shoulder surgery rehab

shoulder surgery rehab

What happens after a complicated surgery like my total shoulder surgery arthroplasty? Shoulder surgery rehab! It’s a long road to recovery.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement Exercises

Now that I’m two weeks out from my total shoulder arthorplasty (surgery), I’m in the process of the long road to recovery and rehab. One thing’s for sure I am itchin’ to get back in my kitchen. And, I have to some degree with the help of my granddaughter who’s ‘trapped’ with us, her grandparents.

Home Exercise Program for Reverse Shoulder Total Arthroplasty

Short story is that Salem came to visit us for a few days for her Spring break, and, well, she can’t leave because of the coronavirus pandemic.

So, we’re all roommates and really getting along awesomely! Salem’s an easy going girl, in grad school to finish her degree in social work, and exceptionally chilled.

Exercise after Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty

She helps with so much since I’ve been home from surgery. We have our kitchen antics, and we do girl things like she’ll curl my hair with the curling iron and puts my hair in ponytails on top my head.

Of course, Ben, my amazing husband who’s been a champ with everything from dispensing and keeping a daily journal of all medications I need to take with times, etc. to rubbing and massaging my tootsies each night with lotion, getting my recliner ‘bed’ ready, washing clothes, cleaning, driving me to PT, buying groceries, bringing them home and putting them up and more.

How Long is Physical Therapy after Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Oh, I’ve learned to do soooooo many things with just one good arm!

I want to be as independent as I can. Imagine that! Everyday I witness mini successes. I’m a bulldog when it comes to being vigilant with my PT home exercise plan.

My only outing other than maybe getting outside for a little fresh air is to go to physical therapy three times weekly. Given the dire situation with our country, most all people are being sequestered and cocooning at home, my PT office is only seeing critical patients of which I’m in that category.

Reverse Shoulder Exercises

And, there’s not another patient there during my session(s) weekly. I’ve got a very detailed written outline of what I can and cannot do for the next 25 weeks.

Right now, the only thing I can do with this affected left arm/shoulder are movements and exercises per my program.

Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty Rehab Protocol

Getting a respite from wearing the arm sling is like a super treat, but I have to be exceptionally careful.

Hey, this bum shoulder has gotten me out of a lot of housework and responsibilities. But, ironically, I miss doing all these things!

PT for Reverse Shoulder Replacement

We humans are pretty amazing creatures.

We learn to be resilient and resourceful when our world may be turned upside down. Here are just some of the things that I can now do with just one good arm:

  • Button my shirts.
  • Take a shower.
  • Pull up/down my own pants.
  • Put on/take off my own clothing
  • Type slowly with one hand.
  • Do small chores like unload the dishwasher, pull things out of the refrigerator/pantry for cooking, etc
  • Do some cooking that doesn’t require lots of energy, time and effort.
  • Wash my hands (all the time!) and both of them.
  • Brush my hair. Dang it, can’t put my hair in a ponytail but Ben’s gotten pretty darn good at this task!
  • Put on makeup if I need to.
  • Push a dust mop to clean floors.
  • Put on my own socks and tobaggon on my head.
  • Basically eat by myself. But, if we’re having steak or something that needs to be cut, well, can’t do that yet.

Reverse Should Replacement Protocol

I’m amazed at all the support, love, great energies, messages, texts, phone calls and care that has come my way since I shared that I was going on this ‘journey’.

Many of you have shared your experiences, and some of you have said you’ve benefited from things I’ve written about my journey because they’re facing something similar.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement Rehabilitation

Catch up on what I’ve posted so far.

We’re all on this planet to take care of each other, and I sure do hope that maybe some of you glean nuggets of wisdom from what I’m sharing with your!

xoxo ~ally

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  1. The shoulder is comprised of muscles, ligaments and cartilages. It is so complex so that you can enjoy different movements. Unfortunately it could be prone to different injuries. Rotator cuff is actually an area that stabilizes the shoulder to prevent dislocation. It tends to become weak the can leave us prone to injuries.

    1. Thanks so very much! I’m so lucky to have had an amazing surgeon and great PT. Now, all that shoulder pain is just a distant memory!

  2. You must remember not to stray from the doctor’s recommended rotator cuff surgery rehab at all, because they are obviously well trained in this field and know exactly what they are talking about. We can all get a little bit impatient at times, I know, but if you want your shoulder to heal properly, you need to follow the precise directions on your surgery rehabilitation.

    1. Oh, for sure! Follow the doc’s orders and stick w/your rehab PT plan religiously! Yes, it’s a long arduous process, but w/patience in months to come, you’re so glad you did. I don’t even have that shoulder talk to me anymore. It’s healed so nicely and my ROM and strength are excellent. Follow the doctor’s orders! Thanks for chiming in and confirming this!

  3. Celebrate the small victories, Ally! (I know you do.) I’d love to chat, but I don’t want to call and wake you up from a nap. Give me a holler when you feel up to it! You’re lookin’ good kiddo, xo.

    1. Kimmeeee, girl…yes, every day is a snail’s pace progress, and this entire rehab journey will be months and months. But, hey, w/the world now in ‘lockdown’ or sequestering mode, I know I’m not missing anything! lol! I’ll holler at you when I’m awaking from my long winter’s nap…love you xoxo ~ally

  4. Pat Harmon says:

    Ally, I had a total shoulder replacement on my dominant (right arm) back in July at 79 years old. It still is sore from time to time but I have the use of my arm for which I am thankful. None of the arthritic pain I experienced before. Keep doing your PT & you will be back in the kitchen before you know it.

    1. Oh, Pat, you know my journey now. So you’re just about 8 months out. I hear it takes almost a full year. You giv ed me immense encouragement! Thank you, luv. And, stay safe during these tumultuous times. โคโคโค

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