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How do you begin to describe the fun we had at The Market Commons Anthropologie store.  I mean I’ve always fantasized about working in this place where I’m totally inexplicably and indescribably immersed…like Will Ferrell in ‘Elf’ remember when he was in the department store, but I was in the Bohemian nirvana with my love of Anthro’s clothes, accessories, kitchen gadgets, dishes, serving pieces…everything that simply makes me dance, twirl, do headstands and smile! A dream–Anthropologie Gets Boho’d with Ally’s Kitchen…The Boho Nibbles!  And, I cannot find the words laudatory enough to thank the Anthro team~~talk about helpful, supportive, welcoming and getting into all the fun!  All the girls had their aprons on and were ready to cook up some sales with the throngs of folks coming in on this beautiful Fall Saturday!

I and my Boho Princesses, Whitney, Tresa, Tonya and Jacqueline, teamed up with Anthropologie~~each of these tribsters are ultra talented~~Whitney, the marketing & branding guru, Tresa, the gifted and effervescent conversationalist, Tonya, our food stylist extraordinaire  and Jacqueline, the keen artistic eye behind the lense.  We did a weekend ‘Nibble Fest’ of special dishes selected from cookbooks sold in Anthropologie…Homemade, Sprouted Kitchen, Sweet Paul, and Season.  Over the course of a week, I took the recipes I’d selected from these cookbooks and put my ‘Bohemian Bold’ spin on them…in other words, they got ‘boho’d’!  The delicious pictures, well, most of them, were done by the talented and young, just out of high school 2012, Jacqueline of Jacqueline Pettie Photography…she has an eye, is hip, and artistic in her approach to food photography!

The real test of the outcome was how did the folks who strolled in to shop like what we served?

Here are a couple of tasters who shared with me via email their experience..

…Jimmie S. writes:  The awakening of my dormant tastebuds occurred on 29 Sept 2012 @ ANTHROPOLOGIE, Market Commons. Tastebuds cloistered by Fast Food and Chain Restaurants. Surrounded by beautiful decor of turquoise and coral my nostrils moved accross the waft of a kaleidoscope of flavors…wonderful smells that took me to a virtual French Bistro. Within seconds my palate was smothered with exotic combinations of sweet and sour, creamy and tart. All washed down with a crisp, oaky white. joie de vivre Thank you!

…David writes:  Thanks for the wonderful food samples yesterday. Your culinary talent is extraordinary. Your charm and charisma radiated throughout the room and it was obvious you are special person – but having read your web information, I was privileged to have crossed paths with an extraordinary delight. Thanks!

Well, to say the least, if we’d had this stuff packaged and ready to sell, we would have SOLD OUT!  The response was overwhelming–people we didn’t know–old, young, men, women, children, teens, young marrieds, cowboys, hippies–an cross section of folks with a boho inspired soul and spirit!  And, to boot, cookbooks were sold and I was even asked to autograph some–and they’re no even my cookbooks!  Go figure–it’s the love of food that warms the heart and soul!

All of the recipes are on the website!  For now though, come feast your eyes~~OUR BOHO DAY~~THE GALLERY!

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