The Best Ingredients To Put In a Healthy Smoothie

A good smoothie is one of the best tasting meals you can have, plus it adds so many nutrients to your diet. What’s amazing about smoothies is how easy they are to make. All it takes is some basic ingredients and a blender, and you can have the drink of pro-athletes. To create a good smoothie, try using the best ingredients to put in a healthy smoothie.

Frozen Fruits

You should start with a bunch of frozen fruits. You want frozen fruits because they help create a good texture for the smoothie. Popular smoothie fruits include bananas and strawberries, but you have a lot of options. A cup of fruits is enough for a single smoothie serving.


Vegetables add a lot of vital nutrients that fruit doesn’t, covering nutrients that the smoothie would miss otherwise. Most people add in the super vegetables, like kale or spinach, as they’re small and don’t overpower the fruit taste. They also add more nutrients than most other vegetables.


This doesn’t mean you should put meat in your smoothie, but many people use protein powder to add protein to the smoothie. You can also add a variety of nuts. But you should only use a bit, as nuts add about a tablespoon of calories to the smoothie.

Liquid Base

A smoothie needs a bit of liquid to keep it at the right consistency and blend all the ingredients. Milk is a favorite to put in one, but plenty of people use coconut water or almond milk as well. It depends on your other ingredients and what nutrients you still need in the smoothie.


A lot of people prefer a different consistency to their smoothies, which is doable. One of the uses of sea moss gel is to thicken other liquids, like a smoothie. You can also throw in ice cubes to thicken it, but this only lasts until the ice melts. Add more of your liquid base if you need to thin the smoothie.

This list of the best ingredients to put in a healthy smoothie makes up the majority of the best smoothies. You have a lot of choices and can replace most of the ingredients with other options, but adding all these ingredients will make it healthy and delicious.

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