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Taste of Israel Eat. Meet. Explore.

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Taste of Israel
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Imagine the exhilaration when I opened my email one hot August morning while I was traveling and saw this email from Israel!  Who was emailing me and why.  I mean I Taste of Israelwas like ‘what’s this?’  Spam?  Well, I read on, and I was blown away~~I was honored~~I was dancing and twirling with joy~ ~after checking it out then sharing it with Ben and our friends (who we were visiting in Durango), I took a deep breath and realized I was in for an incredible adventure~~one that I’d Taste of Israelnever believed would happen. One that I know will change my life~~and all for the better in so many ways that I don’t even think about at this point.

I am going to Israel.  I am one of two Americans invited by Taste of Israel to be part of a special group.

So what is ‘Taste of Israel‘?  A once-in-a-lifetime experience to discover Israel through its culinary delights and diverse cuisine.  Seven acclaimed bloggers, photographers and journalists, from the fields of lifestyle, food, and travel from all over the world, will come together to see Israel like no others have!

As one of these seven international bloggers I’ll be experiencing Israel, her food,  culture, and her people…close up and with events like none other!  To see what I’m going to be doing, just click and check it out~ ~  Taste of Israel~~

I’ll be blogging about this experience. I’ll be taking pictures galore~~shooting videos~~sampling everything that I can wrap around my brain and on my tastebuds, cataloging these unknown pleasures and then writing about them, from my first-hand perspective, and sharing with you!  No idea why I was selected~~I just know it’s a ‘God Wink’ that’s meant to be and one that I’m truly humbled and honored to be part of.

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  1. Lorin Cook says:

    Enjoy every “shwarma” minute, until you are “mixed grilled” out!!! What a fabulous adventure!
    Have the best time!

    1. Oh, you darling, you, cuz!! I shall enjoy for the BOTH of us!! xoxox

  2. Ally:) You know how happy I am for you:) xo Can not wait to hear and see the pics!

    1. Bethie!! Thank you, my roomie girl!! I <3 you and can't wait to share this adventure!! xo

  3. Oh, Ally…how wonderful! Congratulations! My husband and I went to Israel, and it was remarkable. We actually felt like we were “home”. We have Jewish hearts, and the trip impacted us in such a profound way. I hope you enjoy every second!

    1. Mary Sue! What a beautiful and touching comment…thank you! I’ve read some of the blogs of last year’s participants, and you’re so right, the spiritual impact was much more poignant than the food and other culinary adventures. Oh, yes, I’ll love every minute of learning about Kosher and Jewish food, but I’ll walk where the great have walked…my soul will never be the same…stay connected for the blogs I’ll be writing!! xox ***hugs*** ~~ally 🙂

    1. I’m really excited, Chris, to learn more about Israeli culture and cooking…you bet I’ll be sharing what I discover! Will be sharing lots, I’m sure! xo ~~ally

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