Safety Tips for Backyard Firepits You Should Know

Enjoying a brisk winter night in front of a firepit can give you some great memories, whether it be roasting marshmallows with the kids or reminiscing with old friends. There are lots of great reasons to install an outdoor fireplace if you know how to do it while staying safe.

Check out these safety tips for backyard firepits you should know year-round before installing one to enjoy at home.

Check the Weather

Before you ignite a blaze in your firepit, you should check the weather conditions for any high winds. Not only will it make it difficult to light the wood, but it can blow sparks onto nearby brush or structures. You’ll also want to check the direction of the wind and remove any hazards nearby.

Stay In the Open

You should never use the firepit when it’s under an overhang of a building like a porch roof or even tree branches. Again, wayward sparks could ignite them, especially during times when it’s drier. Be sure to remove debris on the ground like leaves as well.

Never Burn Lumber

You always want to burn tree branches or logs designed for fireplaces and firepits. Burning lumber, like plywood, pallets, or any construction materials, can release toxic fumes. Chemicals like resin and other additives in lumber are carcinogens when burned.

Have a Fire Emergency Plan

If you follow these safety tips for backyard firepits that you should know, you’re reducing the chances of an emergency, but it’s never entirely out of the question. You should have a fire extinguisher or water, like a hose, nearby. Even a shovel can help you extinguish flames if they get out of hand. Investing in a fire blanket is also an option.

Keep Chairs Away

Everyone knows to keep a safe distance from the fire, but the longer you sit there, inching closer with s’mores, you might forget. Keep the chairs at a safe distance to keep clothing and hair from getting singed. If your firepit has a screen, be sure to use it, especially if you’re roasting marshmallows.

By being mindful with these safety tips, you’re sure to enjoy many nights with family and friends around your firepit.

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