Bone Broth Is it Really Good for You

Bone Broth Is it Really Good for You

Bone Broth Is it Really Good for You. That’s the big question. It’s not a ‘new’ trend. I’ve been making and drinking bone broth for decades!

Bone Broth Is it Really Good for You

What is Bone Broth

This liquid is simply broth made from boiling for hours hours and hours, sometimes a day or two, animal bones. Usually the broth is made with chicken, fish and cattle bones. 

Herbs and spices can be added to the slowly simmered broth. 

Many folks just don’t have the time nor inclination to make their own homemade broth. That’s why there’s Kettle and Fire bone broth! And, believe me, I go through many boxes of it in cooking, like this Quick Collards and Potatoes Italian Soup. It just makes meals easier! 

Yes, as a partner affiliate of Kettle and Fire, I have the honor of sharing their product with you. Please keep in mind that everything that’s in this post is from my point of view about bone broth, full disclosure! 

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Bone Broth Nutrition

Now, this broth seems to be all the rage. But, at my age, it’s nothing new. 

My Croatian Mom made broth using bones all the time for us kids. Yes, I’d head to the coal company store and ask the butcher for the bones of meats that had been chopped and processed for meats. There was not charge for these bones. The butchers were happy to wrap them in brown butcher paper and give them to me. 

I’d take them home and Mom would put them in a mighty big stock pot with herbs, celery, onions, carrots and spices and let this mixture simmer for a day or more. She’d continually add water to the bones. 

And, Mom would cook with this broth using it in soups, stews, and, yes, we kids would drink it straight up! 

So, for me, the broth, is something that’s been in my diet for decades. It isn’t anything more than what I was raised on. And, I attribute much of my good health today (as I’m in my 70s) to this wonderful foundation of nutrition. It’s old world. Mom learned it from her mother who immigrated from Croatia to America. 

Bone Broth Benefits

So what makes broth made from bones healthy?

Bone broth is full of vitamins, minerals, collagen and gelatin. That’s because these nutrients are released during the cooking process from the bones and bone marrow. 

It’s a protein-rich liquid that has immense nutritional value. 

Is Bone Broth Good for You

Some of the most touted benefits of this broth are these from BBC Good Food:

  • Anti-Aging
  • Digestion and Gut-Healthy
  • Immune Function Support
  • Joint Health
  • May Help Promote Sleep

Beef Bone Broth

Now bone broth is by no means a cure all. But, most experts would say that it’s not a very risky supplement to your diet. It’s not harmful. And, the benefits, even if they’re trace amounts, out weight the negatives. 

I use this broth when making soups and stews. And, if I want to pack some real flavor in a pot roast, I’m going to use beef  broth. 

Chicken Bone Broth

So many of my savory meat dinner recipes, including those with chicken, include two things to pack flavor and nutrition, nutritional yeast and, yes, this broth. 

I’m always looking for ways to infuse healthier ingredients, and I find that these two are easy and simple to use, plus they add a wow factor to the finished product. 

Bone Broth Diet

I try to sip on broth daily. Just like you would tea or coffee.

My strategy is to heat up the broth then add a spice or spice mixture to it. Usually with eight ounces of broth (either chicken or beef), I’ll had one-half teaspoon of something, turmeric, curry, harissa, cumin, or a combination of several spices (maybe 1/8 teaspoon of two or three individual spices). 

Another way I love to elevate my cup of  broth is with fresh herbs. I’ll put several fresh basil leaves, a small stem of rosemary or maybe celery leaves in the hot bone broth, cover with a saucer and let it steep like you would hot tea. 

Health Benefits of Bone Broth

Here are a few of my favorite recipes using this broth!

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Bone Broth Is it Really Good for You

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