ham & baby swiss on rye

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ham & baby swiss on rye

Sometimes you just need a no brainer for a sandwich~~I really don’t even know why I’m making this a ‘recipe’ because it seems so simple and obvious.  So, rather than call it a recipe, let’s just say it’s an ‘eats idea’!  Total time in from start to finish might be 7 minutes~~10 on the high end, so it’s great for a late night snack, a quick meal, or something on the run.

What I like about this ‘eats idea’ is that you can have fun with the mustard~~yes, I tried to write ‘ham & swiss’ and slicing those kosher dills on the angle just makes them tastier!
~ham & baby swiss on rye~
Serves: 1
What you need:
1 slice rye bread
4-6 slices deli ham (mine was smoked ham)
2 slices deli baby swiss cheese
1 large kosher dill sliced
~ham & baby swiss on rye~
What you do:
Gently and lovingly fold the ham to fit the bread.  Nestle with great care and steady hands the cheese on top.  Judiciously slide ever so slowly under a broiler to melt the cheese and char the ham edges~~some goo and crunch are great!

Happily remove the love and playfully drizzle on your mustard then serve with your crunchy chilled pickles.  Kettle chips most certainly optional!
~ham & baby swiss on rye~



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