Dole Packaged Foods~~all of the opinions are mine. For a full disclosure […]

~oreo oatmeal nut bars~

oreo oatmeal nut bars

Sometimes I have these sneak weak chocolate attacks late at night, and I tip toe to the kitchen, turn on the pantry light, and start scouring~~now if I’m lucky enough to have something I’ve baked, awesome~~but, so many times, I give away 90% of what I bake within 24 hours, […]

ham & baby swiss on rye

ham & baby swiss on rye

Sometimes you just need a no brainer for a sandwich~~I really don’t even know why I’m making this a ‘recipe’ because it seems so simple and obvious.  So, rather than call it a recipe, let’s just say it’s an ‘eats idea’!  Total time in from start to finish might be […]

~whiskey sour lemon ciambella~

~whiskey sour lemon ciambella~

Silvia’s Cucina was my inspiration for this cake, which she calls ‘Lemon & Olive Oil Ciambella’~~ciambella is Italian for donut~~I’ve made ~ciambellini de magro~ cookies and, omg,  they’re just amazingly fabulous, so when I saw this recipe, I knew I wanted to ‘boho’ it to my needs! While Silvia dusted her […]

~asian burgers with spicy savoy cabbage slaw~

‘Hi, I’m Ally & I’m a burger addict.’   Just something about the layers of flavor from the charred and grilled meat to all the toppings you can layer on from cheeses to veggies to even fruit, for me a burger is a meal in my hands!  Now, sometimes, I […]

~dark cherry yogurt poundcake~

dark cherry yogurt poundcake

Thanks to Dole Sunshine for partnering with me for this post! I am the creator of this recipe and for the description and information that follows. For a full disclosure, click here! I was inspired to create this poundcake after attending the Dole Summit 2014.  We food bloggers, about 10 of us, had […]

~kitchen artistry & beauty~

kitchen artistry & beauty

If you’re like me, you see kitchen artistry & beauty in small things~~from a Mason jar with its ‘writing’ and glimmering shine after a good wash and dry  to an ebony well-seasoned cast iron skillet, the shapes, colors, textures and nuances of the objects just make me smile.  And, being […]

~cast iron skillet ny strip~

cast iron skillet ny strip

Not much to say about this NY Strip other than it’s dang good!  It tasted like something from a fancy steak house like Mortons or the Palm~~hummm, maybe better! It’s super easy, and the really important thing here is getting the best cut of meat your budget can afford. Not […]

~are you the next dole cookoff winner~

are you the next dole cookoff winner

Grab the attention of the culinary team at Dole Packaged Foods and you could just be the next contender for a $25,000 grand prize! Sounds kind of bizarre and outrageous winning that kind of money for a recipe, but that’s exactly what the Dole Cook Off does—it gives talented, creative […]

~butter herb garlic grilled chicken~

butter herb garlic grilled chicken

This butter her garlic grilled chicken makes for a couple of fine meals~~remember, the carcass is full of nutrition once you’ve pretty much picked the bird clean, so simmer it a while in some water, onions, carrots, celery & spices, and you’ll have an outrageously delicious broth for soups and […]

~the dole summit 2014~

the dole summit 2014

This post is brought to you by DOLE Packaged Foods, however, all of the information and writing/ideas, including the photography, are solely the work of Ally.  For more information CLICK~ It’s not often that you, a blogger, get invited to the headquarters of a major company.  It’s not common for the […]

Peach Bourbon Turkey Tenderloin Breasts

Peach Bourbon Turkey Tenderloin Breasts

This recipe is brought to you by DOLE Packaged Foods, however, all of the recipe development and creative food artistry, including the photography, is solely the work of Ally in her Kitchen.  For more information CLICK~ There’s fruit in season and then there’s fruit out of season~~and, what do you do […]

Cast Iron Skillet Mexican Pie

cast iron skillet mexican pie

Best thing about this cast iron skillet mexican pie recipe is that it’s EZ and you can use a bunch of leftovers and less than ‘pretty’ picture-perfect ingredients~~like chicken and shriveling bruised tomatoes, maybe some drying out or dried out tortillas. Plus, some canned beans, or leftover beans if you’d […]

Cayenne Spiced Oatmeal Chocolate Cakies

Cayenne Spiced Oatmeal Chocolate Cakies

What happens when you fix a huge pot of oatmeal, everyone eats, and there’s still a bunch left over?  No way could I throw it out.  I thought about an oatmeal pudding~~but, that sounded kinda hokey to me, and I didn’t think it’s be appealing to teenagers.  Then I thought […]

boho beef bourguignon

boho beef bourguignon

Funny how you get inspired to do a dish.  Since we’re having dinner guests tonight, since I had about a 2 1/2 pound chuck roast, since I didn’t want to do ‘just’ a country roast with veggies…I needed inspiration.  Enter my friend, Chris, who’s website is The Cafe Sucre Farina.  […]

~bison puttenesca meatballs & linguine~

~bison puttenesca meatballs & linguine~

So what do you do when you want a good tasting meatball, but you don’t want to use beef, and you have dinner guests who don’t eat red beef or pork?  Well, for me, I turned to bison then added turkey pepperoni for some added flavor.  Now I’m not a […]

