A Nomadic Excursion~~My Diary

A Nomadic Excursion~~My Diary~~It Begins!

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14 May 2013

This is day one of my nomadic excursion!  So what in the Sam Hill am I doing?  Well, heading to Europe to cook, eat, drink, and be merry!  And, most importantly, to discover my roots~~yep, I’m Croatian, and my grandparents were born and lived there before immigrating to America in the early 20th century.  They were young.  They were brave.  They were poor.  They were uneducated.  But, the had all the right stuff for success~~an incredible work ethic, talent, creativity, resourcefulness, resiliency, and a burn in their gut to
A Nomadic Excursion~~My Diaryfind the American Dream!

I have faded and aged copies of my grandfather’s immigration papers…you probably know how much these mean to me.  Mom never got to return to the old country…her father, Josef, and mother, Mary, inculcated in her the customs, language, foods, traditions, legacy and stories of their lives there, and, in turn, Mom did some of that for me and my siblings.  However, when Mom was young and raising us on her own, being ‘ethnic’ wasn’t as accepted and cool, particularly with ‘WASPS” and where we lived, the hollers of West Virginia.  I’ll venture to Croatia, places like Zagreb, Split, Debrovnik,  and Ben and I will make our way to my grandfather’s peasant village where he was born and grew up as a young man…I A Nomadic Excursion~~My Diaryhave no idea what to expect.  All I know is that when I see it, I will feel it and digging deep into my soul Grandpa and Grandma Rebich will be speaking to me.

Right now, I think I have all my ducks in a row as far as packing, clothes, make-up, etc., but I can’t find my dang cheapo camera that I bought at Target, and there’s no time to get another one, soooooooooooooo most of my pictures may come from my Galaxy, as in cell phone!  But, I’m not giving up on finding it somewhere in this house before I leave, which is in a few hours!

I sure do hope you’ll enjoy joining me on this life-changing and once-in-a-lifetime Bohemian adventure~~my heart, soul, mind, and palate, as in my food journal, will be open to you!    xoxo ~~ally




  1. Susan Bickta

    Ally ….. you are going to have such a wonderful time!!! I was never able to visit any places in Europe that family came from but I did have a chance to visit some of the places my Father had seen while he was stationed in Europe during WWII. He was in the Battle of the Bulge and, from the way he used to talk about it, he took any opportunity he had to see other things while he was there. Glad I visited those places when I did (1971 and 1972) as we lost him unexpectedly in Jan 1973 …… the year he was planning to go back to see those places himself……. I’m sure it will be emotional …… in a good way!!! ENJOY and stay safe!!!

    • Thank you, Susan, and what a special story about your Daddy! Yes, it will be emotional, and, as you said, in a good way!! Thanks for sharing in my excitement and for being a good friend!! xo

  2. David Riley Sr

    Hi Doc ! Hope your air time goes quickly ! It once took us 10 hours air time from Europe to the U.S. via the Northern route over Iceland and fighting a strong head wind. We where on a large plane, for its time, a Boeing 707. Had to land in Maine to refuel, before heading for JFK. Again ! Have a great time and keep those pictures coming. Later, Mr. David…

  3. I’m so happy you’re going to Croatia! But just to clear things up – there is no turmoil here. 🙂 It’s probably even safer that in Germany and Italy as the crime rates are ridiculously small 🙂 Have a great trip!

    • David Riley Sr

      In response to Matea ” Just to clear things up!!!”. ” Crime is ridiculously small !!!” I must agree ! I didn’t make myself clear and must clarify just what I meant. That part of the world and many other places on this globe, turmoil is prevalent and described as POLITICAL, RELIGIOUS, and THEOLOGICAL unrest. To make a point !! The use of deadly force is often used and justified in the name of a certain movement but many innocent men, women and (God Help Us) CHILDREN fall pray. JUST TO CLEAR THINGS UP !!!

      • Oh, now I understand what you meant. But really, in Croatia or in any of the surrounding countries, there are threats to our security. I understand your concern, but there truly is nothing to worry about, especially not in terms of religious or political threats. Croatia is a quiet country, and the worst thing that can happen is that a local grocery gets robbed in the middle of the night, and that happens once a year, if that. When it happens it’s all over the news 🙂 There are no bombings, terrorist attacks, none of that. But it always good to be careful when traveling.

        • I meant to say – “In Croatia or in any of the surrounding countries there are NO threats to our security” 🙂 Sorry about that!

        • I am so looking forward to this adventure, Matea! We have mapped our directions from Zagreb to Disnik…it will be very emotional, in a very good way, for me!! I am fortunate to be Croatian, and I am most thankful for the legacy my grandparents have left me!! xo ally

  4. Godspeed Ally! Thank you for taking us with you!

  5. Veronica Callaghan

    I am looking forward to hearing about your food discoveries! Enjoy finding your roots & travel safely!

  6. What an exciting adventure. I can’t wait to read all about it. Safe travels and I hope you find that camera. Bon Voyage!

    • Thanks, Karen!!! I did find my camera!! Yayyyy!! I’ll keep you posted…be sure you’re subscribing, so you get my pithy posts!! Hold down the FB fort!! xo ally

  7. How exciting Ally, I know you’re going to have a wonderful time. I visited Dubrovnik last summer and it was simply breathtaking. I even took the cable car so I can see Old Town from Srdj Hill and I am PETRIFIED of heights. Just didn’t want to miss it. Enjoy your travels. Be safe. And eat lots of good food. xoxo

    • Carrie!! I remember when you went to Croatia!!! I’m gonna rid that cable car, for sure!! Hey, I hiked the Grand Canyon on narrow trails w/2-3k drops, so it can’t be any scarier!! (Please say no!!!) Good food is what this is all about!! xo ally

  8. Colleen Sowa

    Have a wonderful and safe adventure! xo

  9. David Riley Sr

    Doc ! I hope you have a great time and soak-up all the family history that you can ! I’ll be with you in Spirit…One thing though ! That part of the world is in great turmoil, so please take care !!!, Mr. David…

    • Mr. David!! Thank you!! I”m so excited to go to my grandfather’s village…it’s extremely remote and there’s not much of the 20th century progress there (much less 21st!)…I’ll feel you nomad spirit!! Yes, we’ll be very careful, and I appreciate the reminder! 🙂

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