kitchenaid mixer giveaway

red hot KitchenAid mixer GIVEAWAY

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CONGRATUATIONS! Our winner is Joanne Lee!!

This is a red hot giveaway! Yes, YOU could win this totally gorgeous and wonderful KitchenAid Mixer in this giveaway! And, by the way, I have this very SAME mixer (red hot baby!) in my kitchen, and I LOVE IT!

Click on the rafflecopter below to enter to win. The more options you complete, the more chances you have of winning.

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Don’t Forget to do This!

The only mandatory option is to leave a comment below the post – We want to know what you would do with the mixer – keep it or give it to someone special for the holidays?

May the ‘good luck’ force be with you! Happy Holidays from the Boho Tribe!

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  1. I would love to keep such a wonderful item for myself. Though I know of my sister who also loves to bake and she has been on the lookout for one of these.

  2. Ally, I left a comment (aka “entry”) but didn’t see it among the ones above. No worries! Just wanted to say THANKS. Everybody’s a winner when they visit your website! 🙂 xoxo

  3. Thanks for this opportunity to win a KitchenAid stand mixer the color of Santa’s sleigh. (How festive and generous — truly the holiday spirit, xo!) I’ve always imagined one of these on my kitchen counter and would make room for this one to knead dough and/or make my life easier. Kitchen eye candy, too! Best wishes to the recipient of your give-away.

  4. I would probably keep this to help make some yummy cheesecakes!

  5. Red is your color, Ally!
    I would LOVE to use this and give mine to a family member…my sons and 11 year old grandson love to cook! ( my grandson wishes for a kids version of “Nailed It” so he could be on it!)😊
    Thanks for the opportunity sweetie and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  6. I have been wanting this mixer for years. I am an avid homebaker. I am always making treats and other goodies to take to family and My co-workers. If I had this mixer it would make my kitchen time so much easy and I could make bigger batches. Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

    • Oh, May! You could certainly spread more happiness w/this mixer! How sweet and thoughtful of you. And, how lucky are those who get your treats! Best of luck, luv! xo ~ally

  7. I would actually gift it to my husband who burnt our hand mixer up this past Christmas making his Momma’s homemade cookies. It is something him and his Momma did when he was a child and he has carried on the tradition over the years. He is now 62. As a plus I will get to use it when he is not 😃. He just said the other day that we were going to have to try to get another hand mixer so this would be so awesome to win for him! Thanks for the chance!

    • OH, DEbbie! How excited would your hubby be!! I can just see his face. What a beautiful tradition to carry on. You’re a lucky gal! Sending lots of good luck to you! xo ~ally

  8. Would love this for my new kitchen. Mine is 40 years old!

    • OMG! You have certainly gotten your use out of your KitchenAid! And, a new one would be a blessing. Good luck dear Donna! Thank you for entering! xo ~ally

  9. M Daniela Cirillo

    I would love to win this prize because my 21 years old Mixer is my second hand , because I made cookies for a lot orders and I need to help my husband, he is the only one working , and because we have our daughter in College… you know College is not cheap, that’s why I would love to win an other second hand 😄! But …Thank you for this awesome chance! ❤️

  10. I would donate mine to my daughter in law and keep this red hot one for me!

  11. I love the red!! It’s sure to stand out with everything in my kitchen and we love to cook in this house Ally!!! We use our mixer almost everyday 😍 would give it a happy home that would keep it busy working and using your fabulous recipes!!! our red hot kitchen helper❤️ We love us some you are a treasure in our household 😘😘😘😘 Shug

    • Ohhhhhhhhhh, you angel! Thank you and I can just see your RED HOT kitchen, luv! Sending you lots of good luck vibes!! Luv me some Shug!! xo ~ally

  12. I had my aunt’s ancient Kitchen Aide that lasted for many decades. I only used Kitchen Aides professionally. Somehow, I ended up with something inferior in my kitchen. I’d love to experience Kitchen Aide again.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. I would give it to my daughter as I’ve had my red Kitchenaid Mixer for about 20 years and it still works great!

  14. Yasmeen Ibrahim

    I will keep this prize for myself and spoil my family with all the nice treats.

  15. Thank you for this opportunity. Right now I am using my great grandmothers KitchenAid mixer. I’m pretty sure it is older than I am! And also heavier! The thing is a tank! Unfortunately I don’t think it is going to last much longer, it has a knocking noise in the motor 🙁 I use it several times a week as I love to bake! I would love to win a new one and pack up my Grandmothers while it still has some life left to it. Tons of kitchen memories there

    • Oh, Ashley, for sure lots of memories in that old KitchenAid. You may want to keep it as a kitchen ‘statue’! Then use your new one if you are the winner! Good luck, luv. I know you’d get some awesome use out of it!! xo ~ally

  16. Tracy williams

    I would give it to my 14 year old grandson who wants to cook all his grandmothers recipes.

  17. l’d be arm-wrestling my grandson for the chance to use tjis. lt’s his ambition to own his own KitchenAid mixer. l had ,my mother’s old one but it finally wore out after years of loving use.

  18. I would keep to give to my daughter for when she moves out.

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