~matsuhisa dining~chefs extraordinaire

matsuhisa dining chefs extraordinaire

There are experiences in life that qualify as pretty darn phenomenal~~for guys, maybe it would be having ringside tickets to the heavy weight championship of the world, box seats at the Super Bowl, or maybe saying ‘start your engines!’ for Nascar at the Daytona 500!  For us girls, it probably […]

~boho scavenging & bingo finds~

boho scavenging & bingo finds

Sometimes you never know what you’re going to get when the stars line up and the force of luck is with you. Yeah, I’m talking about  boho scavenging & bingo finds! So much of my food styling finds have come from unlikely places~~trash piles, discarded objects on a curb just […]

~red chard pomegranate & currant salad~

red chard pomegranate & currant salad

One healthy salad this is!  And, the flavors and textures are like a small marching band on your palate~~you have the creaminess of the pine nut, the sweetness of the currant and then the bubble wrap juicy pop of the pomegranate seeds.  Using the red chard gives this salad an […]

whiskey smoked cowboy chili

When we’re  in Colorado in the winter, there’s nothing better than chili!  The grandkids come off the slopes after a big day of skiing and snowboarding and are ravenously hungry. It’s always good to have something hot on the stove and sweets and fruit on the kitchen counter. I love […]

~old bay tater skin crispies~

old bay tater skin crispies

So I was making twice baked potatoes for the family. I’d baked 8 very large Russet potatoes, scooped out the insides, did my thing with adding the other ingredients for re-filling into the skin shells.  For some reason I ended up with 4 half shells unfilled!  Go figure~~maybe I overstuffed […]

2013~~Highlights of a Lucky Year

2013~~Highlights of a Lucky Year

~~Remembering 2013~~ ~~Some of the Best Ally’s Kitchen’s Chest Bump Moments~~ ~~And this is just a sampling~~ Taste of Israel ~~ Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my cooking and culinary passion would take me to the Holy Land as one of 7 international bloggers invited as guests […]

Chicken Italian Herb & Veggie Noodle Soup

~~egg noodle chicken soup~~

I like my soup chunky.  I like my soup fresh.  I like my soup creamy.  I like my soup with al dente veggies.  I love soup with chicken!  This soup is right up my alley (tsk tsk)! There’s something about adding the wine to the soup and infusing hints of […]

Hamburger Bun Baby Pizza

Hamburger Bun Baby Pizza

Hamburger buns are not just for hamburgers!  I reckon you could call this a pizza burger or a yummmeeee salad on a bun.  One of the things I love about this kind of idea is that it’s dang quick, it’s beautiful, it’s delicious, and it’s healthy!  The additional broiling of […]

Pizza Grilled Cheese with Pepperoni and Shredded Cheeses

Uncle!  Admittedly, this is not a complicated nor insanely creative recipe, but give me a break because it’s fabulously delicious! The saltiness of the cheeses, the creaminess of the butter and then the pizzazz taste of the pepperoni~~you will not disappoint he or she who dives into it.   I […]

Old Bay Green Beans

old bay green beans

Green beans seem to find their way on many holiday tables. Not sure why, but probably one of the most popular recipes is the one with mushroom soup and crispy onion topping. You know which one I’m talking about. It’s probably one of the most served green bean casserole dishes […]

~~holiday boho gifting~~

holiday boho gifting

So many of us girls love the whimsical, natural, unconventional and carefree look, feel and taste of ‘Boho’~~a lot of retailers, like Anthropologie and World Market, have a strong tendency towards the styling flair~~from clothing to entertaining to jewelry and accessories, a Boho look is just really easy to have […]

Preacher Cookies

Preacher Cookies

I remember growing up as a little girl in Southern West Virginia and on good weather Saturday mornings after we cleaned our postage stamp size house, my two sisters and I would head to up the street to Cathy’s house to help her with her chores, so she could get […]

cocoa espresso babovka

Traditional Bábovka is kind of alike a coffee cake, rich with eggs and chopped blanched almonds and baked in a round pan with a hole in the center. This feather-light delicacy is served with hot coffee for the Easter Sunday feast in Czechoslovakia.  I have a wonderful friend, Natasa, who has […]

Gifts for the Passionate Home Cook ***hint hint***

gifts for the passionate home cook

OK, I admit, I have a ulterior motive  for writing this blog, and I’m hopeful that those who like to give you and me gifts~~hint hint family, kids, friends…birthdays and Christmas~~read it! If you’re like me, you may cycle cooking tools and kitchen stuff from pots and pans to plates, […]

Moroccan Meatballs & Lemon Pepper Angel Hair Pasta

moroccan meatballs

Probably one of my most favorite types of foods would be those that are considered ‘Middle Eastern’. I just love the spices whether you’re thinking Morocco, Israel, Tunisia or other areas in the Middle East.  I’ve created so many recipes using these spices, and this particular recipe was developed during […]

Jamaican Jerk Spiced Crispy Chicken

jamaican jerk spiced crispy chicken

How much work goes into trying to create a favorite ‘fast food’ brand dish?  Well, a lot, and I’m still working.  But, this chicken is worth of being it’s own brand~~nonetheless, I’m going to continue in my lab try to replicate…yes, read on~~ I love the fast food brand Chick […]

