Taste of Israel

How often in life do you get a chance to go to the Holy Land~~on a foodie adventure…meeting incredible people…eating amazing food…walking hallowed dirt that only the Great have walked…and, all expenses paid!  I was one of seven lucky bloggers from the food, travel, journalism, and lifestyle sectors to be invited by Taste of Israel, and the amount of ‘stuff’ packed into probably about 104 hours was phenomenal.  I have hundreds of photos, videos, notes, pieces of paper, and memories in my head that I’m slowly committing to short, albeit poignant and moving, essay blogs over the course of the next few months~~maybe a year!  I’m not only inspired to write about things, but also create recipes, which will be exclusively on my ‘~~signature recipes~~’ page.

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures of seeing Israel from my eyes as much as I relished being there.  Truly this was a gift from God, and I feel very responsible for igniting in you a desire put on your bucket list a trip  to visit this diverse and rich country~~I’ll be going back someday soon, yes, on my own nickel, and I’m considering it a well-deserved investment in my soul and spirit.



  1. Recipe for Shaksouka, please.

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