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vintage graham cracker crème pie with toasted coconut

Preserving history through food is one of my passions. Nothing thrills me more than to have someone share with me a cherished recipe from their family heritage. I’ll usually make that recipe, like these pie crust cookies. Oh, the sweet story behind these cookies. Then I love it when someone […]

vintage pie crust cookies

vintage pie crust cookies

History is preserved and expressed in food and recipes. Ingredients and recipes have a beginning…somewhere in history. And, that’s the story behind this recipe. Miss Briggs was one of my three sons’ favorite teachers in high school. She is a kind and gentle soul, now retired after being a cracker […]

~madam’s lace cookies~

madam’s lace cookies

A taste of Camelot~~this is a historical vintage recipe~~not mine but that of Marta Sgubin who was with the Kennedy family for 25+ years as governess, personal cook and long-time companion of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.  Here cookbook, Cooking for Madam, was a gift to me in 1998 for my birthday from […]

Vintage Pumpkin Pound Cake

vintage pumpkin pound cake

Vintage recipes are as important, to me, for one’s family history and legacy as story telling, names, photos, and items and objects that are saved and passed down from one generation to another.  It’s a way of sharing with the new generations what life was like ‘back in the day’~~and, with […]

Vintage Poundcake

Mama Helen, my precious MIL and Ben’s mom, was a fabulous Southern woman and a  well-known and prolific home cook.  Over the years of being in the Phillips family with her and Daddy Howard, Ben’s Dad, I had many meals in her kitchens~~the cabin, the Finley Park house, the condo, […]