big boy apple pie cupcakes

big boy apple pie cupcakes

You’re gonna get double yum in these big boy apple pie cupcakes! Yes, we’re using the skillet spiced apples & fresh apples! 

Easy Apple Recipes

It’s an apple pie. It’s an apple cupcake. It’s both! Yes, these big boy apple pie cupcake cuties can be made ahead then popped in the oven then ready when dinner’s over and you want an impressive dessert!

And, if you want another kind of apple hand pie that’s upside down, well, here you go!

Things to Make with Apples

One key to this recipe is to first make the Skillet Spiced Apples and Coconut. You won’t be disappointed. And, you can use for other things like topping on ice cream, yogurt, pancakes, waffles, French toast and more! 

Cooking Apple Varieties

Do you know apples have various varieties? With a lot of apple varieties, how do you choose when a recipe calls for ‘Cooking apples’ Here are suggestions that help you to choose the right flavor such as gala, fiji, honeycrisp, jonagold, pink lady, etc. Give it a try now!

Cooking Apples

Now, you can serve right side up or upside down as you see in my photos. That’s because I used the molds that are like baby cakes. But, even if you use a large cupcake pan, I can just see this big boy apple pie cupcake upside down with a big ol’ scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream or if you’re getting wild and crazy, both!

Fried Apples

And, if you’re looking for more unusual apple recipes, then check out my Upside Down Apple Pie! So easy to make. The crust stays crispy and crunchy! Bonus!

big boy apple pie cupcakes

big boy apple pie cupcakes

big boy apple pie cupcakes

Yield: 4 folks


  • Preheat Oven to 350
  • Coconut cooking spray
  • 1 refrigerated pie crust rolled out and cut into 4 quadrants
  • 3 cups Skillet spiced apples & coconut, see recipe link in NOTES
  • 12 apple slices, thin with skin on
  • 3 Tbl. honey


  1. Coat the large muffin pan openings with cooking spray. Mold into each one piece of pie crust.
  2. Fill each with equal amounts of the spiced apples and coconut.
  3. Top each with three apple slices. Bake in a preheated 350 oven for about 28-34 minutes.
  4. Remove to a cooling rack and cool for about 5 minutes. Meanwhile, put the honey in a small microwavable bowl and microwave on high for 22 seconds.
  5. Using a pastry brush, coat the tops and crust rims with the honey glaze.

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big boy apple pie cupcakes

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  1. Ally, you are such a precious soul! I love trying your recipes and the Apple 🍎 Slab Pie turned out absolutely delicious! And it’s sooo easy! Thank you!♡

    1. Kiki! Thank you ❤️ You’ve made my day! xoxo ally

  2. Hey Ally.. Another awesome recipe.. Wow!.. I’m tempted to try all of your recipes Especially when there’s one of those fast motion accompanying videos.. It makes it look like a cinch!.. Samia xo

    1. Hello there dear Samia!

      Thanks so much, luv! yes this is a great recipe, and so easy! I’m trying to make more videos w/recipes, so thanks for that confirmation. You have an awesome week, and hugs and smiles to your sweet soul! xoxx ~ally

    1. Sonali! Thank you! Yes, my littl’ grands (about your muffin’s age) loves them! Crumbly and messy but oh, so good!! xo

  3. I’m glad you got it sorted! With a name like that, i just had to come and see and it more than delivers! x

    1. Thanks, luv! Hey, it’s good to know that name was intriguing…Lin, you’re the best! xoxo

    2. Oh, you sweet girl…thank you!! It’s just an EZ PZ way to snaz up the quintessential apple pie! xo

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