a new magazine is born

a new magazine is born

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Now, there’s no denying that I’m a dreamer. A big dreamer. Have been since I was a kid growing up in those Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia where I was taught by my Mom that anything’s possible if you dream, work hard, sacrifice and have a burn in your gut. However, sometimes in life, things happen that you never even fathom will happen.

It was a cold Colorado winter day about eight months ago when I opened an email from the Editor of VRAI Magazine. Now, I’d met Danny via social media. Always admired his work. He was edgy. Trendy. Young. Innovative. An entrepreneur. Had a certain panache about him. His style and his digital magazines had captured my attention early on. In fact, we became actual semi ‘working’ friends when he asked me to contribute an article to his travel magazine. I’d recently been to Morocco, and he was covering the globe with places to visit, things to do, foods and intriguing adventures. I was most honored and happy to do so because I knew it would be a class production.

For all my Boho peeps! SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Use ABL50 at CheckOut (Expires 9/4/15)

An Unexpected Idea

So on this particular morning, the email said he’d like to talk to me via phone about another idea of his. Nothing gets me more invigorated than new ideas. Love brainstorming. Love throwing out things that can morph into realities. I had no idea what he wanted to talk about, but I was all in to talk. I mean my mind said maybe he wants to collaborate on another piece for one of his magazines. Maybe he wanted me to create a recipe for publication. Whatever it was, I wasn’t thinking what he was about to throw out to me!

After our few minutes of chit chat and catching up, Danny said something like ‘Ally, I want to do a magazine with you…’ Cool I thought, I’ve never done a magazine, have not idea what it entails, but I’m a quick learner. So I probed, ‘What kind are you thinking of, Danny…what’s your focus?’ He said, ‘You…I want to do a magazine about you.’ I’m thinking why in the world me? I mean what’s so interesting about me? Oprah, yes. Ellen, yes. Martha, yeah. But, me?

Hearing Him Out

Of course, you can imagine my surprise. No, I was utterly flabbergasted.  I asked Danny, ‘Are you talking like a special article about me? Something that will live in one of your other digital publications.”  “No, he said, I want it to be all about you, your style, your life, your world”. Dang, I thought again, who in Sam Hill would be interested in that? I mean my life doesn’t have a lot of drama, no reality TV juicy stuff. Sure my life’s full of color, somewhat like others’ lives with family, friends, traveling, grandkids,  and then some other off-the-wall adventures and happenings. But, what’s in me that you find intriguing?

Danny went on to talk about his idea for a new line of magazines. Those that focus on one particular person. People that have a certain brand and style about them that others find inspirational, interesting, fun and, most importantly, a real person. A person that is quasi well-known and popular for their brand and, in this case, it is my bohemian lifestyle and world. I listened intently. It was flattering and overwhelming all rolled up in one.  As Danny told me, there was one very essential element to this venture. He wanted the magazine to be another extension of Ally’s world. As he said, the website is one thing, social media is another, but a magazine brings it all together in a different and hopefully complementary way.

The Vision is Born

After more talking and Danny sharing his vision, I knew I was on board. It would be yet another ‘adventure’ along my path of life. One that I wouldn’t walk alone. I would have right beside me Danny and his team of creators full invested in this venture. I mean how could I say no. Absolutely I knew it would mean a ton of work for me, but that was the least of my worries. My greatest fear would be to disappoint those who believed in me. To not give them their expectations. Putting that aside and not letting it stop me, I said yes. And, the intense journey began.

Danny immediately put his vision on paper. Sent me a magazine deck (I had no idea what that was!). And, we got to work with creative content.

What you’ll see in this digital magazine is me, my world, my life. From my travels to my tribulations to my memories of growing up a hillbilly girl in the mountains of West Virginia.

I sure hope you’ll drop Danny a note and let him know if you enjoy this new magazine, Ally’s Boho Living, and what you’d like to see in future publications. We’re not getting wealthy from this venture, far from it. It’s something that maybe will add some sparkle and joy to your worlds and send you on your own journey to make your life and world the one you’ve imagined in your dreams.

xoxox ~ally

For all my Boho peeps! SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Use ABL50 at CheckOut (Expires 9/4/15)

a new magazine is born


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  1. You are such an inspiring lovely lady, Ally! My heartfelt congratulations! I am really so happy for you!

    1. My dear Hadia…when I see your comments, I’m grinning from ear to ear. Thank you, luv xox

    1. Thank you, sweet friend…it is an unexpected fabulous adventure!! xo

  2. Will this magazine be available in paper format??

    1. Hi, Kim! No, it’s only digital…I love the paper magazines, but digital is really convenient…hope you subscribe, some great things coming!! xo ~ally

    1. Misbah…thank you! Yes, it’s a real ride at this stage of life!! xo

  3. All signed up and paid for so I can read all about my Ally Girl! I am thrilled that your sparkling life has found yet another avenue to bring joy and inspiration to a greater range of people. Congratulation! May you find strength through your viewers’ responses.

    1. Merry…you are the best friend anyone could ever ask for or imagine. Thank you so very much for those heartfelt words and sharing your heart w/me always…love you a bushel and a peck xoxo

  4. What an exciting venture – best of luck, the first cover looks fab!

    1. Caroline! Thank you so very much…yes, it is a new adventure and like anything, who knows where this will go xoxo

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