The Most Innovative Uses for Ribbon Scraps

So, you’ve put all the creativity you could muster into your latest DIY craft, and you’re over the moon with no longer having to cut, measure and glue things together. You take a look at what’s left from the storm, and surprisingly enough, you notice that you bought more materials than what you ultimately used in the final product. One would think, “Well, it’s just scraps that could be thrown away.” You might want to reconsider! The leftover ribbon is versatile and valuable for so many crafts. Here are some of the most innovative uses for ribbon scraps that will continue to get those creative juices flowing.

Glassware Décor

You can decorate empty wine and champagne glasses with ribbon scraps for an elegant presentation for your next event. Place the ribbon around the stem of the glass and tie a bow to complete the look. Tall glasses look exceptional with medium-sized long-tailed bows, while small bows suit short glassware best.

Weighted Sensory Toys

You can sew the leftover ribbon into a weighted sensory toy as embellishments that can assist as a calming tool. Remember to consult your pediatrician before trying this idea, as this could work differently for all children.

Fine Motor Play

You can aid your toddler’s motor skill development with this DIY toy! Using an empty—and clean—plastic bottle and wide ribbon, have your toddler pull the ribbon out of the bottle, then put it back in. This is a great way to work on motor skills.

Ribbon Tassel Garland

With parties comes the garland! You can create this fun craft using bunches of cut ribbons. Fold a stack of ribbon in half, then loop it over your finger. To secure the loop, tie a string or thin ribbon around it. You can repeat this motion as many times as you’d like depending on the length of your garland.

Once your stacks are complete, insert a longer cut ribbon through all the loops of your stacks and fluff for a full appearance.

Ribbon Tassel Keychain

These keychains add some excitement to lanyards and journals! You can use the same method you used for creating a tassel garland to do this project. The only difference is that you fold the ribbon stack over a keyring before securing the loop.

So, don’t put away that craft box just yet, as you’ll want to try these innovative ribbon scrap uses soon! Who knows? These uses could inspire you to invent your own!

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