one-pan baked italian chicken pasta

one-dish baked italian chicken pasta

One-pan baked Italian chicken pasta! Simple, easy & healthy! Perfect for the busy family! Leftovers will be divine and devoured!

One Pan Meals

One pan meals are all the rage. And, no wonder they’re popular. Makes for super easy clean up and if you just plop everything in one pan or pot, what’s easier! And, since we’re all ususally operating each day on overdrive with so much to do, we need recipes that save us time. And, this one-dish baked italian chicken pasta fills the bill.

Chicken Pasta Recipe

A great chicken pasta recipe can be a staple in your wheelhouse. You’ll find yourself going back repeatedly to these time-saver delicious recipes. Hey, I’m no different that you. I love chicken and am always looking for new recipes for chicken and chicken and pasta. So, that’s how this creation was born. 

How to Cook Pasta

I’m breaking with the traditional steps for how to cook pasta. No we’re not going to heat a big pot of water, cook, drain and put in the recipe.

Are you wondering how this pasta cooks? Well, it does and it kind of steams in the liquid of the tomatoes and then the flavor of the roasting chicken. About midway through the cooking, you’ll want to carefully peel back the foil (or remove the lid) and take two forks and gently separate and disperse the ‘nests’ into noodles that will just simmer and cook in the liquid. Actually, this pasta had an almost ‘dumpling’ like taste and texture. It wasn’t al dente, and it wasn’t intended to be al dente. I wanted the soft cooked pasta to just swim and soak up all the love of the flavors and juices.

If you don’t want to use pasta nests, and this is tagliatelle, you could use a penne pasta or other type of noodle. I’m not sure I’d use spaghetti, fettucini or linquine. As these noodles cook, they could stick together. But, I haven’t experimented with those types of noodles, and if you do, please let me know your results and share your culinary commentary in the comments. Hey, we all learn from each other!

Best Chicken Recipes

Honestly, I think after you make this recipe it very well could be one of the best chicken recipes you’ve tried. There are a few steps to it. But nothing that’s daunting.

Ifyou’re wondering how I got this chicken a kind of golden brown on top? The glow of some color, that beautiful warm mahogany hue, well, read on in the recipe for this one-dish baked Italian chicken pasta. It’s just an extra little step that makes your chicken glow! And, who doesn’t love serving glowing chicken!

Weeknight Chicken

We all love simple, easy and quick recipes. Especially on the weekdays when we’re rushing around with so many things to do once we get home. So, this weeknight chicken can be prepared ahead of time, covered then popped in the oven when you get home. When we make recipes simple and recipes ultra healthy, well that’s a big win all around. Our palates. Our waistline. Our health.

Putting it all in one baking pan, and you can use glass, ceramic, metal, whatever you like that’s oven usable, makes the preparation of dinner super quick. All you need with this dish when serving is maybe a salad. And, if you like, bread!

Here’s the perfect dessert to go with this meal! If you haven’t tried my Croatian Cheesecake (yep, it’s a vintage legacy recipe from my family!), then you’re life is not complete! lol! ~ally xoxo

italian chicken pasta

one-dish baked italian chicken pasta

one-pan baked italian chicken pasta

Yield: About 3-4 servings


  • Preheat oven to 400
  • 2 cans (14.5 oz.) chopped tomatoes + 2 cups water
  • 2 Tbl. Italian seasoning mixture
  • 1 Tbl. nutritional yeast
  • 1 tsp. sea salt
  • 1 cup fresh basil leaves
  • 5 tagliatelle pasta nests
  • 2 1/2 lbs. chicken, combination boneless skinless chicken breasts and bone in, skin on chicken thighs
  • 1/3 cup Italian vinagrette dressing
  • 1/e cup grated parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 cup olives, green and black, pitted, optional


  1. In about an 11 x 14 cooking pan or dish, put the tomatoes, water, and seasoning. Blend together. Add the basil leaves, pasta nests, and chicken. Drizzle the vinagrette all over the chicken.
  2. Cover snuggly with doubled foil (or a lid). Bake for 45 minutes in a preheated 400 oven. Remove the and take a large fork and separate and spread the pasta nests into the liquid. Recover the chicken and cook another 10 minutes.
  3. Remove the foil. Move the chicken towards the center of the casserole, turn oven to broil fpr about 10 minutes to brown the chicken (dish should be about 10-12 inches from the broiler). Watch carefully!
  4. Use a meat thermometer. Chicken should be 165 degrees.
  5. Remove the casserole dish from the oven.Add the grated cheese and olives (optional) on top. Recover with foil/lid and let the casserole rest about 5 minutes before serving.

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italian chicken pasta

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  1. Glowing chicken, swimming pasta, and optional olives… oh my! (As you know, the latter are a “must” to me. 🙂 We’re all trying to simplify our life and time in the kitchen these days without sacrificing flavor and your “word pictures” are making me hungry. You’ve done it again, Ally! xo

    1. Kimmmeeee! Maybe even our Russ will likely too! Yes, we are the OLs of love! Olive Lovers!!???

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