Caribbean Tagliatelle with Pan Seared Scallops

Caribbean Tagliatelle with Pan Seared Scallops

Preparing for the World Food Championships meant months of recipe artistry~~hours of thinking consciously and unnumbered hours of thinking subconsciously!  Not to mention hours of work in the kitchen and lotsa money spent on ingredients! This dish was one of those many pasta creations, since ‘pasta’ was the theme ingredient […]

~~ally & key ring app~~

ally & key ring app

It’s the #1 shopping app downloaded.  It’s one of the Top 25 apps at the Google PlayStore.  As of this posting there are 9 million users. There are 6-26k downloads daily!  It makes your life easier~~it removes the clutter from your key ring~~it’s ‘Key Ring App’!  I’ve not real tech […]

~~ally & ATOD Magazine~~

ally & ATOD Magazine

Dawn Garcia is one feisty spit fire get-it-done gal, and that’s the kind of person I just love to watch soar in life~~she’s brimming with great ideas, and many of these come to fruition like her ATOD Magazine, which all started with a dare!  Her imagination for life makes me […]

~~healthy holiday giving~~

healthy holiday giving

Each Christmas I try to have a ‘theme’ for giving to family and friends~~last year, for my three grown adult boys, it was the creation of ‘Legacy Boxes’~~each got three, really attractive hip looking {you know the Pottery Barn or IKEA look} boxes that I had lovingly spent time filling […]

Leek Potato & Roasted Pepper Soup

Leek Potato & Roasted Pepper Soup

When the weather out side is frightful, then homemade soup is so delightful!  Let it rain! Let it snow!  Let it go!  Soups’s on!  And, that exactly what’s happening as I make this boholicious ‘Leek Potato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup’!  The red peppers give the soup just a tad […]

Bourbon Chocolate & Pomegranate Cake YummmeeZ

Bourbon Chocolate & Pomegranate Cake YummmeeZ

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are always the best when cooking and when creating new recipes~~since it’s pomegranate season, I’m creating a windstorm of recipes that use this delectable fruit.  In fact, one of my recipes just won the Stiebs Pomegranate Contest~~I thought why not have these littl’ bursts of bubble […]

The Senior PROMegranate Grilled Cheese

pomegranate grilled cheese

Recipe creation is a major form of creativity~~brain power~~a combination of right and left brain and then the emotions and feelings that are settled somewhere in the mind.  It’s no different than song writers, artists, dancers, sculptors and other forms of beautiful creation! When I go into my recipe artistry, […]

Lemon Fresh Herb Pudding Cake

Lemon Fresh Herb Pudding Cake

If you like ‘pudding’ breads and you dig lemon and some fresh herbs, then you’ll really dig this loaf bread!  It’s got a dense moist center, notice the subtle ‘sag’ in the center of the loaf, but that’s where the really good stuff is…like the sweet spot or the pulley […]

Sweet Pepper Relish BBQ Pork

sweet pepper relish bbq pork

If you follow me on my website, you know that I’m a Bohemian cook, and I love to explore new spices~~it lets me travel the world without even leaving my kitchen!  You can do it, too~~I’m telling you, it’s fun, and you realize that the world is connected by one […]

Pomegranate Coleslaw

Pomegranate Coleslaw

When I was a guest of Taste of Israel to the Holy Land for a culinary and cultural adventure, I was intrigued and fascinated by the Jerusalem Market~~the fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, flowers, meats, pastries, breads, cheeses, wines and more were abundant!  One thing that I realized was that […]

Oatmeal Nut Sea Salt Chewies

oatmeal nut sea salt chewies

Rather than just slicing and baking this blue tube of sugar cookie dough that was lurking in my refrigerator~~I mean how in the world did it get there ***tsk tsk*** {blame the Pillsbury Bake Off competition, which, by the way, I never made it past the entry level of competition […]

Holiday Rockin' Recipes~~A Baker's Dozen + 1

Holiday Rockin’ Recipes~~A Baker’s Dozen + 1

We’re all looking for new recipes during the holidays~~with time limited, you certainly don’t want to do the intergalactic search for recipes online, so I’m going to make it a tad bit easier for you!  These are some of my favorites and ones that I’ve oftentimes served at my table […]

Shakshuka~~Taste of Israel


I had the amazing pleasure of eating my very first shakshouka in Israel as a guest of Taste of Israel and Stand with Us.  I knew when I got home, I was going to love making this boholicious dish~~I mean it’s just so me!   So, I created a double duty tomato sauce […]

Just the Two of Us—And All the Fixins!

Just the Two of Us—The Changing Face of Holidays

This post is brought to you by Target, however, all the opinions & thoughts are ally’s~~follow along with #MyKindofHoliday #mkoh About 5 years ago, I started doing yoga.  I had this bummer L4 & L5 and didn’t want back surgery, so I sought some alternative modes of treatment including taking […]

Caprese Soup

Caprese Soup

This Caprese Soup is so stinkin’ good!  Thick, rich, creamy and fresh~~yes, fresh heirloom tomatoes, and if you can’t find them, or if they’re way to pricey, then substitute Roma tomatoes.  Now my heirlooms were left over from the World Food Championships~~I used them in my third round of competition […]

Las Vegas Baggage Claim~~Where's Ally?

