Tips for Perfectly Measuring Your Rooms

New furniture, renovations, moving in—there are a lot of reasons why you might need to measure a room. And nothing’s worse than having appliances arrive or getting to your new place to recognize nothing fits where it’s supposed to. Overlooking measurements is one of the simplest home decorating mistakes to avoid and can save you from a lot of unnecessary heartache and effort. Review our tips and steps for perfectly measuring your rooms.

Tips Before You Get Started

Before getting started, make sure you’re equipped with the right measuring tools and that you start the process on the right foot. Here are a few tips for perfectly measuring your rooms:

  • Confirm that your tape measure measures at least up to 25 feet.
  • Get a friend or two to help use the tape measure—you’ll get better measurements when there’s another person there to hold the tape straight.
  • When measuring, note where the electrical outlets are. This will be helpful for any lighting purposes or other electrical needs.
  • If you physically struggle to measure your rooms yourself, you can try out a laser measuring tool. This device is like a small remote that scans and stores each measurement automatically.
  • Don’t forget to measure any windows.

Steps To Acquire Accurate Room Measurements

Follow these steps to gather thorough measurements of each and every room you need details for.

  1. From one corner of the room to the next, measure along the baseboard length of the wall using your tape or laser measure. Record your findings and repeat with the remaining walls. If you have an L-shaped room, you’ll have an extra wall to measure than most.
  2. Note the measurements of any doorways and whether the door swings in or out. You should also collect the distance from openings to hallways and open archways.
  3. Gather the height of the room, including any key openings that impact the room’s layout.
  4. Be sure to measure additional infrastructure features. Shelves, fireplaces, cabinets, and other built-in components of the room should get factored into your measuring process.

With an arsenal of accurate measurements on hand, you can finally get started on the decorating and renovation projects you’ve been dying to tend to!

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