birthday surprise from africa


Birthdays. They mean different things to everyone. As I’ve gone through life, birthdays have progressed from parties, gifts, cakes and celebrations, of varying degrees depending upon that milestone year, to ones that now I ‘celebrate’ the entire month of October rather than just on the 28th.

What means the most to me for birthdays now is something that comes from one’s heart. Something someone’s put a lot of thought into. I mean I know if flowers or a card arrives at the house from one of my boys, there’s been a lot of thought. Well, if you have boys, you get it. Gifts that someone’s maybe made with their own two littl’ hands always make me happy. Whether it’s a crocheted wash cloth or homemade bread. I’m so in love! Sometimes there’s something that’s truly commemorative because you know it’s one of a kind.

This birthday video comes from my good friend, producer/director of The Forgotten Kingdom, Andrew~~I had NO idea what he was up to when he asked rather randomly when he was filming in Africa for my birthday date. It was like, ok, Andrew, it’ll show up on Facebook!

This is one of those aaahhhhhaaah moving moments in life. Well, for me. Thank you, Andrew, I’ve never been serenaded in my life, and this is truly making me teary eyed.

~peace, love & memories~ ally xox


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