How To Make the Most of Your Refrigerator Crisper Drawer

For years, refrigerators have had a drawer at the bottom that houses produce, and this feature is a valuable part of any fridge. There are numerous ways to use the crisper drawer for your food, and understanding its potential helps you keep food longer. Read on to learn how to make the most of your refrigerator crisper drawer and find new ways to use it.

Use High Humidity for Leafy Vegetables

Leafy produce such as celery, lettuce, and spinach decay quickly because they dry out fast. Keep these vegetables at high humidity to balance the moisture around them.

In the crisper drawer, setting the temperature to a high humidity ensures your produce remains in an enclosed space that moistens food. Use this setting for foods that age quickly, as they will lose their moisture faster and need a sustainable space that helps them stay fresh.

Set the Drawer to Low Humidity for Rotting Fruit

Rotting fruits such as peaches, apples, and grapes require low humidity as they retain more moisture. The crisper drawer assists in keeping the moisture low when you change its settings accordingly.

Use this storage for various fruits that rot quickly and must remain cool to prevent faster rot. If you enjoy growing your fruit, use the crisper drawer to safely store your apple harvest and keep it fresh and crisp with every bite.

Make Space for Ripened Fruit

Numerous fruits need to spend time outside in the open air before going in the fridge. Some fruits need time to ripen to taste better. However, the fruit may continue to ripen fast, and you’ll need cold storage to help it maintain its state and flavor.

The crisper drawer is a great way to ensure this fruit has a stable environment that helps it ripen at a steady pace. Make the most of your refrigerator’s crisper drawer by using it as a storage container that keeps fruit at its best for a delectable bite of nutritious fruit.

The crisper drawer is a useful tool for storing fresh produce, and it offers numerous benefits that help add fresh fruit to your diet. Remember these tips to use this feature to the best of your ability and produce excellent taste in your fruits and vegetables.

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