Tips for Starting a Healthy and Nutritious Garden

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If you’re passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, perhaps you’ve considered starting a home garden. Of course, this is easier said than done, and many people doubt they have what it takes to grow a flourishing garden. With the right guidance and a little patience, you can start to grow your own fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs. These are our top four tips for starting a healthy and nutritious garden.

Add Organic Matter to Your Soil

Nutrient-rich soil is vital to plant health. Gardeners can improve their soil’s nutrient supply and structure by adding supplemental organic matter. Organic matter can refer to a range of items but typically consists of decomposing plants and other plant clippings. This task can also reduce erosion and the need for store-bought fertilizer.

Properly Watering Plants

All living organisms rely on water, but there is such a thing as incorrectly watering plants. Overwatering decreases oxygen in the soil, stunts plant growth, and can lead to root rot. How often you water your plants will depend on their species, so refer to any planter instructions or guidebooks you’ve received. Additionally, gardeners generally advise watering in the morning to minimize evaporation.

Prune Crops

Amateur gardeners hold a few misconceptions about how to prune their plants. Pruning is actually a great way to keep your garden healthy, even though it may seem counterproductive. Removing dead or diseased limbs encourages the plant to redirect valuable nutrients to healthy areas, promoting overall growth. Only trimming small amounts with the right tools will stimulate regrowth and make your garden look healthier.

Use Natural Pest Control

Pesticides can negatively affect soil quality, which is responsible for keeping crops nutritious. Whenever possible, avoid using harsh chemicals to repel pests from your garden. Instead, you’ll want to choose the a natural pesticide that targets the specific insect or critter you’re trying to keep out. Plus, using natural pest control is safer for children, pets, and the environment.

Growing your own produce may seem intimidating with all the rules you have to keep in mind. In reality, growing a healthy garden just takes some patience and practice. Maybe you’ll discover you’ve had a green thumb all along!

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