Las Vegas Baggage Claim~~Where’s Ally?

You just never know where you’ll show up in this digital age of living!  First the Wall Street Journal.  Now the Las Vegas Airport Baggage Claim with  my  Doleiciousness~~this magic carpet ride through life is mesmerizing and surreal~~please don’t wake me, and, remember, this allyism~~ ‘dreams are not silenced by […]

world food championships~~streams of consciousness

world food championships~~streams of consciousness

Not sure where to start sharing with you about this 2013 WFC competition—I think I’ll just do some streams of consciousness and illuminate random thoughts for you—maybe it’ll make sense, no there’s no sequence or order—it’s just letting you have a seat in the balcony of my brain—and listening to […]

The Daily Buzz~~Ally & Lance & Meatballs!

So the World Food Championships brings together home cooks and professionals for several days of wickedly wild cooking!  I talked about this opportunity with Lance on the nationally-syndicated news/entertainment show, The Daily Buzz~~just click to watch my 3 minutes of magic meatballs, Dole and WFC! 

World Food Championships~~PregamePOP!

World Food Championships~~PregamePOP!

Nothing like working with a group of energetic, talented and creative young foodie women to get things going in Vegas!  A huge shout out goes to Christie from Zestuous, Heather from Basilmomma, and Julie Biederman Hession who’ve worked on this event.  The World Food Championships are literally around the corner, […]

Chardonnay Raspberry Spicy BBQ

Chardonnay Raspberry Spicy BBQ

This recipe is brought to you by DOLE Packaged Foods, however, all of the recipe development and creative food artistry, including the photography, is solely the work of Ally in her Kitchen.  For more information CLICK~ So many of my recipe and ingredient creations come from a subconscious spinning of my […]

The Language of Food in Israel

The Language of Food in Israel

When I learned I was going to Israel as one of seven international guest bloggers invited by Taste of Israel and Stand With Us, I had no idea what to expect with food.  Oh, yes, I knew some dishes like hummus (which I pronounced ‘hum-us’ and only to find out […]

World Food Championships Training Tips~~Packing & Playing

Oh, yeah, it’s getting closer and closer~~there’s a combination of exhilaration and angst—nagging ‘anxiety’ of the unknown…pumped excitement for the known! A lot of luggage and boxes are going to be packed.  Boxes and luggage containing all the secret weapons for creating the killer dishes of competitors in each of […]

Pumpkin Pineapple Ginger Tart

pumpkin pineapple ginger tart

Nothing makes me happier than a good pumpkin ‘pie’~~I’ve been know to eat an entire pie over the course of 2-3 days!  This ‘Pumpkin Pineapple Ginger Tart’ puts a new twist on an old favorite. The crust has a sweet ginger flavor and some subtle crunch in it. The addition […]

Taste of Israel~~The People Behind It

the people taste of israel

So, what is Taste of Israel—who’s behind it, why do they do it, what does it involve, how is it done, how do you become part of it?  Wow, good questions that I had, too, and ones that I know a little more about now after my about 104 hours […]

Greek Yogurt Chocolate Cream of Wheat

Greek Yogurt Chocolate Cream of Wheat

When I get the opportunity to taste test others’ creations, I feel special.  Valor Chocolate has this chocolate thingee figured out~~I mean they’re been in business since 1881~~and, their website chronicles the story of Valor over the decades as well as the process in making this luscious chocolate.  They sent me […]

Butternut Squash & Corn Whole Wheat Pasta

butternut squash & corn pasta

This dish makes me think of Fall, Thanksgiving, and American Indians!  It’s filled with beautiful colors reflective of fall leaves turning~~the maize, or corn, makes me know how resourceful and industrious the American Indians were in helping the first settlers who came to America.  And, the butternut squash just means […]

14 seconds of pure ecstasy~~

Shakshouka~~one of my most favorite things I tasted in Israel~~not sure why~~maybe it was the ambiance, maybe the dipping, maybe the smell of the marketplace, the amazing people I was with, maybe all of these things and more~~whatever it was, I’m making it and creating my own ‘boho’ version~~isn’t that […]

Taste of Israel~~104 Hours to Fall in Love~~

104 hours to fall in love

Life is so full of the unexpected, beautiful amazing things, if you’ll just let yourself be open.  Sometimes that’s tough because as humans we kind of like our predictability, our routines, our status quo and circle of life that’s comfortable. When I first got the invitation to be part of […]

Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird Cake

The Fall 2013 issue of the Grand Strand Magazine is called the ‘Food & Wine’ special edition.  I’m featured as the Grand Strand personality (it’s a cool article!), and there were local female chefs featured, amazing gals, as well as some of the best dessert recipes I’ve ever seen.  Some […]

Shrimp Corn Dill Salad

Shrimp Corn Dill Salad

Dill is one of my favorite fresh herbs~~there are so many uses for it beyond pickles as in ‘dill’ pickles! I eveb use it to make things like seasoned butter.  It adds a nice twist to the shrimp salad~~a tad of tart and sharp that can be unexpected.   Another […]

