adventuring in the colorado high country

adventuring in the colorado high country

Each year that a birthday passes, I realize that my clock is ticking. My runway of life is getting shorter and shorter. Not wanting to be Debbie Downer, but it’s a reality. Life doesn’t wait for us. If we wait for precisely the right time to do something, sometimes that never comes, or if it does, it may be too late. When I was younger, I thought I had all the time in the world for living an adventurous life. But, now in my sixties, I full realize this reality, ‘if not now, when?’

Sometimes things happen so spontaneously. And, that’s exactly when I’ve learned I need to seize the day. Don’t put it off. Hence, this adventuring in the Colorado high country escapade. Sometimes, I need to put aside other things that really aren’t absolute priorities and take advantage of an opportunity that has magically dumped right in my lap!

adventuring in the colorado high country

And, that’s how this adventuring in the Colorado high country happened! My dear foodie friend, Merry of A Merry Recipe, was visiting me. We both are brand influencers for True Aussie Beef and Lamb, and Merry, who’s very much in my stage of life, kids raised, grandkids, darn good shape and following our dreams and passions surrounding food, and I were hosting an extravaganza featuring grassfed beef and lamb. Yes, it was a resounding success. Our nearly twenty-five guests feasted for hours on a ten-foot table filled with fabulously delicious dishes!

There’re always those special people who hang around long after the party’s ended and pitch in and help. Well, Marie-Christine and Brite, her husband, are two of those kinds of folks. We’ve been friends for years and years. Marie-Christine is French and she absolutely LOVES food. In fact, it is well-known that she cannot eat with a knife, and when she handles that knife while eating as deftly as a celebrated violist! I just love watching her exquisite skills as she navigates her plate of food. Crazy, huh? Not bigger than a minute and probably no more than a hundred pounds dripping wet, Marie-Christine has divine taste in everything she encounters. Both she and Brite are adventurous souls who love the outdoors, camping, hiking, cycling, rafting, skiing, cross country skiing and more.

At the last minute right before they left, both Marie-Christine and Brite had a ‘bright’ idea! Why not come with them the next day and have an overnight adventure at nearly ten thousand feet in their cabin in Fulford! Now, I’ve been to that cabin many times, summer and winter, and I absolutely knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially for my girl, Merry, so rather than hem and haw and think about what we needed to do, always something to do, right, like social media, writing up recipes, downloading and editing photos of the party, and more, we said yes in a skinny minute! I mean we had so much leftover food from the party, there was no need to worry about planning. And, without any adieu, we captured that enchanting opportunity and made it happen!

From snow hiking in the mountains to shooting silly crazy video clips in the snow, we had an experience that is forever memorable. It wouldn’t have happened had we hesitated. Sometimes in life, you just have to throw that caution to the wind, move to the edge of life and see what can happen! It was Merry’s first time on a snowmobile and there were a lot of other firsts. These ‘firsts’ are what make the lasting memories.

The moral of this post is that if you wait for things to be just right timing for something magical to happen, you might just be waiting and waiting. Those old words ‘carpe diem’ hold true. And, don’t forget, if not now, when?

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  1. Dear Ally.. I know you’re still busy with your favorite guests who are also my favorite as well.. But I just want to drop you a short note to wish you and Ben a merry Christmas and a very happy new year filled with health and happiness.. And let you know that you’re also an amazing inspirational person and a role model in almost every aspect and I admire almost everything about you.. your recipes your fashion and most of all your spirit!.. I’m also so proud to be part of your fans!.. So keep on shining girl and God bless you always!.. Xoxo Samia

    1. My dearest Samia! I’m the one who’s super happy and honored to have you in my family and on the ‘magic carpet’ of life! We all have gifts to share w/each other that inspire and educate, and it’s important to share and let others know how much they mean to you. I’m the blessed one, sweet angel! Wishing you an epic 2022…we’ll be doing many more fun things and realizing that our ‘job’ is to nurture love and happiness! xoxx ~ally

  2. Such a fun video, Ally! Glad you got to connect on a deeper level with a fellow food-o-phile and lover of life! Yup, it’s all about “in the moment” (cliche’ as that may sound…) Isn’t it amazing how much ENJOYMENT awaits, without cell signal, internet, or electricity? The simpler, the better. Things looked pretty cozy to me and your feast (prior to that) sounded fabulous! My Bebe Girl and I were just “wishing out loud” this week about visiting YOU and cooking together — it’s on our “bucket lists” 🙂

    1. Ohhhhhhhhhh, my Kimmeeee…how I’ve missed your bright self and always amazing words! I imagine this is some of the world you live every single day in your paradise. Yes, the simpler, the better. As life goes on, that becomes more of my practice in life. Now all I have to say to you and Bebe Girl is, if not now, when??? Let’s put dates on that bucket list…ohhhhh, how much fun we would have!! xoxo

  3. Fabulous video that truly tells the adventure…the challenge…the energy boost of traveling to an abandon snowy town where only Merry, Ally, Paul, and Marie Christine brings sparks of life.

    1. Merry Girl!! We were both hanging on tight as Brite (Paul) hit speeds of nearly 60 on that snowy ‘highway’! It was like being a kid again with the wind blowing in our faces, our noses freezing and just feeling like we were completely gone from civilization. It was, indeed, an amazing energy boost and we are pretty hip 60s gals!! xoxo

    1. Miss Abbe!! Thank you, and, yes, LOTS AND LOTS of snow and blue skies!! xo

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