16 Weeks to 70: Week 3 Challenge

challenge 3

OK, to some of you reading this post about my challenge, you might be thinking, ‘So, what’s so challenging about this?’ Hey, as I said starting out with the 16 weeks to 70 challenges, a ‘challenge’ is specific to the person. What may be a  piece o’ cake for one person might be a monumental achievement for another.

If you Google ‘hiking alone’, oh, wow, you get some pretty scary information that does give you room for pause. Glad I didn’t do this before I started this challenge. I mean several posts including the website My Adventures Around the World give (eleven) reasons NOT to hike alone. Some of these things I certainly had considered like you may injure yourself, the trail maybe be more than you expected, you may get lost, you might get attacked by animals, you might get attacked by humans (never thought of that!), you’re the only one motivating yourself, it’s lonely, you have to do it all by yourself and more.

Tips for Hiking Alone

But then there are posts like this one,  ‘Get Over Your Fears of Hiking Alone’

And, you get these sage tips for hiking alone to which I can honestly say without reservation that I checked off each one before I started my six-mile hike.

  • Pick a well-traveled, well-marked trail
  • Tell someone where you are going
  • Know your limits
  •  Be prepared
  • Trust your instincts

The Hiking Dude gives some of the benefits to hiking alone, all of which I totally concur with!

challenge 3
SOURCE: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/77053843600140140/

Well, anyway, I did it. And, I’m writing about it now. I captured some of it with my cell phone (a big safety measure!) and put into this video. So, check it out, and be sure you check out my other challenges on this 16 weeks to 70 journey! xooxx ~ally

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  1. I totally understand the fear of hiking alone and had to conquer it! Que sera sera but no fear

    1. Oh, Lisa! You know!! Yes, it’s really a gnarly fear is you let it take over. Thanks for sharing that w/me!! xo

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