Sweet & Smoky Hibachi Peach Pork BBQ

Sweet & Smoky Hibachi Peach Pork BBQ

Pork…Southern.  Peaches…Southern.  BBQ…Southern.  Sweet & Smoky Hibachi seasoning…welcome to being Southern!  Take a bone-in pork loin roast, let it just bathe in some really nice seasoning and juices in a low temperature oven for several hours, and what you have is the beginnings of a fabulous chopped pork BBQ! I […]

grand strand magazine & ally~~

grand strand magazine & ally

When I knew I was one of the three regional winners for the 2013 Dole California Cook Off, I shared this excitement and honor on Facebook.  Making a trip to Santa Monica, CA to compete was a long way from South Carolina, but little did I know it would reunite me […]

Orange Almond Wedding Cookies

Orange Almond Wedding Cookies

These ‘Orange Almond Wedding Cookies’ look like little dollops of ice cream!  Once you bite into the buttery goodness, you know you’re tasting something that could well be addictive~~they’re almost bite size~~unless you want to be dainty and make two bites out of them~~and, they have the subtle hint of […]

Vintage Buttermilk Sugar Waffles

vintage buttermilk sugar waffles

Mom was the best cook ever. Gosh, I learned so much from her as she worked in our postage stamp size kitchen. Like most home cooks living in the hollers of WV in the 1950s and 1960s, our kitchens were basic, not a lot of gadgets and gizmoes. It was […]

Barney Rubble Burger

Barney Rubble Burger

When Ben and I lived in Boston until about 2011, my dear girlfriend, Reagan, and I had an affinity for finding the best burgers in Boston~~so, we started the ‘Traveling Food Tribe’~~looking for the best burgers in Boston!  Tough job, huh?  Oh, what fun we had critiquing the burgers and […]

Buttermilk Crunchy Spicy Herb Chicken Breasts

buttermilk crunchy spicy herb chicken breasts

The technique for cooking this chicken and getting the crunch involves two steps~~first you have to flash fry for a few minutes to mold the outter crust, then you let the chicken slow cook in the oven to get the juicy tender inside completely done.  Another thing to consider when […]

Salmon Salad with Mint Pepper Jelly Peas

Salmon Salad with Mint Pepper Jelly Peas

For busy families, cooking is all about having time, enough time, to prepare a great meal.  The key to making that easier is cooking more of something when you’re first preparing it, and then have leftovers (or set the extra aside) to re-invent the ‘whatever’ into something else!  You know […]

Willy Wonka Chocolate Graham Cracker Nut Bars

Willy Wonka Chocolate Graham Cracker Nut Bars

There are times in my life when I get these attacks~~as in chocolate attacks~~it’s like my body craves the rich taste of this aphrodisiac taste!  Now I wasn’t in the mood for just smooth creamy chocolate~~I wanted it combined with chewiness, crunch, nuttiness, and, yes, saltiness.  So, the genesis of […]

Taste of Israel

Taste of Israel~~Eat. Meet. Explore.

Imagine the exhilaration when I opened my email one hot August morning while I was traveling and saw this email from Israel!  Who was emailing me and why.  I mean I was like ‘what’s this?’  Spam?  Well, I read on, and I was blown away~~I was honored~~I was dancing and […]

World Food Championships Training Tips—Planning

World Food Championships Training Tips—Planning

It’s about two months until the World Food Championships in Las Vegas.  Like any other competitive even, there’s training involved.  That may sound quirky for a culinary or cooking competition, but there’s more to this event than just firing up your grill and smackin’ down some good eats! Over the […]

world food championships 2013

world food championships 2013

I’ve qualified for the 2013 World Food Championships!  This is not easy~~after entering many cooking contests, I won the BIG one~~the Dole California Cook-Off~~not chump change~~tweeeennnnteeee five thousand dollars!  Sooooooooooooooo, this means that I’m heading to WFC in Las Vegas to compete in the ‘Recipe’ category! You have no idea […]

~a birthday party~

a birthday party

Sometimes the best parties and especially a birthday party are the parties that have just a handful of people~~and, in this case, it was four of us!  My big sis, whom I call ‘Ducky’ {and there’s a whole story behind that~~she calls me ‘Duckina’!)~~turned a young 60-something, so I wanted to […]

Chocolate Whipped Crème Filled Tart Cake

Chocolate Whipped Crème Filled Tart Cake

When my boys were growing up, birthdays were always a big deal.  Not like many of today’s kids’ birthdays where complete entourages of clowns, horses, or entertainers are brought in and there’s a location destination.  No, these were birthday parties that were ‘themed’~~the kind where I went to the Dollar […]

Mandarin Orange Lamb Chops

mandarin lamb chops

This recipe is brought to you by DOLE Packaged Foods, however, all of the recipe development and creative food artistry, including the photography, is solely the work of Ally in her Kitchen.  For more information CLICK~ Ever since returning from the DOLE California Cook-Off ***hummm, who won? Click and see**** I’ve been obsessed […]

