5 Unique Ways To Use Peanuts in Your Home

Consuming peanuts is an excellent way to increase your healthy fats. But there are so many other unique ways to use peanuts in your home other than as a snack. Let’s explore some of these ideas, from things such as elevated PB and J to salsa, and see which ones you can start incorporating today.

Craft a Nut Salsa

A nut salsa, otherwise known as salsa macha, is one of the most valuable ways to use peanuts. Not many people think of using nuts in salsa, but you can include them for a tomato-free option. Salsa macha is one of the most versatile condiments you can keep in your home. In addition to peanuts, all you need are dried chilis, garlic, onion, and oil.

Mix Them Into Noodles

A peanut sauce is a delicious way to use an abundance of peanuts, and it can give an Asian twist to a plate of noodles. Because of the peanut sauce’s creamy, salty notes, you can serve this dish hot or cold and top it with a bit of crunch from more crushed nuts. Shave some ginger into the mix to complement the meal’s salty flavor with a sweet hint.

Sip on a Smoothie

Many people turn to smoothies to boost their daily nutritional values in one go. But sometimes, knowing which ingredients to add to increase healthy fats can be challenging. Adding peanut butter or peanut sauce is an excellent way to increase the healthy fats in a smoothie. These ingredients are great for things such as vitamin A and D and energy production.

Use Them as Smart Snacks

For people who occasionally need a snack but want to skip the potato chips, peanuts is a snack that leaves behind the guilt. Consider making a homemade trail mix with peanuts or eating them one handful at a time if you want to skip any additives. You can also crush up some peanuts to add to your morning granola or evening dessert.

Create a Fat Substitution

A lot of recipes call for margarine, but using a 50-50 mix of oil and peanut butter or peanut sauce is an excellent, unique way to use peanuts in your home. It’s delicious in many dessert recipes, contributes to healthy fats, and lets you cook or bake on a more plant-based structure.

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