lemon pepper rustic farm veggies


There’s nothing more wonderful than sitting down at a big table crowded with platters and bowls full of vibrant colors of the rainbow!  There’s also nothing more beautiful than the most natural state of veggies including the wispy roots on onions and carrots, their colorful tops, and the numbs and bumps on usually shaped veggies.

Farm to table creations literally means that I alter in the least ways possible these divine vegetables and that I serve them in their most natural states, which includes not altering their flavors with too much seasoning or cooking magic!  When you cook this way, your food takes center stage on the table.  You have little need for ‘centerpieces’ other than maybe some snipped fresh wildflowers or greenery from your yard!

Preheat oven to 425
Serves: 6+
Note:  These veggies are fresh from the farmers market.  After washing, they were sliced in large wedge chunks.  Roots and skins were intentionally left on because there’s so much nutrition here, plus they’re just so very beautiful—leaving them in their most natural state and preparing them very simply is about as close to ‘farm to table’ that  you can come!

What you need:
6-8 cups of assorted fresh veggies (squash, zucchini, okra, onions, peppers, carrots, etc.)
Canola or olive oil cooking spray
1 tbl lemon pepper
1 tsp sea salt
~lemon pepper rustic farm veggies~
What you do:

Wash, clean and slice veggies.  Place on parchment paper lined cookie sheet.  Toss and coat veggies liberally with cooking spray.  Sprinkle on lemon pepper and salt.  Roast in preheated 425 oven for about 15-20 minutes or until some golden brown caramelization begins to form on the edges of the veggies.  Remove from oven and give a quick additional spray of oil.  Serve immediately warm or at room temperature.
~lemon pepper rustic farm veggies~

©Alice D’Antoni Phillips   Ally’s Kitchen

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  1. I roast every vegetable that doesn’t try to eat me first! Roasted okra has become an obsession. We absolutely love it!

    1. Oh, and I have some fresh okra which is saying ‘Roast me…roast me…if you don’t Jackie will!!’ Thank you, darlin! xo

  2. Oh wow! Those look so delicious and colorful! I love any vegetable roasted but I’ve never done zucchini or okra. I must try it!

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Well, bless your heart, Rachel! Thanks for visiting, and the zucchini and okra were awesome!! xo Ally 🙂

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