Moroccan Grilled Chicken Breast

~moroccan grilled chicken breast~

The aromatics of the spices in this Moroccan Grilled Chicken are intoxicating!  I just love Harissa and Ras el Hanout~~and, if you follow my Bohemian Bold cooking, thinking and living, you know that the way I spice up food lets your palate travel the globe finding unique and titillating flavors […]

oatmeal almond chewies

oatmeal almond chewies

After winning the ‘Voters Choice’ in Sara Moulton’s ‘Locavore’ contest, I got not only a set of awesome copper clad cookware, but Sara sent me her three cookbooks all personally signed!  There are so many fabulous recipes, I just decided to fan through  and stop where it stopped~~and, it just […]

Herb Fruit & Lime Chicken Salad

Herb Fruit & Lime Chicken Salad

I just can’t say enough about the value of a rotisserie chicken from a grocery store deli, Costco, Sam’s Club or any other place you might pick one up!  For a small family of four, it can sometimes be two maybe three meals, however, for a couple of folks, like […]

Paint Cans

paint cans

I’m the kinda person who lives and operates with lots of spontaneity.  It can be as simple as going to put a book back on the book shelf, noticing say something dusty, and spending the next few hours tearing apart the bookshelves, cleaning, re-arranging and re-designing.  Maybe that’s called getting […]

Orange Marmalade Spicy Soy Sauce

Orange Marmalade Spicy Mahogany Sauce

Making sauces is a great way to get rid of little bits of this and that!  And, that’s just what I did with this sauce~~rather than throwing out a dab of ketchup  or just a tad of rice vinegar, I decided these small amounts would be perfection in a sauce! […]

boho dining whevever

The end of summer signals the ushering in of Fall, and likewise the ending of winter brings on Spring, so you may say ‘what’s so big about that?’  “Duhhhh Ally, change of seasons.,,hello, been going on forevvvvahhhh!”  Well, not so quick~~that means I’m totally ready for a change of venue […]

sweet ginger sockeye salmon

sweet ginger sockeye salmon

There’s just no way to say ‘there’s not time to cook healthy’ with this dish!  Most all types of seafood are really easy and quick and make delicious meals with little or no effort, especially when you’re pan searing.  This ‘Sweet Ginger Sockeye Salmon’ was served with ‘Mint Peas’ and […]

Vanilla Bean Sweet Butter

Vanilla Bean Sweet Butter

Confession Time~~I love butter!  As a kid, probably about the age of 3 or 4, I’d sneak into the kitchen, open the retro refrigerator, grab a stick of butter, peel back the paper and eat it like a push up!  Of course, I’d run into the back yard, find a […]

Lemon Cottage Cheesecake

Lemon Cottage Cheesecake

This cheesecake is a variation of my Croatian Mom’s wonderful cheesecake she used to make us when I was growing up.  The key ingredient, cottage cheese, was used because it was cheaper and more readily available than creamed cheese, mascarpone, or ricotta cheese, plus cottage cheese is used in many […]

Smoked Corn on the Cob with Herbs

~smoked corn on the cob with herbs~

Nothin’ better than fresh corn on the cob ~~ my two favorite types of corn are Silver Queen and Olathe Sweet ~~ so, when I’m in South Carolina I get my SQ fix, and vice versa when I’m in Colorado in the summer!  Both are exceptional, and one of the […]

Antipasta Starter

antipasti starter

Italians love their antipasti trays, and I’m loving them more and more, too!  They’re just so easy.  So for a small dinner party with four very good friends, Ben and I, well, I really, decided we’d ditch salads and go Italian!  Since we were also having lasagna, it carried through […]

Sweet Ginger Sugar Pea Pods

Sweet Ginger Sugar Pea Pods

When you get really fresh farmers’ market sugar pea pods, you can eat them raw, and it’s like eating sweet candy!  Cooking them ever so gently and with a few spices and a little something extra, cherry tomatoes, makes the sugars and flavors burst forth!  While we might think this […]

Ally’s Head—Declaring Me!

hippie chic

We all have our own signature personalities, styles and persuasions.  Whether we realize it or not, it’s there, and it’s probably good to be aware of what you’re letting others know about you.  I’ve had so many friends comment on and ask me about my headgear and headwear that I […]

Rhubarb Raspberry Lemon Mint Sauce

Rhubarb Raspberry Lemon Mint Sauce

My cool husband is SO SO SO supportive of all of my cooking, competing and culinary shenanigans~~in this world of food, it’s important to have the spouse on board!  He loves to try things, always gives his brutally honest opinion, has joined me in a cooking class (in Italy, and […]

Amalfi Coffee Chocolate Raspberry Sauce

Amalfi Coffee Chocolate Raspberry Sauce

If you’ve never visited ‘Coffee on the Porch-Camden, Maine‘ then you don’t have to go any further than Facebook!  Here you’ll find a down-home entrepreneur, Dan, who started his business with a passion for a really good cuppah coffee.  Now, if you’re a java lover and somewhat of a coffee […]

Trail Mix Sweet Potato & Pineapple Cheesecake

Trail Mix Sweet Potato & Pineapple Cheesecake

I’m convinced you can make just about anything into a cheesecake!  This ‘trail mix sweet potato & pineapple cheesecake’ is a perfect example! It’s like a sweet potato pie with a crunchy crust, then you add the depth of the pineapple juice and top it off with the fig sauce, […]

