Summertime Indoor Plants That Love a Dark Room


If you’re like me, you love being surrounded by nature. There’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing vibrant green shades all around my home and yard. However, there’s usually one room in the house that doesn’t get much sunlight, making it hard to grow anything. That’s why I’ve put together this list of summertime indoor plants that love a dark room.

1. Spider Plant—Chlorophytum comosum

There’s something about a spider plant that reminds me of a toddler who’s woken up with a bad case of bedhead. This plant has a goofy appearance, and I love having that kind of warm, fun energy in my home. Thankfully, spider plants are the perfect choice for a dark room because they love low light. Try hanging yours from the ceiling!

2. Pothos—Epipremnum aureum

Another low-light–loving plant that looks good in a hanging pot is the pothos. This ivy creates long tendrils covered in iconic heart-shaped leaves. Seeing the tendrils cascade down the side of my bookshelf or kitchen cabinets makes me feel like I live in a magical cottage.

3. Snake Plant—Sansevieria

If you’re someone lacking a green thumb, try growing a snake plant! These cute, striped plants have long, tall leaves with all kinds of patterns. They’re ridiculously easy to grow, and they only need water every few weeks. So if you forget about your snake plant, it’s okay! The plant probably won’t even notice.

4. Chinese Evergreen—Aglaonema

Looking for something with a mix of colors? Try a Chinese evergreen. These red and green plants have beautiful leaves with a speckled mosaic design. They can tolerate going without water for quite a while, and they thrive in low-light conditions—perfect for those of us struggling to call ourselves indoor gardeners.

5. Corn Plant—Dracaena fragrans

No, this isn’t a corn plant like you find on a farm! This corn plant is a tropical palm that grows several feet tall, making it perfect for decorating your front entryway this summer. However, they’re used to thriving in dense tropical forests where not much light reaches the lower levels, so they don’t mind hanging out in a dark corner. Keep in mind that these plants are toxic to many animals, so they aren’t a good choice for indoor pet owners.

Are there other indoor plants that love a dark room you want to share? Tell me in the comments below what plants you’ve had success growing in dark rooms.

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