9 everyday luxuries for less

Luxuries of Life

These 9 everyday luxuries for less allow you to pamper yourself! Most are economical. You work hard and deserve to have be pampered with little luxuries!

For the sake of understanding, the word ‘luxury’ has different meanings to different people, and it can be relative depending upon your station in life and other factors. Growing up, we didn’t have much in terms of luxuries. I mean I dreamed of a bathroom where two people could fit in it or having my own tub of hot bath water rather than sharing it with my sisters!

For the sake of this post, on ‘everyday luxuries’, I’m sharing some of those things that I find to be ‘luxurious’. Maybe none, all or some of these are already in your cache of special things. Chime in with a comment and tell me what takes you to that land of feeling pampered and special. Yes, everyday luxuries!

I grew up in the coalfields of southern West Virginia. We didn’t have many real ‘luxuries’ of life. We had the basics. But, we learned to be resourceful and create our luxuries for less. 

Luxuries for Less

Yes, there are ways to find luxuries for less. In other words, luxuries of life on a budget. 

When I Googled ‘everyday luxuries’ most of what I got was working hard to buy luxurious things like cars, yatchs, jewelry, big homes or ‘luxuries’ for the home like a pull out faucet for your sink, good padding under your carpet. Then there were articles on things like ‘is your life of luxury costing you more money?’

Luxuries to me are really small things—things that make me feel like I’m dining or sleeping in a 5-star hotel, things that make me smile when I pick them up and use them, things that make me feel pretty, things that create an ambiance in my life that’s not that expensive, and things that give me the promise of knowing that I’m special.

Pamper Yourself

So here’s a list of nine things that I know most all of you have, buy and use in your life. But, I’m saying maybe by just looking at what you’re currently using and maybe, if it’s possible even one at a time, to step up and ‘indulge’ in a better brand or item.

You deserve it. You’ve earned it. And, it’s your duty to make your life luxuriously beautiful—no one else will! And, this is by no means a final list—yes, there are more small things I’ll be sharing with you and, puhhhleeeze, share with me some of your luxuries—I could very well add to the list!

Grind Coffee Beans


A special coffee cup—oh, yes, we all have those cups in our cabinets that have chips, maybe logos on them, a mis-match of history. I love to use a special coffee cup or cups—maybe it’s a good china cup with the sauce (that you usually save only for ‘special occasions’), a really special say handmade mug, or maybe an espresso cup. Look at this as your first luxury of the day. If you’re not a coffee drinker, then have that special cup for what you do drink like hot tea.

Coffee Bean Grinder/Fresh Beans—there is nothing more ‘decadent’ and luxurious for me than grinding my beans each morning and making fresh coffee. Bean grinders are relatively inexpensive and grinding your own beans just brings not only fresher flavor but the aromas, ohhhhh, I feel like I’m in a coffee bistro halfway around the world!



Good Silverware & Serving Pieces—you won’t find my ‘good’ silver stored for only special occasions—no sirrreee bobbie, my ‘good’ silver is used every single day—whether I’m eating a bowl of cereal or having a sit-down dinner, I believe this is one of the those things that you have permission to use day in and day out. While my everyday utensils and serving pieces are right there beside the ‘good’ I choose what I might be in the mood for.


Dinner Napkins

Cloth napkins—yes, this is one of those things that doesn’t cost much and something that can really make you feel special. At most stores like Home Goods and TJMaxx and online, you can pick up a dozen white dinner napkins for about $15 or less. I love the white ones! They’re big, luxurious and like those used in fancy restaurants and hotels. And, if you’re so inclined, iron them for even more luxury—you will be amazed at how special you feel. You can also pick up everyday cloth napkins at thrift and consignment stores. Just keep them washed/folded like you do your dish towels/clothes.