Pineapple Fig Drizzle Sauce

Pineapple Fig Drizzle Sauce

Nothing finishes off a dish like a glaze or sauce, and this sauce is just so dang simple and easy that you’ll want to keep it on hand to use on everything from grilled pork chops and chicken to ice cream!  If you want to give it a kick, add […]

Smoked Charred Corn on the Cob

Smoked Charred Corn on the Cob

Olathe, Colorado is probably best know for its sweet corn~~this is not just any sweet corn! Yes, I’ve had Silver Queen~~mighty good~~and, as a devoted Southern girl, it’s hard for me to say there’s anything that beats the queen of corn.  But, I must say, Olathe Sweet Corn is off […]

Staying Young~~Is There a Secret to This? You Might Try This~~

Staying Young~~Is There a Secret? You Might Try This~~

Ponce de Leon searched for the fountain of youth.  Dr. Oz gives tips and tricks daily for staying young.  Regenerative medicine is a new field of medical study that’s gaining momentum and immense popularity.  No doubt, baby boomers are forging a different landscape for staying young—they’re not following the pattern […]

Buttermilk Blueberry Scookies

buttermilk blueberry scookies

You may wonder—what’s a ‘scookie’?  It’s a new word I’ve created for this recipe because I started it out thinking I was making scones, but they ended up looking like a big fat yummy cookie, so they’ve become a ‘scookie’! These scookies are moist with a little touch of crunch—a […]

Grilled Mango & Raspberry Mint Crostini

grilled mango & raspberry mint crostini

Gotta love Wikipedia! Crostini (meaning “little toasts” in Italian) are an Italian appetizer consisting of small slices of grilled or toasted bread and toppings. The toppings may include a variety of different cheeses, meats, and vegetables, or may be presented more simply with a brush of olive oil and herbs or a sauce. Crostini are typically made using French or Italian baguettes and are often served […]

Cumin & Ancho Chili Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob

Cumin & Ancho Chili Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob

I once was in a corn-on-the-cob eating contest with Daddy Howard, my father-in-law~~we both chowed down~~he beat me.  I finished off 13 ears, as I best recall.  I think he did 14 or 15 ears!  What fun that was…our faces were full of kernels and corn milk, and we both […]

Grilled Fruit Sourdough French Toast

grilled sourdough french toast

Sometimes I just go to my kitchen and play ‘I spy!’  I’ll scan the kitchen counters for what looks good and what I might be in the mood for.  Today I spied some fresh peaches on the counter and a loaf of sliced homemade (well, homemade from Whole Foods) sourdough […]

Linguine with Fresh Clam Sauce

linguine & fresh clam sauce

I love holidays when family all gathers, and our family, 5 children, 5 and soon-to-be six grandchildren is one big clan when about half of us get together.  These days it’s really rare and difficult for everyone to be in the same place…you know the geographic and ‘life’ constraints of […]

Wall Street Journal~~My Debut!

Bucket list things are always fun to create~~I mean all you do is dream and shoot for the moon!  And, even if you don’t make it, you just might land among the stars!  One of my bucket listers was to be in a major newspaper for something good I’d done~~not […]

Grill a Winner from the DOLE California Cook Off!

Grill a Winner from the DOLE California Cook Off!

Probably the best things about competitive cooking and making it to these events whether as a viewer, contestant, judge, or just visitor is meeting the people!  And, I had the great fortune of commiserating for four days with foodies who share the same insane passion as I for FOOD!  And, […]

harissa veal meatball fruit kabobs

harissa veal meatball fruit kabobs

This recipe was the Midas Touch! It won me 25k! My feet still haven’t touched the ground! The reality of it hasn’t sunk in! The thrill of all of this amazing contest competition is exhilarating, and you run on steam that you never thought you had!  I created this recipe […]

July 4th Smack Down Great DESSERT Recipes!

July 4th Smack Down Great DESSERT Recipes!

Fourth of July means family, friends, parades, fireworks, and tons of activities from camping, boating, and swimming to jet-skiing, picnicking and beaching!  And, nothing says July 4th more than FOOD!  Oh, yeah, there are the standard dishes that are on most tables~~hot dogs, burgers, ribs, baked beans, corn on the […]

Roasted Creamy Spicy Root Soup

Roasted Creamy Spicy Root Soup

I’ve never really spent a lot of time cooking with parsnips~~it’s pretty cool that parsnips date back to the Roman times and that they were once used as a sweetner in Europe before cane sugar got there!  Parsnips are high in vitamins and potassium, and since I’ve been having some […]

Rodelle Angel Food Cupcakes with ‘Warm Bourbon Strawberry Sauce & Cacao Nibs’

Angel Food Cupcakes Bourbon Strawberry Sauce & Cacao Nibs

My friends at Rodelle Vanilla always have the most enticing fabulous recipes on their website, and I’m particularly interested in the desserts!  So, I spied one that just spoke to me!  Yes, it said ‘Ally, you have to make me…really don’t be scared, you can do it…I’m not that complicated!’ […]

July 4th Smack Down Great Recipes!

July 4th Smack Down Great Recipes!

