Ally’s Head—Declaring Me!

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We all have our own signature personalities, styles and persuasions.  Whether we realize it or not, it’s there, and it’s probably good to be aware of what you’re letting others know about you.  I’ve had so many friends comment on and ask me about my headgear and headwear that I decided I’d write a blog on it! Yes, I call this hippie chic.

Ally’s Head—Declaring Me!One thing I know for sure is that my headgear and headwear defines me—it’s part of who I am and what I enjoy being, and, most definitely, it’s part of my Boho lifestyle! In the 1960s, yes, I was likeAlly’s Head—Declaring Me! Princess Pocahontas with my braided leather headbands and my waist-length hair that could be in long braids or flowing.  I’m sure this momentous influential period in my life left a lasting impression in and on my head~~The Hippie Movement.

Headwear is like jewelry to me—I love hats—all kinds.  I love hair jewelry—sparkles, bobbles, rhinestones, clips, barrettes and more.  I love headbands.  I love head scarves. I love dooorags!  They’re whimsical.  They’re enchanting. They’re accessorizing!

There are, however, other sound, more practical, reasons I love headgear and headware—here goes…

The hair/head gear is great for cooking because with my long locks I could seriously run the risk of having a strand creep into what’s cookin’!

In yoga, especially hot yoga, my headgear saves some salty sweat beads from dripping into my eyes and keeps me from wiping my brow as I work up some heat!  

Headgear and headwear are perfect antidotes to the ‘bad hair day’—throw on a headband or headscarf and no one even knows beneath the surface is something that could cause fright and fear!

Investing in my headgear and headware is a lot less pricey than shoes or a lot of jewelry.

My headgear and headwear are easier to pack and take up infinitely less space in my luggage—I can also stuff most of it in small spaces without worrying about ruining it!

Ally’s Head—Declaring Me!Hairgear and headwear frame your face—thereby allowing your earrings, if you wear them like I do, to also be more of a focal point. 

It just feels good to have my hair off my neck (with a ponytail) and out of my face—I don’t have to keep doing this throughout the day. 

If I’m wearing a scarf around my head in the evening, and it gets chilly or cool, I can take it off and use it around my shoulders—multi-purpose dressing!

I probably have nearly a hundred pieces of headgear and headwear, and that’s just my headbands and dooooorags.  Anytime I go anyplace, I’m on the hunt for something unique and different—but the bottom line with anything I get is, it must work, it must feel good, and it must not slide off my head.  

Many of you who’ve hopped on my magic carpet and have followed my shenanigans throughout life on this website will recognize some of this headgear…maybe even recall what I was doing and maybe where I had landed on my global adventures! And, maybe, just maybe my next life adventure I’ll be designing AllyHeadwear!

Check out a sampling of my head in living color with headgear and headware~~[nggallery id=35]




  1. The better to see your beautiful, expressive face, Miss Ally! Your signature style is a combination of form meets function meets Boho meets world. I’m a pony tail gal myself (with a colorful collection of “scrunchies” to prove it), but Lord don’t take away my Mamie Eisenhower bangs. 🙂 You look wonderful!

    • OH, for sure, I have a collection of scrunchies, too, but now I’m thinking I might try some Mamie’s!! Thank you my darling angel! Your ‘doo’ is timeless and classic! xo

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