The Lowest Maintenance Trees for Your Landscape

While trees are part of a landscape’s necessary greenery, it would be nice if they could take care of themselves every so often! Like many homeowners, you may see the value of planting trees in your yard but struggle to keep up with their care.

Luckily, there’s a way to appreciate arboreal beauty without needing an expert green thumb. Check out this list of the lowest maintenance trees for your landscape that can make excellent additions this season.

Crape Myrtle

Thanks to their bountiful buds, many Southerners call this tree the “lilac of the South.” Crape myrtle trees have beautiful flowers and full foliage that does exceptionally well in many climates.

And the best part? These stunning trees may only need an hour of pruning each year, shortening yard work times. Still, you’ll want to be careful, as late pruning can cause crape myrtles not to bloom.


Redbuds are standard across the country and are a fantastic landscaping option for residential areas. Smaller than other options on this list, redbuds bloom rosy, pink flowers in April and have foliage that changes colors during each season.


Jacarandas are lovely choices for larger yards and outdoor areas in warmer climates. They’re also pest and disease resistant and do well in droughts. While their blue and purple flowers shed petals frequently, there’s no need to grab the rake every time it happens.

Although you can clean flowers and foliage that fall to the ground, it’s best to avoid planting jacaranda trees near any water features and patios to prevent extra cleanup time.


Magnolias can grow anywhere in the United States and adapt to many soils. These trees have striking flowers that improve a landscape’s appearance and require minor cleanup. Magnolias don’t fall victim to pests and diseases and prefer lots of sunlight.

Japanese Maple

Japanese maple trees are attractive and functional. Having red Japanese maple in the yard exudes a year-round autumnal aesthetic for those who enjoy the fall season. These selections are small and low to the ground and require minimal care without a ladder.

Who says your yard must be void of nature? By incorporating some of the lowest maintenance trees in your landscape, you can still enjoy trees and watch them thrive.

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