Fourth of July means family, friends, parades, fireworks, and tons of activities from camping, boating, and swimming to jet-skiing, picnicking and beaching!  And, nothing says July 4th more than FOOD!  Oh, yeah, there are the standard dishes that are on most tables~~hot dogs, burgers, ribs, baked beans, corn on the […]

DOLE Cook-Off~~Eastern Region Finalist

DOLE Cook-Off~~Eastern Region Finalist

I’m dancing. I’m twirling, I’m doing back flips and head stands!  Well, the latter two, if I could!  I’ve been selected as the Eastern Region Finalist in the 2013 Dole Cook-Off.  Now this is not a bush league contest~~it’s highly competitive, rigorous and the guidelines for the recipe creations were a […]

Cumin-Infused Pan Seared Chicken with Fresh Tomatoes & Olives

cumin infused pan seared chicken

Cumin is one of my favorite spices~~it’s surprisingly a member of the parsley family!  Native from the eastern Mediterranean to India, this spice is used in many cuisines of different cultures.  It’s also found in many of my favorite spice blends like Ras el Hanut, and it’s one of the […]

My Roots~~After Nearly 100 Years~~

my roots: a century later

The First 5 Piccolo Chapters~Read On Chapter Six~~The Village of Disnik It’s strange how mistakes, wrong turns, and blunders can turn out to be exactly right—I mean at the time you don’t know it, but it sometimes happens that way.  We’d followed our directions, we thought, to a tee and […]

Spicy Greek French Fries

Spicy Greek French Fries

I can eat my weight in these fries!  They’ve got kick and flavor not normally tasted in a french fry!  Don’t be stingy with the sea salt~~it intensifies those flavors!  The Greek Mediterranean seasoning opens up new tastebud sites when you bite into that fry and make you think you’re […]

Bourbon & Brown Sugar Chuck Roast

bourbon & brown sugar chuck roast

Chuck roasts are usually cheaper cuts of beef with more fat marbleing. They’re usually not as tender unless you work your magic when cooking it!  Now the thing I totally LOVE about a chuck roast or ‘stringy beef’ as we also call it is that it cooks slow and low, and it […]

Southern Eggs Collards & Thick Smoked Bacon

southern collards eggs & bacon

Eggs!  The quintessential wonderful food~~so versatile, so healthy, so delicious, so easy to prepare and it makes anything  just taste better because of its simple richness!  In the America’s South now we love our collards~~not only super healthy, these greens can even be for breakfast, so pairing some sauteed spicy […]

My Roots~~Finding Family in Croatia

my roots: searching croatia

Wearing my Oz red shoes and riding on my magic carpet, I had a real-life fairy-tale! Like a Nicholas Sparks’ novel, a Lifetime movie or, better yet, the movie, Pretty Woman’ {“I want the dream!}, this sojourn could not have been scripted any more perfectly~~it was probably ‘in the stars’…destined […]

Traveling. Black & White. Capturing Priceless People.

Traveling. Black & White. Capturing Priceless People.

One of my most favorite past times when traveling is to watch people~~whether I’m sitting on a park bench, strolling  on the street, sitting at a sidewalk cafe, eating in a restaurant, shopping in a retail store, waiting in line wherever, being part of a tour group, or really most […]

boho summer picnics

boho picnic sandwiches

Spring and Summer seems just the perfect time to grab a big blanket or beach towel, even a table cloth, pack up some sandwiches, chips, pickles and drinks and have a picnic! Whether you’re doing this on the balcony deck of your high-rise condo, while camping in the backcountry, stopping […]

Tuscan Pan Grilled Farmers Market Veggies

Tuscan Pan Grilled Farmers Market Veggies

Our travels in Tuscany led us one day to Montevarchi to the Thursday outdoor market~~from clothing to food to cheese, fish, trinkets and veggies, there was more than I could imagine.  The vegetables were the most amazing!!  They looked like they’d just been brought from the fields or orchards with […]

Stumble Upon~~Poggio Del Chianti

Stumble Upon~~Poggio Del Chianti

Sometimes the best times are those you stumble upon—those that aren’t planned—those that are spontaneous!  That’s the way Ben and I love to travel—while we have an overall plan and agenda, we leave lots of room for impulse.  And, this is just what happened today when Ben and I decided […]

Tuscan Baby Yukon Golds with Pecorino Rosemary & Parsley

Tuscan Baby Yukon Golds with Pecorino Rosemary & Parsley

I call these ‘Tuscan’ potatoes because I’m in Tuscany, in a small villa with a very limited kitchen and virtually no spices other than sea salt and pepper.  Now outside the villa is a small garden, which, like Br’er Rabbit, I’ve gone into and raided!  There’s gorgeous basil, rosemary, spring […]

Balsamic Basil Pan Seared Chicken

Balsamic Basil Pan Seared Chicken

Our days in Tuscany in the Chianti area have been marked with a huge meal in the middle of the day at a fabulous restaurant somewhere in one of the many medieval villages that are sprinkled only a few miles apart.  When we return back to villa, we have yet another glass […]

Butcher Shop Haven~~Marcelleria Falorni

Butcher Shop Bliss~~Marcelleria Falorni

My nomad Boho nature is the drive that fuels me to travel, explore & take risks~~there’s so much out there in our big  enticingworld, and I want to experience as much of it while I can and while I’m still able to schlepp through airports, lug baggage, and not be […]