5 simple ideas for spring & summer table design

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5 simple ideas for spring & summer table design

Spring and Summer mean dining outdoors for me, my family and friends. Mela and Kate, my harvest and farm tables, made from 100+ year-old barnwood, have been lonely all winter. *Sniff Sniff* Sweet Mela endured some trauma in October 2016 when she was nearly swept away by Hurrican Matthew. Thanks to a runaway errant dock that broke loose from the neighbor’s pier, she was lodged and saved. Both of these stately girls have patiently waited  for warm weather to come. They want the chairs to be filled, great food to be spread on their beautiful surfaces and lively chatter, clinking, toasts, conversation, camaraderie and memories to be made!

Some of you may know that I’m a rabid ‘Voice’ fan. Go #teamblake! But, I’m very fond and highly respect Alicia Keys. A class act. So in this video I made of 5 simple ideas for spring and summer table design, I decided to embrace Alicia’s #nomakeup movement. Yes, it takes a lot of guts to do this, particularly at my age. Like Alicia I’m not anti-makeup, it’s just that sometimes I’m just not inclined to wear it. And, when I do have the urge, I try to do it sparingly. I decided that you would see the real me. In setting my table for a dinner party, I usually am doing it early in the day and have on #nomakeup. So why not be real, authentic and you’ll see me as I’m really working! Enjoy the video and please share pictures of your Spring, Easter, and dinner party tables that talk with me on social media! xoxox ~ally

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    1. Lane & Holly!! Thank you so so very much for stopping by…I love having you here!!! And, to my fellow #nbcthevoice fan, we’re getting down to the wire!! #teamblake!! xo

    1. You sweet angel! Thank you, Megan…I always love seeing your comment in my inbox!! xo

    1. Arman! You’re so right…with summer almost here, it’s time to pull out the stops for outdoor dining! Thanks for swing by, my friend!!

  1. I LOVE your style, Ally!!! I want to dine in your yard this summer 🙂

    1. That’s b/c we’re sooooooooo much alike, girl!! Thank you…a huge compliment!! xoxo

  2. Kudos to you for keeping it real! Love your table design ideas! So simple and yet they make a great statement.

    1. That’s a very very nice compliment…thank you!! I’m *smiling smiling* now!! 🙂

  3. Those vases are so pretty and love the watermelon idea (I chop them down too but not quite as much – next time!)

    1. Caroline, luv! Thank you for watching! I so love having your beautiful presence here in the kitchen! xoxo ~ally

  4. love all the tips especially the watermelon holder….no makeup lets me see the real you and I love what I see

    1. Lisa…I love you!! Thank you for those kind words…yes, those watermelon holders are just so cool!! xoxo ~ally

  5. This old guy thinks you look just wonderful in your video.

    1. Awwhhhh, Ron! Thank you! I’m at the stage of my life where it’s like, this is me and I’m loving my roadmap of life! Thanks for visiting my friend. Come back and sit a spell! ~ally PS!! One more thing…LOVE your blog! Y’all are the kind of free-spirited souls that inspire and engage…and that Chloe is awesome!

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