mint pepper jelly sweet petite peas

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mint pepper jelly sweet petite peas

I don’t know why we don’t eat peas more often!  After having peas done with this recipe, I KNOW we’ll be adding peas to many more meals!  The sauce I created from two ingredients is like a ‘dressing’, and with the addition of the fresh pea shoots, there’s a slight crunch and a subtle ‘bitter and peppery’ trace that hits the palate.

Now, you just know you could keep adding more colors to this~~heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, sweet red or orange peppers, and next time, for sure, I’ll add some green onions!
mint pepper jelly sweet petite peas
Serves: 4-6
What you need:
1 16 ounce thawed (previously frozen) bag of petite peas
3 tbl butter
1/2 tsp sea salt
3 tbl pepper jelly (I used Uncle Gary’s!)
1 tsp hot horseradish
3 cups pea shoots (if you can’t find pea shoots, try fresh watercress, microgreens, or baby arugula!)
4 tbl chopped fresh mint
mint pepper jelly sweet petite peas
What you do:
Put the peas and butter in a microwavable mixing bowl.  Microwave on high for 5 minutes.  Meanwhile, in a small bowl blend together the salt, pepper jelly and horseradish.  Drizzle on the warm peas and blend.  Toss in the pea shoots and mint and blend and toss.  Ready to serve warm or cold!
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©Alice D’Antoni Phillips


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  1. Peas are a favored vegetable in our house. I will have to dress them with some mint jelly next time and see if my hubby likes it as much as Ben did!

    1. Miss Priscilla! Hope hubster does…of course, Ben says everything he eats is the ‘best he’s ever had’ until the next meal!! LOL! xo

    1. Thank you, Chris…actually, Ben, my hubby, said these were the best peas he’d ever eaten…they just had not only that sweet pea flavor but a slight crunch from the pea shoots and a sublet kick from the pepper jelly! Always LOVE having you here! xo

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