4 Solutions to Improving Ventilation in a Windowless Kitchen

Finding ways to control air circulation in a windowless kitchen can seem complicated. However, it’s possible with one of our easy solutions to improving ventilation in a windowless kitchen. Here’s more on improving kitchen air quality.

Use the Door

Sometimes, we don’t have the best ways to prevent odors from hanging around the cooking area. But, if you leave the kitchen door open, you can help the air circulate easily; that way, you replace the toxic smells with fresh air.

Install a screen door to prevent bugs from getting into the home and invading if you have an exterior door. Furthermore, open windows in other nearby rooms. That way, when the air travels, it leaves quickly.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Another answer to how to improve kitchen air quality with no windows is to install a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan can help lift hot air and move it around so that it doesn’t sit and create moisture. When looking at new solutions to improving ventilation in a windowless kitchen, consider installing something that cools a room down and helps ward off unwanted smells.

Ceiling fan prices can run high, so look for ceiling fans with the features you want. Additionally, ensure they are the right size before installing; you can check for the correct size by measuring the kitchen ceiling.

Mount a Range Hood

Range hoods are important for many reasons. Not having a range hood can expose you to carcinogens formed from chemicals in your stovetop. Having a range hood can save you from developing health problems from harmful compounds.

Additionally, the range hood uses a filter to circulate air and trap odors. However, it’s essential to ensure you turn on the range hood before cooking.

Air Purifying Plants

Even adding a small air purifying plant can improve the air quality of your home. However, it’s a good idea to find out more about each plant before purchasing, especially if you have pets and small children, as some plants are poisonous.

Here’s a brief list of what plants improve your kitchen’s air quality.

Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant is commonly used for many things, especially cleansing the air. Additionally, it’s an excellent use for immediate first aid if you burn yourself while cooking.

English Ivy

The English ivy is perfect for the kitchen and bathroom, as it can catch fecal odors. In other words, your bathroom won’t have a lingering smell after someone uses it.

Spider Plant

A spider plant is another popular house plant that can bring any room together. The greatest benefit of a spider plant is that it’s easy to care for and can fight off harmful toxins like monoxide and xylene.

With many options to explore for venting your windowless kitchen, these are the best choices to use when looking for a simple solution. We can’t enjoy the kitchen without a filtration system to fight off the unwanted cooking fumes and hot air.

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