bohemian sparkles

bohemian sparkles for 2015

Tune in to the Rose Parade on New Years Day 2015~~I’ll be there as the social media correspondent for Dole Packaged Foods! Their float, Rhythms of Hawaii, will be one that you don’t want to miss! Here’s a sneak peek~~psssst, just between you and me~~it’s an action-packed floral extravaganza, think lush white sand beaces, floral perfume trade winds, the rhythm of the pahu drums, vibran colors and textures of sun-drenched fruits and tropical flowers, and, get this, a magnificent waterfall and two volcanoes with 20 foot tall flames, smoke and steam! I could go on and on~~you don’t want to miss this one!
My Charlie Brown tree~~
bohemian sparkles
Take a look at the fashion trends for 2015~~so many seem to be right up our ‘alley’–the 70s, retro tailoring, patchwork and, yes, boho!  I’m going to be infusing some of these ideas into recipes, think vintage dishes restyled for 2015, and ideas for both your life and mine as we explore foods and more spirited living~~together we’ll take each day to the edge as we know we can’t recapture a lost day in life!

The cookbook! Yes, it’s out there in cyberspace now~~available for pre-sale on Amazon and, yes, there’s an Ebook available on GumRoad! This cookbook embraces many of the trends for 2015 with the global flair for not only your kitchen but simple ideas for your food styling and creating dining experiences for your family and friends! No more are we ‘homemakers’~~we’re ‘happymakers’!
Birds adorn the mantle~
bohemian sparkles
You don’t want to miss the official cookbook trailer? It’s going to debut real soon, and you don’t want to miss it because you’ll get a glimpse into my bohemian world form my home. Jump on the magic carpet and ride with me as I cook in my kitchen and entertain family and friends~~this is what bohemeian bold thinking, fooding and living is all about~~it’s shaping each day your way, digging into your soul to make every day count, and leaving the space you occupy on Earth better in every way possible!

OK, the last thingeee for 2015 is a new show! Yep, so many of you have said that I need one, well, it’s getting close to being a reality on a major network channel~it’s going to be in full Ally boho style sharing food, travel and living. I can’t tell you much more than that because the ‘ink’s not dry on the paperwork’ but God willin’ and the creek don’t rise, it’s going to happen~~what a joy it will be to maybe be in you homes each week!

All of the sparkles that are happening for 2015 is because of you and your support~~I really didn’t have a master plan and design for anything to happen with Ally’s Kitchen when I started this adventure about 3 years ago~~all I wanted to do was share my love and passion for food and living with you in hopes that I could leave a tiny fingerprint on your heart. Thank you for fueling this magic carpet with your juju energy~~now it’s yours~~see where it’ll take you~ ~peace, love & nameste~ ally

Wishing for you the glow of health, happiness,  

love & good food in 2015~

bohemian sparkles

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