3 Ways To Hide Your Trash Can in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home, where we gather with loved ones to share delicious meals and make memories. Unfortunately, all the cooking you do to make that delicious meal results in trash that can stink up the kitchen. Many people decide to hide their trash can to mitigate this smell and keep their kitchen looking clean and organized. Keep reading to learn about three ways to hide your trash can in your kitchen.

Under a Counter or Cooktop

When you hide your trash can, you want to keep it in an accessible part of your kitchen. That means you want it nearby but out of sight. One of the best places to do that is underneath a counter or cooktop. Depending on your kitchen’s layout, you may have a section of a counter with a large cabinet underneath that doesn’t have any drawers. This is the perfect place to store a trash can since you can easily open the cabinet door to throw something away, but as soon as you close the door, it’s out of sight. If your kitchen has a separate cooktop and oven, then you can maximize the space under your cooktop by using it to store your trash. Just make sure there are at least three inches of clearance between the bottom of any hot cooking surface and the top of your trash can so that you avoid creating a fire hazard.

In Plain Sight

Sometimes, the key to hiding your trash can is to leave it in plain sight but in a more aesthetically pleasing container. Your kitchen probably already has a specific aesthetic. Although you can choose a trash can in a variety of colors to try and coordinate with that aesthetic, hiding it in something more appealing like a hamper will look better and help conceal any messiness or odors. Measure your trash can and find a hamper or similar storage device that will hold the can and fit well in your kitchen.

In a Closet

If you truly want to keep your trash out of the kitchen, then you may want to hide it in a closet, pantry, or laundry room nearby. These spaces keep your trash can out of the view of guests, but it’s still close enough for you to easily access while cooking and cleaning. If you’re concerned that the nearest closet or similar area doesn’t have enough space, consider a wall-mounted trash can or several small trash cans. Label these smaller trash cans with their different uses. For instance, have one for food and another for glass, and stack them or otherwise organize them in the closet.

The three best ways to hide your trash can in your kitchen are to slide it under a counter or cooktop, hide it in plain sight in a nice storage container, or place it in a closet. All these hidden areas allow you to quickly access your trash while keeping it out of the sight of your visitors. Your kitchen can then be the beautiful heart of your home you want it to be.

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