Deciding Which Way Your Hardwood Floors Should Run

Hardwood flooring is an extremely popular home interior element because it’s low maintenance, durable, and amenable to nearly all interior design styles. As homeowners’ appreciation for hardwood flooring has grown, flooring manufacturers have expanded their techniques for laying the flooring. The best hardwood floor installation patterns elevate the appearance of any room, giving it a tidy and elegant look. Though all the installation patterns might entice you, there are methods for deciding which way your hardwood floors should run. Let’s look at some home elements you should consider before installing hardwood floors.

Different Light Sources

Evaluate how your home’s natural light sources hit your floors throughout the day. Hardwood floors that direct away from the light source can make the room look longer and larger, while installation patterns that run parallel to the light source can make the room appear tighter and cozier.

Rooms that receive more natural light are prime for unique installation patterns because natural lighting sources can illuminate the distinctive design. Consider whether you want a high contrast against light with a dark hardwood finish or a softer, more natural look with a light hardwood finish.

Your Home’s Preexisting Style

Each hardwood floor installation pattern has its own charm that best suits different interior styles. When you’re determining which would work best for your home, don’t overlook the existing design elements. Note all wall patterns, geometric décor, ceiling beams, doorframes, and other interior components to avoid clashing with a fun new hardwood pattern.

Considering Narrow Areas

A busy flooring pattern in narrow hallways or rooms can make the area appear slightly choppy. To elongate the room or hallway, you’ll want to run your hardwood floors perpendicular from the door so that they’re running outward from the doorway.

The Shape of the Room

The structure of your room can help with deciding which way your hardwood floors should run. Unevenly shaped rooms and rooms that lead to other rooms or hallways may have awkward flooring transitions if you go with a vertical or horizontal installation. Going with a herringbone or chevron design creates a unique visual impact while eliminating the presence of harsh directional floor changes.

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