How To Celebrate National Salsa Month

Salsas are so much more than simply a delicious dip for tortilla chips. Every aspect of a salsa—from its flavor to appearance—comes in a wide variety that can be freely experimented with. This May, learn how to celebrate National Salsa Month by experimenting with your own salsas and coming up with your very own special recipe to enjoy and share with friends and loved ones.

Prepare Some Ingredients

Before you can get started, you need to get your ingredients in order. For the best possible experience, get your hands on only the most authentic ingredients for Mexican cuisine. These ingredients will serve as your foundation before you start making any drastic new additions or recipes. As a bonus, most of the ingredients are comprised of vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, and corn, making for a healthy and delicious dish.

Try Out Different Salsas

The most fun part of learning how to celebrate National Salsa Month is getting to try and experience a wide variety of salsas to find the ones you like. A notable part of Mexican culture is that every state and even family typically have their own local take on common recipes. This makes the recipes a part of their identity when they get the chance to exchange recipes and food with other states who have their own versions. So, don’t stick to just the basics. If you see an opportunity to try someone’s special recipe, take it. There is no better expression of National Salsa Month.

Create Something New

Once you have your ingredients and have experienced several salsa recipes, you now better understand what makes for a good salsa, what your own personal preferences are, fresh ingredients (grow your own garden!) and, hopefully, have found inspiration as to what kind of salsa will become your salsa—whether that be a sweeter, fruitier salsa or a salsa loaded with spice and heat that makes you sweat with joy. Nothing is off-limits, so long as you make the recipe your own and endeavor to share the fruit of your labor with others.

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