At Home Spa

Daily Spa —when I step into a hot shower I want to have a spa experience, and this is accomplished with some simple things like battery-operated ‘face’ brushes you can buy—Real Simple magazine has a list of them with reviews. fashion/skincare/facial-cleansing-brush Using this everyday helps exfoliate all those dead facial skin cells and keeps your skin more vibrant! There’s also nothing better than the spa-like nylon brushes that you can buy for as low as a buck at WalMart. And, don’t forget to indulge in some really nice body scrub/soaps and lotion. These are things that no one else can use—these are your things—hands off! Oh oh! One more thing, roll your washcloths and hand towels like some fancy spas and hotels do. It’s like a fairy has stepped into your linen closet!


Bath Robe & Slippers—how much do you just love love snuggling into your special bath robe! I’m not talking a ratty worn and tattered one—I’m talking something that makes you feel like you’re the queen of your kingdom—bath robes can be fuzzy, they can be terry cloth, silk, cotton or chenille, they can be short, long or in between—just find something that you love and after it becomes ratty, worn and tattered, buy yourself a new one! The same goes for your house slippers! Create your own princess diaries!

Nice bed linens—ok, at least one set of really good linens—you can pick up these at discount stores like Tuesday Mornings, TJMaxx, Marshalls and even Target and WalMart and other stores are carrying these better linens. Given that you spend about a third of your life in bed, why not make it luxurious—there’s no need to sleep on linens that don’t make you feel like a goddess!


Kitchen Luxury

A Pepper Grinder & Finishing Salt—there is a difference in taste. I mean how many times have you been to a high-end restaurant and they offer ‘pepper’ and you see them pick up the pepper shaker? No way! It’s like the coffee beans, you want those peppercorns ground fresh—it’s a flavor burst—and, it’s a tad bit of luxury in everyday life. Oh Oh, finishing salts, these are just fabulous, they come in so many different tastes, they last forever because you only use a tad, and they’re not terribly expensive—worth the treat for yourself!

Sugar cubes & Candles—ok why sugar cubes, particularly, if you don’t use sugar in your coffee or tea, well, because when you have company and they do, you’ll see the look of glee on their face and a slight twinkle in their eye—like they’re thinking wowzeeee, now this is really cool! And, candles, well, they provide a huge measure of ambiance and style that creates beautiful mood and energy. The new battery running candles are safer an last forever—just replace the batteries. And, if you’re using ‘live’ candles, always be extra careful. And, don’t think candles are just for ‘special’ occasions! I use them when I’m cooking. I use them in the bathroom. I use them on a dreary cloudy day early in the morning. Yes, it’s a feeling of luxury!



Special Things for Everyday

You can feel your life everyday is quite luxurious with even small things like the drinking glasses. I use these for serving wine. They make me happy. Maybe your little special everyday thing is different. Go find it. And, use it every single day of your life! xoxo ~ally


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  1. Ally, you are soooooo speaking my language… the language of inner longings and ‘little things’ that mean so much. Thank you for this timely post… I treated myself to a cuppa Godiva Chocolate Coffee this morning (gee, I wonder who treated me to THAT?! 😉 and took a long, luxurious bubble bath — not cuz it was Valentine’s Day, but cuz I felt the NEED. (And, I enjoyed every moment… including my $1 Walmart “scrubbee” and a newly acquired body wash entitled “Endless Kiss.” Xoxo and Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet… you sure enhanced mine with your boholicious thoughts! Life’s too short not to treat yourself to such “luxuries” — as you so aptly pointed out.

    1. Oh, Kim!! I always LOVE LOVE reading your words…truly like music to my ears…and didn’t you feel like royalty…Godiva Chocolate Coffee, a bubble bath, your scrubby…I mean move over Dalton Abby, we know how to taste luxury! xox ~peace & luxury every single day~ ally

  2. I love your article and agree with it so much. I follow all of your luxurious living treats except for sugar cubes. I better buy some. Happy Valentine’s Day Luveeeeee ~ Hope we can “do” luxury together soon! xoxox

    1. Merry my luv! Yes, let’s do luxury together…we’d be soooooooooooooo good at it…and get those sugar cubes…I so love when you’re here in the kitchen w/me! xoxo luv luv ~ally

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