talking reinvention with vrai magazine

talking reinvention with vrai magazine

God winks…ever heard of that? Well, there’s a book about it ‘When God Winks’ , and it’s on Amazon~~really intriguing. Essentially, the basic premise of a ‘god wink’ is that there are no coincidences in life…all is supposed to happen…and, I have to remind myself to be vigilant, attentive and tune in to those subtle things around me that could change my path and direction.

That’s exactly what happened when I met Danny de la Cruz, editor, of VRAI Magazine~he sent me an email introducing himself. Now, I could tell by the sincerity of the email that this was not a random email~~this was an email from the heart~~and his infectious personality oozed through the words.

So, after some back and forth, getting to know each other and realizing that there were a lot of common threads in our lives, we embarked upon a virtual interview~~so come join us as we sit in the virtual spaces of VRAI magazine and Ally’s Kitchen, and we talk about reinvention! Read on~

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