The Best Refrigerator Styles for People Who Love To Bake

One of my favorite baking discoveries was how to make cake pops. Honestly, they’re the perfect treat for so many different events, from birthday celebrations to holiday gatherings. However, the hardest part was trying to fit several sheets of undipped cake pops into my fridge so that they could set properly. As it turns out, some refrigerators are too small to hold even a small-size baking sheet.

Making cake pops is what led me to discover that there are many styles of refrigerators, and not all of them are ideal for bakers. Check out my guide to the best refrigerator styles for people who love to bake.

French Door

My favorite fridge style must be the French door, which has a spacious top section with two doors. These fridges are wider than single-door models, but they don’t compartmentalize into smaller spaces. That large top section is perfect for stacking cookie sheets that need to set before baking. You’ll also be fine with a four-door refrigerator because those have a French door on top.

Column Fridge and Freezer

If you have the space for it, a column fridge and matching freezer is a luxurious treat for home bakers. You basically get all the space of a regular fridge twice over—once as a refrigerator, and once as a freezer.

Fitting full-size baking sheets in your freezer makes it way easier to prep fruits like bananas for future baking. Just slice, spread out on the baking sheet, freeze, and then toss together in a freezer-safe container.

Bottom Mount

A bottom mount fridge has a freezer on the bottom half, and a fridge above it. If you’re going for a simpler fridge style, this one is more convenient than the top mount style, since it means having to bend over less.

Styles To Avoid

As much as people love their built-in fridges with matching cabinetry, these fridges aren’t always the best fridge styles for people who love to bake. Since they’re cabinet depth only, they usually don’t have as much space inside, which is a problem for fitting baking sheets. Likewise, any fridge style that gives you a narrow space, like a column-style fridge, is also not the best option for bakers.

For bakers, the more space you have, the better. If you’re someone who bakes frequently, upgrading to the right fridge style will make your life a whole lot easier.

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