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hip chic grandmas & cooking fun

hip chic grandmas & cooking fun

If you’ve never seen the Food Network popular show, Clash of the Grandmas, then you are missing something really cool! In the kitchen competing are grandmas and they’re not the typical grandma of yesterday. No sireeee bobby! We are hip chic grandmas, and we know how to make the kitchen […]

dim sum making

dim sum dumpling making

They say that one of the hardest parts of dim sum making or dim sum dumpling making is in the folding and creation of the little dough filled critters that are so popular and tasty with endless varieties of fillings. Dim sum is an old, yet quite trendy, culinary dish […]

food is a family affair

I’m so happy to share this beautiful post ‘food is a family affair’ because it’s the memories of one special friend, Joan Leotta, who is a published author and writer who happens to have a love affair with food. Memories like this can make you realize how strong the impressions […]

seven kitchen gadgets i love

seven kitchen gadgets i love

Gadgets are the best!  They save time. They make things easier. They ease stress and work.  Who doesn’t need a new gadget in their life.  And, if you’re in the kitchen, you probably have some of your favorite gadgets that you just can’t live without.  Well, here are seven of […]

World Food Championships Training Tips~~Packing & Playing

Oh, yeah, it’s getting closer and closer~~there’s a combination of exhilaration and angst—nagging ‘anxiety’ of the unknown…pumped excitement for the known! A lot of luggage and boxes are going to be packed.  Boxes and luggage containing all the secret weapons for creating the killer dishes of competitors in each of […]

my kitchen~~designed by & for me~~

my kitchen is me

I’ve been having a lot of folks over the past couple of years, friends that follow my antics in the world of cooking and life in social media,  ask me about my kitchen~~what it’s like, how it’s laid out, what works for me, how do I have it organized, and […]