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dim sum making

dim sum dumpling making

They say that one of the hardest parts of dim sum making or dim sum dumpling making is in the folding and creation of the little dough filled critters that are so popular and tasty with endless varieties of fillings. Dim sum is an old, yet quite trendy, culinary dish […]

talk in the kitchen

talk in the kitchen

This post will be kind of different from most of my posts. Why? Because it won’t be finished and complete. I’ll keep adding to it almost daily talking to you about what’s happening on our magic carpet ride to China! Just pretend that we’re in my kitchen and just talking. […]

hassan & tea

hassan & tea

I have this really great Army green vintage jacket that I found in a boutique in Crested Butte, Colorado. When I saw it, I knew it was mine and I had to have it. Perfect for traveling~wrinkled, washable, pockets. And, best of all, on the back this message ‘I’m in […]

the allure of morocco

the allure of morocco

Sometimes the best way to stretch yourself and grow is to dive into a culture that’s not your own ~ally “Why” is such a specific word. When you’re asked a ‘why’ question, you can be put on the spot or you just might have all the answers. You give a […]

Full Screen Embeds

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Mauris ac vulputat

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In varius nunc vita

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Proin vel convallis

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life in black and white

Come along with me as I meander the world finding interesting foods, ingredients, flavors~~and, yes, people~~I’ll snap pictures with my cell phone~~yes, faces and places that speak to me~~usually I’m not lucky  enough to have time to pull out my camera~~sometimes life only gives you a split second to make […]

what's to love about camping

what’s to love about camping

As a kid I never remember doing ‘overnight’ camping as in the sense of pitching a tent, taking your provisions, building a campfire. You get the idea.  Oh, yes, there were a few day camps I went to like Girl Scouts, and, yep, we had s’mores.  Then there were the […]

~weekend in warsaw~

weekend in warsaw

Warsaw, Poland~~possibly a destination that might not be on many folks’ bucket list, but it’s certainly on mine/ours. The first time we visited Warsaw was in 1994—Ben and I were backpacking in Eastern Europe, and we fell in love with this country. With a rich history and culture, Poland has […]

Taste of Israel~~The People Behind It

the people taste of israel

So, what is Taste of Israel—who’s behind it, why do they do it, what does it involve, how is it done, how do you become part of it?  Wow, good questions that I had, too, and ones that I know a little more about now after my about 104 hours […]

Taste of Israel~~104 Hours to Fall in Love~~

104 hours to fall in love

Life is so full of the unexpected, beautiful amazing things, if you’ll just let yourself be open.  Sometimes that’s tough because as humans we kind of like our predictability, our routines, our status quo and circle of life that’s comfortable. When I first got the invitation to be part of […]

Staying Young~~Is There a Secret to This? You Might Try This~~

Staying Young~~Is There a Secret? You Might Try This~~

Ponce de Leon searched for the fountain of youth.  Dr. Oz gives tips and tricks daily for staying young.  Regenerative medicine is a new field of medical study that’s gaining momentum and immense popularity.  No doubt, baby boomers are forging a different landscape for staying young—they’re not following the pattern […]

My Roots~~Finding Family in Croatia

my roots: searching croatia

Wearing my Oz red shoes and riding on my magic carpet, I had a real-life fairy-tale! Like a Nicholas Sparks’ novel, a Lifetime movie or, better yet, the movie, Pretty Woman’ {“I want the dream!}, this sojourn could not have been scripted any more perfectly~~it was probably ‘in the stars’…destined […]

Traveling. Black & White. Capturing Priceless People.

Traveling. Black & White. Capturing Priceless People.

One of my most favorite past times when traveling is to watch people~~whether I’m sitting on a park bench, strolling  on the street, sitting at a sidewalk cafe, eating in a restaurant, shopping in a retail store, waiting in line wherever, being part of a tour group, or really most […]

A Nomadic Excursion~~My Diary~~The Launch

A Nomadic Excursion~~My Diary~~The Launch

15 May 2013 It goes without saying that no trip begins without drama…a ‘slight’ glitch that makes your heart flutter, but in this case, almost go into cardiac arrest!  So Ben and I get to the new, fancy dancy Myrtle Beach International airport, really it’s first-class and styling all the […]

the traveling nomad 2

Sayings and truisms—we’ve all grown up hearing them, and most of us probably use them now as adults—you know what I’m talking about—things like ‘Don’t kick a gift horse in the mouth.’  Given my debacle, there are several sayings that I can confidently say that make sense and are applicable—truisms […]